My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 33.2

The new car trial video showed the full range of smart AI technology in car systems– voice control, remote start, body condition scanning.

Automatic brake control change, automatic seatbelt ejection……

The most important thing was the checking of the physical condition of the driver as to whether he or she was drunk or fatigued in order to effectively reduce the probability of a car accident happening.

At the end of the launch video, the president of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. added: “At the moment, this is only the first stage of smart AI for cars.”

“The second phase of smart AI for cars is already under research, with key points focusing on face recognition, voice code lock and alarm systems….”

[Don’t even try to steal it from me! I’ll take it! Where again is Auto City? I can’t get in on the official website, I want to cry.]

[My goodness …. smart car research is progressing so fast, it’s not going to be that in my remaining years there will be driverless technology, right?]

[This company’s Auto City only opened the day after the launch and is currently only available for pre-order on the official website, so….. you’ll have to wait in line if you want to buy one.]

[Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. has the smart AI for cars system in hand, so other brands can only buy this system from President Li if they want to load it, otherwise they will lag behind.]

[Think about how many car brands exist in the world…… Having this smart AI for cars system is equivalent to having an all-powerful golden key that can open any treasure chest ……President Li is going to be rich.]

[Although …… once this smart AI car comes out and is bought, other car companies can of course remove the system loaded in it for research.]

[The results are already there, so isn’t it just a matter of time before one can develop it after gaining understanding?]

[But President Li’s company is already preparing the second stage, always ahead of the curve and not afraid of any imitation, ha ha.]

[Although the new smart AI car is great, hasn’t anyone noticed President Li’s gorgeous face?! Even though his legs….. cough cough, but he’s handsome, too good looking! He totally fits my fantasy of a domineering president.]

[No, speaking of domineering presidents, it’s the President of the Liu Group who looks like one. Although he doesn’t appear a lot in the video, having just a total of just over two minutes if you add up….]

[No wonder President Li worked on the smart electric wheelchair first.]

The discussion on Weibo was too hot, from the smart AI tech for cars to Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai’s looks……

The heat didn’t shift a bit until the next day when Auto City officially opened.

On the same day, many people formed a long queue outside the Auto City.


Licheng, the Xu family.

The family that adopted Xu Mengning was originally quite wealthy in Licheng, but had gradually fallen into decline in recent years.

What’s more, Father Xu and Mother Xu’s biological son, Xu Qi Jin, was so reluctant to make progress that he didn’t even make it to university and spent his days idling about.

Recently, he had taken up gambling and had lost hundreds of thousands of yuan in a row.

Father Xu and Mother Xu had scolded and beaten him, but it was of no use, and now they could no longer afford to pay for their son’s daily expenses.

–In order to teach him a lesson, they stopped all Qi Jin’s bank cards and credit cards…..

But Xu Qi Jin still went out gambling.

However he didn’t dare tell his parents that he had lost not hundreds of thousands of yuan, but millions…

Paying off hundreds of thousands of yuan of debt was simply not enough now.

If he didn’t do something about it, afraid those people would soon come to his door to demand he pay up what he owed.

That day, he saw the video of the launch of the smart AI car online and immediately sat up straight, not daring to believe: “Li Qingzhou?!”

“Isn’t this Li Qingzhou? How come he’s now a president?

Xu Qi Jin couldn’t help but rub his eyes and looked over and over again a few more times before finally confirming that it was Li Qingzhou.

When he had been disabled because of Xu Mengning, the Xu family had covered all his expenses in the hospital, but his legs weren’t cured.

Then, for some reason, Li Qingzhou suddenly dropped out of school and vanished without a trace.

Xu Mengning didn’t say anything and there was no explanation.

Then Xu Qi Jin found out slowly– it turned out that Li Qingzhou had been recognized by his biological parents by chance in the hospital.

Then his real parents took him back to Xicheng to have his legs treated.

But what Xu Qi Jin didn’t expect was that he would now be able to see Li Qingzhou online.

The president of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd., the Li family…… it turns out his biological parents’ family were so rich.

A poor boy from an orphanage actually became a President?

Xu Qi Jin tsk’d, unable to help being annoyed as he bristled, “What an unpredictable fate…. how come I’m not the one who became the president?”

Thinking of the huge benefits, money, etc. that the smart AI car would soon bring, his eyes burned hot with enthusiasm.

He also wanted to own a new smart AI car.

He suddenly remembered that Li Qingzhou had been disabled for the sake of Xu Mengning who also insisted on studying medicine because of Li Qingzhou.

–Xu Mengning was now in Yanjing and Li Qingzhou was also in….. could it be that these two had already met?

Xu Qi Jin stroked his chin in thought.

He then went out of his room to ask his parents about the current situation of Xu Mengning, but the answer was that everything was fine and that there was nothing special going on.

Xu Qi Jin thought for a while then began to pack his bags, intending to go to Yanjing.

“Xu Qi Jin, what are you doing?” Mother Xu asked suspiciously.

Xu Qi Jin: “I’m going to Yanjing to see my sister.”

“Mom, give me some money, I promise not to spend it frivolously. You guys usually talk about how great Yan University is, I’ll go and see for myself, maybe I’ll want to take the exam too.”

Hearing this, Mother Xu was surprised, “Are you serious?”

Xu Qi Jin told her: “Of course I’m serious!”

“You can contact my sister now. I’ll definitely go to her place. It’s not as if she’ll lie to you.”

“Ok, ok, mum will go call Mengning right away…..”

Early the next morning, Xu Qi Jin took a plane to Yanjing.

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