My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 41.1

Recently, besides staying at home to draw comics, Ge Yue spent his time chatting with Li Qingzhou. The two continued to discuss the story direction, character traits and other aspects of the comic’s villain, Mu Lin.

They first talked about the comic.

Because it was too hot and popular, the new comic [Into the Trap] was already being considered for adaptation into an animated series while it was still in the serialization stage.

Ge Yue, who was backed by the Ge family who had their own entertainment company didn’t have to worry about comic copyright issues.

So, the new comic was quickly adapted into an animated series.

Li Qingzhou congratulated Ge Yue.

Then the two talked about the news of artificially intelligent robots.

[I’m a Martian: Qingzhou, I heard you’re setting up a lab to study artificially intelligent robots. How’s the progress?]

[One leaf Qingzhou: The lab has been set up, but no employees have been hired yet. We are currently recruiting talent.]

[I’m a Martian: What type of intelligent robots do you plan to study? Household service ones? Rescue ones? Or those robots that fight carrying laser wands? Snort snort, hahaheh.]

[One leaf Qingzhou: ….. It’s a laser sword, not a laser wand.]

[I’m a Martian: Oh oh, that means pretty much the same thing, if you know what I mean, pretty boy thumbs up.jpg.]

[One leaf Qingzhou: Laser swords can’t be made yet, the main reason being that there isn’t enough energy supply. Currently, there is no energy source capable of supporting the use of laser swords.]

[The lab’s main research direction will focus on service-type and rescue-type artificially intelligent robots.]

[I’m a Martian: That’s great. Qingzhou, I look forward to your success, pretty boy gives a call.jpg.]

[One leaf Qingzhou: Thank you.]

After discussing the topic of AI robots, the two friends continued to chat casually.

[I’m a Martian: Qingzhou, have you seen Uncle Liu recently?]

[My uncle told me yesterday that Uncle Liu was very angry and irritable for some unknown reason. He came over to drink but just sat there without speaking.]

In short, He Jianxun was puzzled by this strange behavior.

—He had never seen Liu Bohuai like this before, because if anyone had offended Liu Bohuai, it was likely that that person’s ashes would have already been scattered by now.

But this clearly wasn’t the case.

If no one had offended Liu Bohuai, then what could it be?

Without Liu Bohuai’s explanation, He Jianxun could only speculate, so he was curious and mentioned it casually to Ge Yue.

Naturally, Ge Yue was also curious and asked Li Qingzhou if he knew the reason.

Li Qingzhou was confused.

He didn’t think there was anything wrong with Third Master, so he replied that he had seen him but didn’t know the reason.

He thought for a moment then typed: [Nothing has happened in the company recently either.]

In his opinion, everything was normal.

Ge Yue also pondered for a moment and then dropped the topic. He and Li Qingzhou chatted for a while longer before they both went offline.


Yu Zhe’s Unique Studio was busy preparing for the official competition.

Li Qingzhou had several conversations with him online about the topic of artificially intelligent robots.

It was then Yu Zhe discovered that this President Li was surprisingly well-studied in the field of AI robots, causing him to be surprised and excited to have found a like-minded friend.

As they chatted more and more, their conversation became more congenial.

Yu Zhe had always admired Li Qingzhou, and now he knew that his research and understanding of artificial intelligence was in depth and spot-on.

Therefore when Li Qingzhou invited them sincerely to join his lab, Yu Zhe’s attitude inevitably relaxed a bit….

However he was still considering and hesitant, and so didn’t give an answer right away.

Li Qingzhou wasn’t in a hurry.

Time flew by and before one knew it, it was time for Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng to start school.

Li Hanyu was admitted into the Economic Management Department at Yanjing University.

Li Qingzhou originally wanted to send his sister to register for school himself, but Li Hanyu, considering Li Qingzhou’s popularity at Yanjing University, was afraid that her big brother would be mobbed by people and so refused.

“Big brother, I can go to school and register myself. You don’t have to worry.” Li Hanyu told him.

She felt that there was no problem: “If you’re still not at ease, you can have Assistant Fang accompany me to Yanjing University.”

Seeing that his sister’s attitude was firm, Li Qingzhou agreed in the end.

Li Xusheng’s first day of school was a few days later.

—After a discussion, Li Xusheng decided to skip a grade to go to the third grade, thus there was an achievement test before school started.

To Li Qingzhou’s surprise, Xia Yijun was unexpectedly also going to the third grade.

Li Qingzhou and his little brother, Liu Bohuai and his nephew, met at the school gate.

—As soon as they saw each other, Xia Yijun’s eyes welled up with tears as he said, “Shengsheng, I’ve had to sacrifice so much in order to be in the same class with you.”

“Woo… you can’t even imagine what I’ve gone through this summer, it was too painful.”

Learning having drained both his body and mind, Jun Jun shed tears.

When Li Xusheng heard this, he hugged him, patting his back comfortingly.

The two little friends’ appearance and behavior was so amusing that, although Xia Yijun was whimpering tearfully, Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but want to laugh.

[These little cubs are too cute and funny.]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his mouth as he giggled, his big eyes curving with mirth, looking like they were filled with sparkling stars.

Li Qingzhou’s expression was gentle, his beautiful eyebrows and eyes making him even more charming and impossible to look away from.

Liu Bohuai suddenly spoke up, “Have you been in contact with Unique Studio recently?”

Coming back to his senses, Li Qingzhou nodded, “Yes. I think Yu Zhe is really interested in cooperating with the company, but he’s currently taking some time to consider it.”

[Unique Studio has good strength, not to mention with Qiao Huanming’s connection, things should be able to work out. What’s more there’s Lu Mei Shan…..]

He wanted to get to know her more. What if this girl and Third Master could really be together?

If he succeeded as a matchmaker, wouldn’t his legs be healed in no time!

Thinking of this, a hint of happiness couldn’t but show on Li Qingzhou’s face.

However in Liu Bohuai’s eyes, what this meant was that Li Qingzhou’s expression had changed slightly because he was thinking of Lu Mei Shan.

This discovery caused his face to sink slightly.


Liu Bohuai’s voice suddenly slowed, “Have you ever thought about what kind of girlfriend you want in the future?”

[Girlfriend? Why is Third Master suddenly asking this question?]

—The little guy in the bubble looked surprised, stunned, then struck a thinking pose.

Li Qingzhou: “I haven’t really thought about that.”

Liu Bohuai: “Why not think about it now…. is there anyone around you that makes your heart race?”


—The little guy in the bubble shrugged, the expression on his face unmistakably natural.

Li Qingzhou shook his head, “No.”

What was said in the bubble was the same as what he said out loud.

The expression on Liu Bohuai’s face couldn’t help but relax, but then he was confused once more.

—Since his heart didn’t race for anyone, then why did he seem to pay some attention to Lu Mei Shan?

He twirled his prayer beads slowly in contemplation.

Just then, Xia Yijun finally broke free from his little mood of grief.

He grabbed his uncle’s clothes and looked up at him, “I want Shengsheng to come visit our house.”

Actually, it was the Xia family that wanted to invite Li Xusheng.

The Xia family never imagined that because of a little friend, Xia Yijun would be willing to immerse himself in learning, studying obediently throughout the entire summer vacation.

Not only was he not impatient, he would sometimes even ask his tutor for help.

The Xia family, especially Xia Yijun’s parents, couldn’t believe that this was their son.

In the past, whenever Xia Yijun was mentioned, it was all about how mischievous and disobedient he was, but this time he had done something that was worthy of praise. He had actually skipped an entire two grades and was going to the third grade.

Father and Mother Xia were overjoyed.

For both emotional and logical reasons, they also wanted to invite their son’s little friend as well as parent.

Furthermore, they knew this parent. He was Liu Bohuai’s partner.

Liu Bohuai ruffled Xia Yijun’s little head then lifted his head to look at Li Qingzhou, “This can only be possible if your Big brother Li agrees.”

Xia Yijun ran to Li Qingzhou’s side to act cute while Li Xusheng couldn’t help but look at him with a hopeful expression.

Li Qingzhou: “Of course you can.”

“Yay! Thank you Big Brother Li!”

“Big Brother is so nice.” Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun hugged Li Qingzhou together.

[Two little cuties, I also know I’m good.]

—The little guy in the bubble made a heart shape with his hands then blew two kisses.

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