My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 103.2

Editor: Jodi

Yu Xudong hurried to find his phone. All their hopes were now resting on Yu Kun.

After the call, Yu Kun said he would be back soon.

Walking over to Yu Xudong, Pei Jin asked him, “Xudong, did Mr. Reese not participate in this betting pool?”

The expression on Yu Xudong’s face turned ugly. “Mr. Reese doesn’t know about it….. I kept it from him.”

He had been afraid that Mr. Reese would dominate and reduce his own gains significantly, however he regretted it now, wishing he had involved him.

He was filled with both regret and hate.

The regret was that he had been confident that the Casper family would win, but then afraid that Mr. Reese’s involvement would diminish his gains, he not only kept it from him, he also put in a large amount of money… 

And the hate was that if it wasn’t because someone had set him up in the end, the money he would have had to pay wouldn’t have doubled.

Not long after, Yu Kun rushed back.

And after understanding the whole situation, the expression on his face also changed dramatically, showing less composure than Yu Xudong. However he shook himself out of his daze then, under the urging of Mother Yu and his parents, took his phone out. “I-I’ll call An Qi right away…..”

Yu Xudong suddenly asked him, “Weren’t you with her just now?”

Yu Kun’s eyes flickered slightly, “No….. a friend invited me out.”

Nodding, Yu Xudong didn’t ask any more questions.

Yu Kun made the call, and after two rings, the call connected.

Yu Kun had just planned to ask An Qi out and then take the opportunity to explain the situation and borrow money.

However who would have expected that before he could say a word, An Qi would say directly, “Yu Kun, don’t call me again. We’ve broken up, just right now.”

“You cheated, no, I should say, you were unfaithful, so, I’ve dumped you.”

And with that, An Qi hung up mercilessly.

Yu Kun stood in place, dumbfounded.

He had put the call on speaker at Yu Xudong’s request, so Mother Yu as well as his parents heard every word that An Qi had said clearly.

Yu Xudong suddenly slapped him, no longer able to restrain his anger. “What does she mean by that?! What did you do?!”

“Don’t hit the child, talk nicely.” Before Mother Yu could react to what she had just heard, she saw Yu Xudong slap Yu Kun and intervened subconsciously.

Pei Jing also stepped forward to shield Yu Kun.

Yu Xudong shouted angrily, “Mom, don’t you understand?! The Casper family is our Yu family’s only lifeline now!”

“If we can’t raise the money, our Yu family’s company will go bankrupt! Bankrupt, do you understand?!”

“And Yu Kun this bastard, he…. he….. speak, who did you cheat on her with?!”

Yu Xudong didn’t doubt An Qi. After all, the only daughter of the Casper family wouldn’t make up lies just to get rid of his son.

Yu Kun’s lips moved, but he didn’t answer.

Just then, the screen of his phone lit up— it was a message from An Qi.

An Qi was afraid he would accuse her of accusing him falsely, so she sent the pictures she had taken.

Yu Xudong snatched the phone away, then tapped it to reveal intimate pictures of Yu Kun and Liu Yunfei, as well as ones of the two of them even kissing.

No matter how An Qi had gotten these pictures, they were proof enough that Yu Kun had indeed cheated on her during their relationship.

He was the one who was in the wrong.

Mother Yu sighed, Pei Jing was at a loss.

And Yu Kun received a beating from Yu Xudong.


The matter involving the Yu family eventually came to Mr. Reese’s attention.

Because Yu Xudong had no other choice but to go to him shamelessly to ask for help in person.

However Mr. Reese only ridiculed him with a hypocritical smile on his face.

As the head of the Casper family and a successful businessman, how could Mr. Reese not know about Yu Xudong’s ulterior motives?

It was nothing but greed and hypocrisy.

And coupled with the issue of Yu Kun having cheated, of course he rejected Yu Xudong decisively after letting out a couple of sarcastic remarks.

He told him, “To be honest with you, while preparing for the autonomous driving cars bet here in the country, some of my overseas industries also came under suppression.”

“Then just after the race, I not only lost my shares in the bet, I also suffered a significant loss in profits….”

He showed the documents to Yu Xudong.

Mr. Reese wasn’t lying.

He had indeed suffered a significant loss in his overseas investments, with stocks even dropping, resulting in financial losses.

“So Yu, I’m sorry but I can’t help you.” Mr. Reese shrugged.

The ‘I’m sorry but I can’t help you’ was a lie.

This part of the profits wasn’t that much of a critical hit for the Casper family, hence the sentence just now was naturally just an excuse to turn him away.

Yu Xudong also understood this, however he didn’t dare linger under the watchful eyes of the surrounding bodyguards.

And so getting up, he excused himself stiffly then left.

After Yu Xudong left, Mr. Reese’s face turned cold. “Have you found out who’s suppressing our company’s overseas industries?”

One of the bodyguards stepped forward. “Yes, sir.”

“The other party didn’t hide their tracks. It’s the President of the Liu Group, Liu Bohuai.”

Mr. Reese frowned. “Why would he do that?”

The bodyguard shook his head.

Just then, an assistant came in from outside and handed Mr. Reese his phone. “Sir, President Li has requested a meeting with you.”

Mr. Reese nodded. “Then let’s go meet him. A bet is a bet, however I never expected that one of the people who helped my daughter would be him. I should thank him properly.”

Although An Qi hadn’t been on the scene, she had been watching the livestream and it was only then she realized that the other oriental beauty was Li Qingzhou.

So after Mr. Reese returned, she told him about it.

The assistant replied to the message.

When they met, Mr. Reese’s eyebrow rose when he saw Liu Bohuai by Li Qingzhou’s side, a certain guess coming to mind.

However he wasn’t sure—weren’t they just business partners? Why would President Liu help President Li so much….. to vent his anger for him?

Then later, the two didn’t hide their relationship.

Causing Mr. Reese to suddenly come to a startling realization—oh, an oriental romance. It turns out it was taking revenge for his lover.

But… he this punching bag seems to have been wronged.

He was clearly the one who had lost.

Then he looked and then looked at Li Qingzhou then sighed in his heart. Sure enough, beauties weren’t to be messed with, sigh.

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