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Chapter 86.1

Editor: Jodi

The next morning, Li Qingzhou woke up to Liu Bohuai’s kisses.

He opened his eyes in a daze, first smiled subconsciously, then whispered a soft ‘good morning’.

The next second, a gentle kiss landed on his forehead, his eyelids…..

“Morning.” Liu Bohuai’s deep, magnetic voice sounded in his ear.

Li Qingzhou blinked, finally fully awake.

–The little guy in the bubble turned on the sun lamp, lighting up the inside.

Then the tiny sun lamp rose to the top of the bubble, gradually fading away, and the little guy in the bubble, in pajamas, with his messy hair all over the place, sat in the middle of the bedding with his chubby legs spread open, his head hanging down as he rubbed his eyes over and over again.

After a while, Li Qingzhou seemed to recall what had happened last night, and his cheeks turned red slowly, shyness welling up.

And under Liu Bohuai’s slightly smiling gaze, he curled into the blanket, covering his chin and lips, leaving only his eyes that were darting around visible.

Visible, but not meeting the eyes of the person beside him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Liu Bohuai was holding a corner of the blanket, he might have covered himself from head to toe completely, not showing the slightest bit.

[It’s all, it’s all the stars’ fault……]

–The little guy in the bubble quickly burrowed into the bedding, humming and reluctant to come out. In the middle of the bedding, there was only a bulging mound, even his chubby legs were covered completely.

Liu Bohuai’s lips hooked up slightly, his expression soft and gentle as he went over to dig the person out from under the covers and into his arms, taking a closer look at him.

Sure enough.

It wasn’t just his cheeks, this time even his neck and chest that were exposed were flushed red……

Liu Bohuai coaxed him softly, and was finally able to get him to lift his head and not bury it in his chest anymore.

“Ah Huai.”

Li Qingzhou’s cheeks were red, causing him to look extremely spirited, his eyes bright, and the parts of his body that the quilt wasn’t covering fully showed traces here and there, one connected to another.

–Like red plum blossoms on white snow, the two contrasting each other, looking really eye-catching.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes darkened as he reached out to caress one spot, his voice low and hoarse: “Last night, still….”

Before he could finish, his mouth was covered by a hand.

Li Qingzhou: “Hungry.”

[Ah Huai always says things that make people shy, last night…… cough.]

–The little guy in the bubble finally crawled out slowly, however only his little head was visible, the rest of his body wrapped in the blanket, looking like a little turtle that had shrunk into its shell.

Adorably cute.

Liu Bohuai, his mouth covered, only showed a bend in his brows and eyes, stopped teasing him, took the hand off, held it tight, then told him, “I’m going to prepare breakfast, lie down a bit longer and rest, be good.”

Then after saying this, he dropped a kiss on his cheek then got up to get dressed.

Li Qingzhou shrank back into the blanket, his eyes resting secretly on Liu Bohuai’s back and shoulders which also bore some marks.

In a short while, they were covered by clothes.

However as Liu Bohuai turned around, he moved his gaze away hurriedly, looking at the blue sky and white clouds that were beyond the glass window in the ceiling.

–But trying to hide only made him more conspicuous.

Liu Bohuai chuckled softly.

Causing the tips of Li Qingzhou’s ears to turn red as he buried himself in the blanket, muttering softly.

Liu Bohuai, his ears sharp, heard him clearly, the sentence was– “Ah Huai, hurry up and go out, don’t look at me.”

After breakfast, Liu Bohuai was about to take Li Qingzhou down the mountain.

Li Qingzhou was somewhat reluctant.

And sitting in the wheelchair, he held onto the treehouse’s stair railing, looking twice at the scenery between the forest and the lake, and at the vast clear sky.

–Green, blue, red, they all reflected off each other, filling his vision.

Liu Bohuai told him, “It’s too cold here in winter, I’m afraid you can’t withstand it. After the New Year, I’ll bring you to see the early spring scenery.”

“En, okay.” Li Qingzhou nodded in agreement, his eyes and brows curving.

On their way here, the two had been just short of breaking through the layer of paper window between them.

And on their return, their relationship was clear, with even the atmosphere between them, as well as the way they interacted very different.

However Li Qingzhou wasn’t ready yet to make things clear in front of his family, especially his siblings. Such things needed to be taken slowly, not rushed.

The moment Liu Bohuai sent him to the villa, he became much more restrained.

Li Hanyu, who was at home, came out to open the door.

Li Qingzhou, puzzled, asked his little sister, “Don’t you have classes today?”

Li Hanyu: “There are no classes. Big brother, first-year courses are easy.”

In reality, she did have classes but she had taken a leave of absence.

Her gaze swept over her big brother and Liu Bohuai without a trace, then finally rested on Li Qingzhou’s tightly wrapped collar.

At that spot, nothing specific could be seen.

However sometimes a girl’s intuition was often the most accurate.

Because without needing confirmation, she felt that there was something there.

Hence when she looked at Liu Bohuai again, she couldn’t help but feel a kind of discomfort in her heart that her big brother had been taken away and wouldn’t be returned. But biting her lip, she kept quiet.

Then she walked over to push Li Qingzhou’s wheelchair.

Liu Bohuai let go smoothly, saying, “I’ll come and pick you up to go to the company tomorrow, rest early.”

Li Qingzhou nodded.

After Liu Bohuai left, Li Hanyu, while pushing Li Qingzhou into the house, chose her words carefully as she tried to find a topic, asking, “Big brother, what did you and….. Mr. Liu do in the mountains?”

“Was there no signal in the mountains? I called but couldn’t get through.”

Actually, before entering the mountains, Li Qingzhou had mentioned the signal issue.

That part of the mountain was quite primitive and had hardly been developed, what’s more places deeper into the mountain ranges were even more untouched.

Hence it was normal to have no signal.

They usually communicated with walkie-talkies.

Li Qingzhou explained a little, talking about the red maple forest, treehouse, and lake on the mountain.

Li Hanyu observed him quietly as he spoke– and saw the smile on her big brother’s lips as well as in his eyes when he mentioned these things, barely able to hide his joy and happiness.

She couldn’t help but deflate a little, suddenly feeling that fussing over Liu Bohuai was pointless.

Just then, Li Qingzhou noticed that something was off about his sister’s mood and turned to ask, “Hanyu, what’s wrong?”

Li Hanyu asked softly, “Big brother, did you and Mr. Liu have a good time in the mountains?”


Li Qingzhou responded, his expression gentle.

“As long as big brother is happy.”

She pursed her lips, smiled after a while, pushed Li Qingzhou into the house, then got him a glass of water.

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