My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 55.2

Not long after the AI robots exchange competition’s official Weibo account released the causes and consequences as well as the criticisms from relevant departments, the Cui Group’s stocks fell, and the losses were severe….

This wasn’t very important to the netizens though. After venting their anger on the Cui Group’s official website, another piece of big news appeared.

—Du Chenwei caused a girl to suffer from depression while abroad, and then drove another girl he was dating to attempt suicide. Fortunately, she was saved in time.

Since there was no recourse in the foreign country, Du Chenwei settled these matters with threats and money.

All this was recounted by the girl who had attempted suicide but was saved.

She was very strong and had already moved on. She became friends with the other girl and would visit her whenever she had time to comfort her.

When the two found out online that Du Chenwei was actually the person in charge of CW Studio and had participated in the competition to sabotage his competitors…

They discussed it and decided to expose Du Chenwei’s true character as a scumbag with no morals.

But let’s not mention the online condemnation for now.

A more detailed document was sent to the woman currently dating Du Chenwei— Cui Gengjian’s niece.

Du Chenwei enjoyed the thrill of conquering women and making them submit to him, but that was only for ordinary women, not the niece of the Chairman of a Group.

But he didn’t dare use such tactics on her.

Unless she was already deeply in love with him, it would only backfire on him in the end.

Ever since his disqualification from the competition and the forced disbandment of the CW Studio, Du Chenwei hadn’t turned on his phone, smashing everything he could in his room and drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

This morning, when he had just sobered up and was feeling a headache, he was about to take a shower when the doorbell rang urgently.

Annoyed, he went to open the door and saw a middle-aged man wearing glasses.

Du Chenwei recognized the man as the butler of his current girlfriend’s family.

Seeing this, his expression improved slightly as he suppressed the impatience in his eyes.

He asked, “What’s wrong?”

The middle-aged man said, “Miss asks Mr. Du to go out for a while.”

Sniffing his clothes, Du Chenwei put on a fake smile as he said, “Please wait for me, I’ll change my clothes first…”

“No need, Mr. Du. You’re fine as you are.”

Then not waiting for Du Chenwei to finish speaking, stepped to the aside.

Only then did Du Chenwei notice that there were two tall bodyguards standing next to him.

Taking advantage of Du Chenwei’s moment of surprise, the bodyguards grabbed him and pulled him out of the house. Then, the front door slammed shut with a ‘bang’…..

Du Chenwei didn’t know what was going on.

However he was taken forcibly to a remote and secluded small warehouse.

And on the way, he heard the middle aged man give certain orders to the two bodyguards that made his heart pound, fear and unease filling him.

Du Chenwei asked with a trembling voice why they were treating him like this.

Not hiding anything, the middle aged man threw the file in his hand at Du Chenwei, saying with a contemptuous expression, “Mr. Du, your ‘good deeds’ from abroad have almost spread all over the internet now.”

“Congratulations, you’re famous.”

“But you should never have targeted our Miss. Did you really think you could manipulate her? You’re quite bold…”

Du Chenwei’s face turned pale when he heard this.

He opened the file with trembling fingers and after reading it, the expression on his face became even more horrified and fearful. This time, he couldn’t even make up any excuses.

—He thought he had dealt with all his affairs abroad. How could they have been dug up and even handed to his current girlfriend?!

He stammered, “No, I… I really care for your Miss…..”

Not wanting to hear any more of his nonsense, the middle aged man waved his hand and Du Chenwei’s mouth was gagged.


Two days later, Li Qingzhou received news from Liu Bohuai.

—One of Du Chenwei’s hands had been crippled and he was so miserable that he couldn’t even get down on his knees to beg for mercy. After the lesson, he was sent forcibly to Africa, never to return in this lifetime.

Li Qingzhou asked Fang Xiyan to send this news to Yu Zhe.

He opened his mouth, “Thank you, Third Master for your help in investigating Du Chenwei’s case.”

Otherwise, the results wouldn’t have come so quickly.

Liu Bohuai said in response, “It was just a bit troublesome during the initial investigation. Those two girls were very cooperative.”

They had also wanted Du Chenwei to get his retribution.

After obtaining the result that Du Chenwei would be banned permanently from the AI robot industry, the news online was controlled and removed quickly.

After all, there was still information about the victims involved.

Although pseudonyms had been used, there was no guarantee that some people wouldn’t follow the clues to perform real life searches.

What’s more, Yu Zhe’s family didn’t want Yu Li to be disturbed after her death.

As a result, nothing about Yu Li and Du Chenwei’s relationship appeared online.

Liu Bohuai glanced at the little guy in the bubble who was obviously in a daze and said, “Qingzhou, the military has decided to take Rescue One after the AI robots exchange competition finals are over.”

“The research lab is now being set up urgently, so my uncle asked me to come ask for your opinion.”

Coming back to his senses, Li Qingzhou told him, “I have no objections. These matters have already been discussed with Mr. Xia beforehand, but…”

Liu Bohuai raised his eyes, motioning for him to continue.

Li Qingzhou continued, “But two more labs can be built. I also plan to create Combat One and Service One….”

“Besides, the finals are not just about rescue robots.”

“Unique Studio has registered for three types of AI robot competition categories, and we need to be first in the overall score to win the championship.”

[Believe in me, I’m the best!]

——The little guy in the bubble took out two large flower balls and swinging them up and down beside him, tiptoed on one foot as he spun in circles, petals falling from above his head, spinning as they fell.

Liu Bohuai hid the smile in his eyes discreetly.

He said, “I heard you’ve been involved in the production of the online game version of Ge Yue’s comic recently. You’re interested in gaming?”

Li Qingzhou, “En, a little bit.”

AI smart cars were being researched and developed slowly, and AI robots and intelligent biotech labs had also been started.

Now, only holographic technology and….. the spinal cord repair injection he failed to complete in his previous life were left.


——The little guy in the bubble suddenly became full of energy, sitting in a convertible sports car while wearing cool sunglasses.

The shape of the car was strange. It was without tires, floating in mid-air, was surrounded by lines that represented speed and was rushing around recklessly in the bubble.

Liu Bohuai raised an eyebrow, not understanding why Li Qingzhou was inexplicably excited inside.

However it was oddly cute.

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