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Chapter 74.1

Editor: Jodi

[Woo! Haha, why is Rescue One so cute, it can even say yo. My goodness, it really knows how to act cute.]

[Aww, Rescue One is just a little baby, not even a year old yet. Mom is cheering for you!]

[Wow, Rescue One is making a heart at President Li!]

At the competition venue, after introducing itself, Rescue One extended its two mechanical arms and made a heart above its head at Li Qingzhou.

In an instant, the audience in the arena erupted with excitement, applauding enthusiastically.

Bernie, seeing this, turned to his teammate beside him and said in surprise, “Rescue One is really intelligent…..”

Although they had previously examined and analyzed Rescue One’s abilities through videos and so already had a certain level of understanding of its intelligence,

He couldn’t help but be amazed and impressed as he witnessed it live.

–Although Simon could also engage in simple conversations with people, those were all pre-set programs.

If the conversation went beyond the programmed scope, it wouldn’t be able to give a response…..

Hence in terms of intelligence alone, Simon was no match for Rescue One.

Nevertheless, Bernie also had confidence in Simon.

Because it focused more on rescue operations.

After all, rescue missions mainly depended on human control, as even if AI robots cooperated well, they were still just machines.

Just like how, even though he thought Rescue One was really intelligent, it still wasn’t human and so was unable to have human thoughts and actions.

And rescue missions were risky, with unpredictable post-disaster changes. Ruins might even collapse again…..

If something happened to Rescue One, the degree of its intelligence and even its coordination with rescue personnel would be affected greatly.

The setup at the international finals of the AI Robots Exchange Competition was much more comprehensive than the regional competitions.

–As the machines and equipments, as well as the scoring criteria had had all around upgrades.

Next, the host explained the scoring rules.

–The first was that as the competition venue was bigger, the range of ruins had also been enlarged.

And hidden inside were more than thirty dummies, with the ruins divided into Zone A and Zone B, each with varying degrees of collapse.

The second was the condition of the dummy victims.

Each dummy victim had been made specially, with injuries on different body parts as well as increased severity.

Sensors had also been installed in the dummies to mimic changes in their injuries in order to relay real-time conditions to the big screens.

Hence if the robot’s rescue mission failed, it could potentially aggravate the dummy victim’s injuries or even cause death.

Hence how to be able to get them out while making sure their lives were secure, was something the teams really needed to think about.

After all, if a dummy victim’s injuries were aggravated or it died, even if it was rescued, it still wouldn’t count towards their score, and they might even have some points deducted.

And the third, and perhaps inspired by Rescue One’s performance in the regional competitions, was that they had set up a second collapse in the ruins this time.

The teams wouldn’t be notified of the collapse time in advance; it would happen suddenly, to test the teams and their robots’ abilities to adapt on the spot.

So in addition to the votes from the live audience and netizens, the overall scoring placed more emphasis on rescue time, number of people saved, casualties and adaptability…..

And these scoring rules and competition setup had been kept secret until before the competition started.

Therefore when the robots were finished being made, it all depended on whether the teams had taken all these into consideration….

[This is really hard, much harder than the regional competitions….. no wonder it’s the international finals; both the equipment and rules have been upgraded so much.]

[They have even invited foreign judges, and the scoring is so complicated, I can’t make sense of it.]

After the host finished explaining, both teams were given some time to prepare.

Then the competition began.

Rescue One and Simon entered their respective ruin areas– analyzed the situation, scanned for the location of the injured, planned the safest way to approach them, then started the rescues…..

For now, the rescue speeds of Rescue One and Simon were the same.

They were now getting closer to the first ‘victim’ that was waiting to be rescued.

–After having cleared away the slabs, steel beams, and piled-up mud, a rescue passage appeared slowly, revealing the dummies buried inside.

Soon, the first, second, third….. dummies were rescued successfully.

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