My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 100.2

Editor: Jodi

Meanwhile just after Yu Kun left, An Qi received a call from home.

She answered it: “Dad, yeah, I just left the bar. When are you coming to C Country?”

Mr. Reese, the man in charge of the Casper family, replied over the phone, “I’ll come to C Country once I’m done handling certain things. Baby, how are you getting along with Yu?”

An Qi: “It’s okay, Dad.”

Mr. Reese’s voice, low and magnetic, chuckled in response: “Oh, Daddy’s baby, make sure you don’t really fall for him.”

“Yu and his parents are all hypocritical and greedy. It’s fine to play around, but don’t take it seriously.”

“The Yu family is just a pawn for our Casper family to expand into C Country’s smart AI car market, understand, my baby?”

An Qi walked slowly as she listened, swinging her small custom handmade purse.

Then hearing this, she laughed in a delicate manner, “Dad, I understand. Don’t worry.”

–Her words carried a tone that showed clearly that she didn’t take Yu Kun seriously.

Poor Yu Kun thought he was so charming that he had the only little princess of the Casper family in his grasp firmly.

How would he know– that An Qi was particularly attracted to beauties that had an oriental charm. She was only attracted to his face. After all, he was easy on the eyes.

For An Qi, C Country was undoubtedly a paradise, so if she wanted to find a few more oriental beauties, wasn’t that just a simple task?

The Casper family had been hunting for an opportunity to enter C Country’s smart AI car market, and the Yu family, ‘on their own initiative’, presented themselves with a perfect timing.

Then it was just a matter of giving out some benefits and the Yu family, grateful beyond measure, took the bait, making them an ideal target for exploitation.

After hanging up, An Qi hummed a tune as she strolled along the streets of Yanjing at night, completely indifferent to the stares she got from passersby as she enjoyed the night scenery.

However wearing such an expensive-looking lolita dress and carrying a small bag, she looked very much like an easy target to some.

In the end, when she reached a relatively quiet street, a motorcycle whizzed past her.

Then before she could react, her exquisitely made small leather bag was snatched from her hand.

The sudden and forceful snatching caused her to stagger and fall then her knees, covered by only thin stockings, scraped against the ground.

It wasn’t after the motorcycle had disappeared into the distance that she started shouting.

However she shouted in English, causing the bystanders to be unsure whether to go over to help.

Then just as they were hesitating, a man with stunningly handsome features walked over, his English fluent and authentic as he opened his mouth.

“Miss, do you need help?”

Li Qingzhou had been discussing certain things with Ge Yue at a cat café tonight.

Then just as they stepped out they saw someone being robbed on the street.

Ge Yue, with sharp eyes, saw that the foreign girl’s scraped knees were bleeding and so told Li Qingzhou that he was going to buy band-aid from the store that wasn’t far away.

Hence Li Qingzhou went up to offer assistance.

An Qi lifted her head at the sound, then her anxious expression froze immediately, her mouth falling open. It wasn’t until the question was asked a second time that she said, “I, my bag was snatched.”

“Let me help you up first, okay?” Li Qingzhou said as he reached out.

Blushing, An Qi placed her hand in his, then with his help, got up.

Then they moved to the side of the road with An Qi sitting on a step, stealing glances at the man beside her from time to time.

At that moment, Ge Yue run over with things in his hand, saying as he did so, “Qingzhou, I’ve bought the medicine and bandages.”

Turning her head, An Qi’s eyes lit up at the sight of another handsome oriental man, one who had a completely different vibe from the one who had helped her up.

She couldn’t help but feel doubly shy, the anger and depression from having her small bag snatched away as well as her falling vanishing immediately.

Ge Yue, scratching his head, took the initiative to step forward to say in English, “If you don’t mind, I can help you bandage it.”

Looking at Qingzhou, he could tell that he completely didn’t want to do the bandaging, especially since he needed an exoskeleton support device to stand and so couldn’t crouch down easily.

An Qi whispered, “I don’t mind, thank you.”

Ge Yue said it was nothing then crouched down to bandage her wounds.

Then he told her how to report the theft to the police as well as the fact that the area was under surveillance, so there was a good chance that she would be able to get her bag back.

Then he asked her where she was staying.

An Qi gave him her hotel address.

Li Qingzhou told Ge Yue, “Take her to the police station to file a report first, then take her back to the hotel. It’s already late, so I have to go back.”

He tapped his phone. Ah Huai had sent him a message just now– he was on his way to pick him up.

Ge Yue nodded, “Okay, then I’ll take her to the police station first.”

Then after saying this, he told An Qi in English that he would take her to the police station to report the theft.

An Qi agreed, and then with Ge Yue’s support, stood up.

Ge Yue started the car, and sitting in the passenger seat, An Qi wondered why the other oriental beauty hadn’t joined them yet.

Then as she leaned on the lowered car window to look out, she saw that within moments, a new smart AI car model pulled up next to the oriental beauty.

Then the oriental beauty smiled at the person inside the car then got in immediately.

She sighed as she reveled in that smile that didn’t appear easily.

It was only when the car drove away gradually that she removed her head and turned to ask, “Isn’t he with you?”

Ge Yue: “No, he’s going home…. cough, he has a curfew, so his family has come to pick him up.”

Fortunately he was Qingzhou’s friend, otherwise he would probably have to start calling him ‘Uncle’.

After taking An Qi to the police station to file a report and then sending her back to the hotel, Ge Yue left her with a contact number then left.

And getting a spare phone, An Qi called home.

Hearing the story, her father, Mr. Reese, was both horrified and relieved as he said, “An Qi, my baby, you’ve met two good people.”

“What are their names? I have to thank them properly when I get to C Country.”

At this, An Qi was somewhat depressed: “Dad, I only know the name of one of them…. fortunately he left a phone number, so I can contact him later.”

Oh, and the other one is really a beauty with an oriental charm.

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