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Chapter 27.2

“If President Li doesn’t mind, you can share a room in a separate courtyard with me.”

The hot spring resort was decorated in a Japanese style. The rooms were tatami-matted and one could sleep with just a quilt and in winter there was underfloor heating, etc.

The courtyards with the rooms that had small hot springs were the resorts’ special VIP rooms– they had the luxury that a small villa entailed.

There was a separate hot spring, living room, kitchen and much more.

And of course, there was more than one bedroom.

Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun both looked hopeful as they heard these words.

Li Qingzhou thought twice then nodded his head in agreement.

Liu Bohuai then released Xia Yijun’s denim straps from under his hand and said, ‘Let’s go’, as if it was because of the children that he was staying with Li Qingzhou.

The two adults with the two children gradually walked away.

Qi Hao, with Qu Yufan leaning on his shoulder said to Liu Xiahui: “Your third uncle is quite good to your cousin from the Xia family. He’s even staying with Li Qingzhou for him.”

To be honest, it was a bit of a surprise.

Liu Xiahui made an ‘en’ sound.

Then looking at Xu Mengning, walked over and said, “How’s your foot….”


Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun had never been to a hot spring resort like this before and so without any inhibitions, they went wild.

After soaking in the children’s hot spring, they wanted to go into the adults’ hot spring.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t get into the water, so Liu Bohuai led them into the big hot spring where they played for a long time.

By the time they finished playing, it was almost dark and the lights were on all over the hot springs resort.

Li Qingzhou called out to them to come inside: “Go and have a bath.”

Xia Yijun ran to Li Qingzhou and said, “Big brother, can I watch cartoons with Shengsheng before going to bed? Can we sleep together?”

Li Xusheng: “But I want to sleep with my big brother.”

Xia Yijun didn’t mind at all: “That’s okay, we can sleep together, you in the middle and me on the side.”

“And I’m a good sleeper, I don’t kick the covers.”

[Haha, Jun Jun is so cute, he’s just like a hard working salesman]

Seeing how cute he was, Li Qingzhou of course had no problem with it.

Liu Bohuai didn’t say anything either, nodding in agreement.

Then he helped with the bathing of the two children.

When he came out, his clothes were almost soaked, so he allowed Li Qingzhou lead the two children into the room before he went to take a shower.

After Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun changed into their little clothes, they both laid down on the tatami mats to watch cartoons, with sounds coming from the cell phone they were watching playing out.

Li Qingzhou, seeing this, left the room quietly.

He was wearing the robe he had already changed into and the navy blue trunks he had put on underneath and although he’d said he wasn’t going to the hot spring, he still wanted to.

–He couldn’t go into the water, but he could soak his feet.

Li Qingzhou controlled his wheelchair to the entrance of the courtyard, where the wooden floor met the stone slab outside and a little further on was the hot spring pool, enclosed by pebbles and marble.

He was just about to go over when he heard footsteps behind him….

It was the sound of bare feet on the wooden planks.

Li Qingzhou turned his head to look and then his eyes widened unconsciously– Liu Bohuai must have just come out of the shower, because he was wearing only a pair of deep black swimming trunks…..

A perfect fit, revealing shape and amazing size…..

Liu Bohuai had a perfect body, broad shoulders, abs and long legs.

The rimless glasses he usually wore had long since been removed, revealing deep eyebrows and below, a high, straight nose and thin lips that made one want to kiss them deeply.

Such a handsome face, coupled with a perfect body and a sophisticated aura….. would have made any woman who was in the room jump at him.

Unfortunately…. it was pity that he was a man.

Li Qingzhou’s expression remained unchanged, but his heart couldn’t help but come alive.

[Uhm…… his hair is wet and different from his previous reserved image, he looks more casual and sexy. Without the glasses he looks a lot more young]

[He’s got abs, I want to squeeze them. I’m sure they’ll feel good, one ab, two abs, three abs….. Wow! Eight pack abs! Long legs, legs……]

Li Qingzhou’s eyes skimmed over the place that would make one blush, then looked at his long legs. Although it was a little out of place, but–

[Everyone’s got hair on their body, let me sing hair for you……]

–The little guy in the bubble with his little mouth open lay on the wall watching admiringly.

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but pause for a moment as he walked towards him.

Immediately, he approached with the expression on his face as usual. His hands resting naturally on the armrest of Li Qingzhou’s wheelchair, he asked, “Want to take a dip in the hot spring?”

Then without waiting for Li Qingzhou’s answer, he pushed his wheelchair towards the hot spring pool.

Li Qingzhou said with somberly drooping eyelashes, “It’s not quite convenient for me to….”

Liu Bohuai: “I’ll help President Li.”

[Eh? How is he going to help?!]

The was a rare look of obvious stunned confusion on Li Qingzhou’s face.

Then he watched as Liu Bohuai pushed him to the edge of the hot spring, stopped the wheelchair, then took a step forward and leaning down– one hand around his waist, the other through the crook of his legs…… picked him up.

He picked, him, up.

Panicking, Li Qingzhou didn’t notice that his hand had automatically wrapped themselves around Liu Bohuai’s neck as he stammered, “President, President Liu……”

This won’t do, this isn’t, this isn’t too good right!

The hot spring was filled with light steam, surrounded by flowers, warm yellow lights and the sound of rushing water…..

It was a natural hot spring, without the slightest hint of artificiality, clear and warm, with a hint of sulphur and steps at the bottom for one to sit on.

The moment he entered the water, Li Qingzhou really felt the comfort of the hot spring……

[It will do, it’s right, it’s good!]

–The little guy in the bubble, who had been shy and resistant just a moment before sprang up, squinting his eyes with his flushed face as a pink crocheted bathing cap sprang up on top of his head before he fell limp in the small hot spring.

Liu Bohuai let go of Li Qingzhou after putting him in the hot spring then stepped back, standing in a position that wasn’t awkward for either of them, leaving enough distance.

He said, “Since we are here to relax, President Li should enjoy it.”

There was no need to feel embarrassed.

As Li Qingzhou sat on the steps of the hot spring pool, his forehead slowly soaked with the vapor from the water around him, his pale face flushed.

Regaining his composure, he nodded, “President Liu is right.”

Then he ripped the straps of the hot spring bathrobe tied around his waist, gradually revealing his shoulders, chest and swim trunks….

Liu Bohuai’s throat rolling, his deep eyes looked away for a moment and after a moment, hearing the sound of the robe being thrown onto the shore, he turned his head to ask, “Some sake?”

Li Qingzhou: “Yes, I’ll have to trouble President Liu.”

“It’s no trouble….. we don’t need to be so polite to each other.” Liu Bohuai said as he got up.

[No need to be polite? Then we’re friends now? Right? Right?]

–The little guy in the bubble looked as if he had stars in his eyes, his hands clenched in fists at his chin.

Liu Bohuai, who had been slowly stroking his hair upwards, hooking his fingers through the ends, elegantly and casually, paused his movement.

Then he continued, “My relationship with President Li….. is both a business partner and a friend.”

The corners of Li Qingzhou’s mouth curved up slightly at his words.

He nodded, “It’s a pleasure working with President Liu and in every way, it’s an honour to be friends with you.”

[I’m happy.]

Liu Bohuai smiled faintly at Li Qingzhou, “No, it’s my pleasure.”

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