My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 60.2

Within two days, an invitation to the birthday party was delivered personally to Li Qingzhou by Zou Ming.

Zou Ming said, “President Li, please do us the honor of your presence. Mr. Ge will also be attending.”

Li Qingzhou: “….. Okay, I’ll be there.”

He couldn’t refuse.

It was only after hearing this that Zou Ming left, relieved.

A few days later, Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan arrived at the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

—This time, in honor of Liu Bohuai’s birthday party, He Jianxun, Ge Yue and Liu Xiahui, as well as his friends had been invited.

Additionally, there were other business acquaintances with whom he had worked with.

All of them were peers or younger.

Originally, He Jianxun had asked Liu Bohuai if he should invite the elders from the Xia family.

But Liu Bohuai had said that he’d already had a separate meal with the people from the Xia family, so there was no need to invite them again.

He Jianxun nodded: “That’s true, if Uncle Xia is present, it wouldn’t be as fun.”

At the entrance of the Liu family’s Old Mansion, Li Qingzhou happened to meet Ge Yue, however before they could go in, Liu Xiahui arrived with Xu Mengning.

There were also Qu Yufan and Qi Hao, as well as Qu Yufan’s uncle, Qu Chen.

“What a coincidence.” Qu Yufan greeted them with a smile.

Li Qingzhou and Ge Yue responded politely.

After the greetings, there was a slightly awkward atmosphere between them.

Qi Hao glanced at Li Qingzhou, then at Liu Xiahui and Xu Mengning.

Right now, the relationship between Liu Xiahui and Xu Mengning was just a thin veil away from being confirmed officially.

So by bringing Xu Mengning to the Liu family’s Old Mansion today, Xiahui was probably trying to introduce her formally to his third uncle to make his intentions clear.

Qi Hao thought to himself— perhaps Li Qingzhou had finally realized the gap between them and so had withdrawn voluntarily, given that his contact with Xu Mengning had lessened significantly.

Since they had happened to meet at the Liu family’s Old Mansion today, Xiahui should take the opportunity to confirm his progress with Xu Mengning and try to become official boyfriend and girlfriend as soon as possible.

While Qi Hao was thinking this, Xu Mengning had finished talking to Li Qingzhou and moved to stand beside him.

At this moment, He Jianxun walked out of the Old Mansion.

And seeing the situation outside, raised his eyebrows first, then laughed, “Why are you all standing out here and not going in? There aren’t roadblocks at the entrance.”

He joked, then turning to open the door a little wider, motioned them in with his hand.

Walking over, Qu Chen said with a laugh as he patted his shoulders, “We should give the young ones some time to greet each other. I think they are getting along quite well, haha.”

Li Qingzhou: “….”

Where were they getting along quite well?

This uncle of Qu Yufan’s seemed a little black bellied.

“Qingzhou, let’s go in.” Ge Yue said.

“En.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

Fang Xiyan pushed Li Qingzhou into the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

The birthday party was held in the courtyard of the Liu family’s Old Mansion— which had artificial mountains, lakes, flowing water, flower beds, grasslands….. The chef had carefully prepared dishes for self-service.

This was the first time Li Qingzhou was seeing Liu Bohuai again since that night.

He admitted that the impact of that night was too great, and that he hadn’t been sleeping well recently.

That sudden onslaught of kisses like rain would always suddenly come to his mind unbidden, playing on repeat continuously…..

—And like a brand seared on his heart, a slight touch would leave him scorching hot and sizzling, a tingle going all the way to his scalp.

Li Qingzhou had never had the experience of falling in love before.

In fact, he had never even had thoughts in regards to this before.

—Hence his first experience with this sort of thing was like a frightened little turtle suddenly retreating into its shell. Without a period of gradual adjustment, it was impossible for him to come out again.

Fang Xiyan pushed him closer to the courtyard of the Liu family’s Old Mansion.

Li Qingzhou’s fingers that were resting on the armrest of the wheelchair tightened unconsciously, his lips pursed.

Closer….. he saw Liu Bohuai’s figure.

[Ner, nervous…..]

—Two red roses suddenly appeared on the face of the little guy in the bubble, his little hands clenched in front of his chest.

Immediately afterwards, a half wall appeared and he hid behind it quickly, revealing only half of his small body as he poked his little head out, secretly watching.jpg.

“Third Master, happy birthday.”

Finally reaching Liu Bohuai, Li Qingzhou, seemingly unruffled, took out the birthday gift calmly to give to him.

However inside, he was panicking.

[Say, say something…. what will Third Master say…..]

—The little guy in the bubble immediately pressed his head against the wall, performing self isolation online.

Reaching out, Liu Bohuai took the gift, saying lightly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Li Qingzhou secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Third Uncle.” Liu Xiahui stepped forward.

Li Qingzhou took the opportunity to move to the side.

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