My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 4.1

The Old Li Family House.

Shortly after the siblings Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng went upstairs, Old Master Li asked Li Hongjie to go out for a stroll so he would leave temporarily.

The butler, nanny, etc. also left.

It didn’t take long for the living room to form a place suitable for quiet conversation.

Li Qingzhou was calm and collected.

But Old Master Li’s eyebrows gradually tightened. He placed one hand on his knee and clenched it as he stared at the unhealed wound on Li Qingzhou’s forehead and asked, “If Chengkang hadn’t told me about this, how long would you have tried to keep it from me?”

“You didn’t even tell grandpa about the car accident, would you not have even told me when you returned to Xicheng?”

Li Qingzhou said lightly, “It’s not something worth talking about.”

This statement made the old man furious.

He slapped the coffee table in front of him with such force that the aftershock rippled and even the water in his cup trembled and spilled outward.

A thin layer of red appeared on Old Master Li’s face as well: “What are you saying?!

“If it’s not something worth saying, then what is! Is it waiting for you, waiting for you ……”

Old Master Li’s fingers twitched as he pointed at Li Qingzhou and at first glance it could be seen that he was so furious that his chest was heaving violently and he couldn’t stop panting.

Li Chengkang rushed forward and smoothed his back: “Dad, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, be careful that you don’t hurt yourself,”

“You know how Qingzhou is, he’s always been like this ……”

Li Qingzhou’s fingers curled up, but he didn’t go over.

Jiang Biling rolled her eyes and said in a mocking tone, “Dad, I think he just doesn’t take us seriously. You’ve wasted your efforts of not even sleeping well at night and worrying about him.”

“Young Master Li’s heart is probably made of stone ……”

“Bi Ling!”

“Shut up!”

Li Chengkang and Old Master Li said, one after the other.

Jiang Biling: “Fine, fine, I’ll shut up. You won’t even let anyone speak the truth. ……”

She finally muttered a few words and simply leaned back on the sofa with one leg crossed, idly sharpening her fingernails.

She really didn’t seem to want to care anymore.

Old Master Li calmed down and said, “I don’t want to hear you say that again ……Qingzhou, someone at home will be worried about you,”

“If anything happens, you can’t carry it on your own, do you understand?”

Li Qingzhou nodded stiffly, “…… I understand, Grandpa,”

Li Chengkang’s eyes flashed as he sat back down and smiled, “Dad, don’t worry, since Qingzhou understands where he went wrong, he won’t do it again,”

“Right, Qingzhou?”

But before Li Qingzhou could answer, Old Master Li grunted heavily, then sighed long and hard, “I hope he will take this to heart ……”

Li Chengkang rounded off his speech with a smile.

Then he said, “Right, I heard that the car accident was apparently aimed at the Yanjing Liu family …… At that time, Liu Bohuai was sitting in the car and suffered a slight injury.

“Qingzhou, have you met with Liu Third Master?”

“No,” Li Qingzhou said coldly.

Li Chengkang: “Really?”

“Qingzhou, you were in the accident because of Liu Bohuai after all …… Doesn’t the Liu family have anything to say about it?”

“What does Second Uncle want from the Liu family?” Li Qingzhou asked rhetorically.

“No, it’s just that you acted in a rare act of kindness so……”

Li Qingzhou didn’t want to talk about the Liu family’s ‘compensation’ for the time being.

Although Li Chengkang could have gotten the news of his car accident and hospitalization, he wouldn’t know about the connection between Liu Bohuai’s assistant and Fang Xiyan.

The project for the land in the northern suburbs hadn’t yet been resolved, so Li Qingzhou would certainly travel to Yanjing again afterwards.

He had a property in Yanjing, which he had bought when he was at university and another in Xicheng, so he seldom returned to live in the Li family home, even though his sister and brother lived in the old house.

As a result of Li Qingzhou’s car accident, Old Master Li ordered him to stay in the house until he had completely recovered before considering anything else.

There was no urgency in the project for the land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing, so Li Qingzhou agreed to stay.


The Old House was very large.

Li Qingzhou lived on the ground floor for easy access and Old Master Li and two siblings lived on the first floor.

As for Li Chengkang’s family.

They had long since moved out of the old house and only came back occasionally for a while.

After Old Master Li went upstairs to rest, Li Qingzhou turned his wheelchair to go back to his room but was blocked by someone.

Li Hongjie looked down at his disabled cousin with his arms in his arms and snickered, “Didn’t you have a very determined attitude when you moved out?”

“If you have the ability you should have never come back here, the Li family doesn’t belong to you.”

Li Qingzhou raised his head in the face of Li Hongjie’s maliciousness, his temper not diminishing: “If the Li family doesn’t belong to me, does it belong to you?”

“One should have self-awareness. Is it because you’re a dumb-witted fool that you think you have the right to say such things?”

“Is it because you are so ridiculously stupid? There should be a limit to your delusions of grandeur.”

Li Hongjie was instantly annoyed, his face turning red.

He didn’t dare to do anything in the Li family’s old house, so he could only be fierce with his mouth: “You’re a handicapped person, what are you so proud of?”

“If it weren’t for you, my uncle and aunt wouldn’t be dead! You are a scourge! A scourge! You deserve to be unlucky for the rest of your life!”

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