My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 59.2

Inside the studio.

Li Qingzhou was focused on writing the code for the game, the computer screen casting a faint glow, the complex scripts he was working on seeming to reflect in his eyes.

Liu Bohuai was sitting on the sofa, his head propped up with one hand on the armrest, his gaze focused on Li Qingzhou until he finished typing the last digit quickly.

Interlacing his hands, Li Qingzhou moved his slightly stiff fingers.

[Finally done.]

—The little guy in the bubble stretched out with a big yawn, revealing his white, soft small belly.

Meanwhile, Liu Bohuai stood up and walked to the door.

He flipped two switches and in an instant, all the lights in the front part of the game studio were turned off, leaving only the back half illuminated.

The studio on this floor was large, with Li Qingzhou’s desk located towards the back.

The front was mostly empty, as they hadn’t yet hired enough people to fill the space.

Although a bit confused when he saw Liu Bohuai turning off the lights at the front, Li Qingzhou didn’t give it much thought.

He saved the program then shut down his computer.

Then, he began to manoeuvre his wheelchair to move from behind his desk.

But just at that moment, Liu Bohuai came over to him, placing a hand on the armrest of the wheelchair. His touch was light, but it was enough to stop him.

Li Qingzhou released his grip on the controls of the wheelchair and lifted his head, “Third Master?”

[What’s wrong?]

—The little guy in the bubble was confused.

Liu Bohuai pushed his wheelchair to the sofa by the window.

Then sitting on the armrest of the sofa, took Li Qingzhou’s hand, rubbing and massaging his knuckles as he asked, “Qingzhou, do you remember what I said before?”

“I said— ‘In the future, don’t put me together with Lu Mei Shan or any other woman. I’ll be upset.’ Do you remember?”

“I remember.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

[I definitely took Third Master’s words to heart, so I made a detailed analysis— Third Master doesn’t like any woman, so that means he likes men. I’m very smart.]

—The little guy in the bubble gave himself a thumbs up, then pointed at himself, his little face beaming with pride.

The corners of Liu Bohuai’s lips lifted slightly as he chuckled, “That’s right.”

“En?” There was a puzzled look in Li Qingzhou’s eyes.

[What’s right?]

Liu Bohuai let go of his hand.

Then lowering his head slightly, removed his rimless glasses and tossed them casually onto the seat of the sofa.

With the obstruction in front of him gone, Liu Bohuai’s excellent and sharp eyebrows were revealed, his face suddenly taking on a look that had never been shown before.

—If Li Qingzhou were to describe it, it was as if a restrained and elegant demeanor had suddenly taken on an aggressive stance, unrestrained and fearless.

As if the darkness hidden deep inside his eyes was coming to light little by little….

Leaning down close to Li Qingzhou, Liu Bohuai propped his hands on the armrests on either side of him and asked, “Qingzhou, what kind of person do you think I would like?”

[A handsome and charming young man? An intellectual, stable and gentle mature man? Or a cute sweet puppy-like guy? Mhmm….. someone like Zhou Xingwei?]

—The little guy in the bubble counted on his fingers.

Curious, Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but ask, “Third Master, what kind of person do you like?”

[If Third Master tells me directly, I can find the right target.]

—The little guy in the bubble gave himself a like for his cleverness.

Liu Bohuai: “Curious?”

Li Qingzhou made an ‘en’ sound.

Hearing this, Liu Bohuai used one hand to brush away the hair that was covering Li Qingzhou’s eyes, then slid his hand down slowly, covering his eyes as he said slowly, “I’ll tell you now…..”

Li Qingzhou’s vision went black, he couldn’t see anything.

Then immediately afterwards, before he had time to react, he felt a hot touch on his lips, which was then kissed and sucked gently and tenderly.

But it seemed as if he had been suppressed for a long time, because within a few moments, Liu Bohuai let go..

The drizzling rain suddenly turned into a storm, the continuous sound of rain unending. It was as if a curtain of rain had formed in front of him, obscuring all senses, however he could distinctly feel— the tender petals were being ravished…..

Unable to bear the torrent, Li Qingzhou whimpered.

[Can’t, can’t breathe, hurry and stop, woo….]

—The cheeks of the little guy in the bubble turned red. Even the tips of his ears and his neck were flushed.

He hid under a small quilt, leaving only his cute small feet exposed, his white toes curled up, a picture of extreme nervousness.

Li Qingzhou’s hands went to Liu Bohuai’s chest, pushing him away, however they grabbed— one hand held his wrists and the other crossed and locked their fingers together intimately.

After a long while, Liu Bohuai finally pulled away.

The tender petals were already red and pitiful.

Letting go of one of Li Qingzhou’s wrists, his thumb pressed at the corner of his lips, looking like a lion satiated after a full feast.

He whispered, “Now, do you know who I like?”

Li Qingzhou looked stunned.

—The little guy in the bubble poked his little head out from under the quilt quietly, his expression a perfect illustration of the clueless, “Who am I? Where am I? What am I supposed to do?”



—After a long while, the little guy in the bubble finally realized what was going on and coming back to his senses, held his cheeks with both hands, his eyes wide open in a silent scream.

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth, but no words came out.

His eyes darkening, Liu Bohuai reached out and cupping Li Qingzhou’s chin, lifted it up and dropped another kiss on his lips.

This time it was a quick touch and release, but it was full of tender affection, as all his feelings seemed to have been poured into it, hitting his heart heavily…..

Liu Bohuai said, “I don’t want anyone else. I only accept you introducing the person in front of me to me.”

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