My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 101.2

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The bet required that the Casper family and the Li Group Corporation each bring an autonomous car for a performance test, etc.

The requirements of the commercial bet were to be kept secret, however the competition was to be broadcast live.

Li Qingzhou also agreed to this proposal.

And as all this was going on, to thank Ge Yue for his help, An Qi called him.

Ge Yue had already been instructed by Li Qingzhou.

Hence when An Qi asked about the name of the other person who had helped her, Ge Yue didn’t tell her, and even when An Qi wanted to meet him in person to express her thanks, he didn’t agree.

He said over the phone, “Miss An Qi, in C Country we have an old saying that doing good deeds should remain anonymous, as everyone can be a Lei Feng LF.”

“Helping you was just as easy as me lifting a finger, so there’s no need to be polite.”

“I believe that if it was any other woman or man in trouble in front of me, I would try to help them. That’s all, Miss An Qi, I hope you enjoy your time in C Country.”

Then after he was done saying this, he hung up mercilessly.

An Qi stared at her phone for a while before tossing it aside, cupping her cheeks with her hands. However instead of displeasure showing on her face, she started blushing.

Then she murmured, “……. so charming.”

I have to find him!

However her plans wouldn’t come to fruition because the date of the bet between the Casper family and the Li Group Corporation was approaching.

The date was set for a little over a month later — with it involving car modifications, implementing autonomous driving programs, etc.

The Casper family and the Li Group Corporation both got busy.

Meanwhile, the internet also buzzed with news about the Casper family and the Li Group Corporation going to live stream a comparison of their autonomous cars.

[Holy shit, I’m shocked. Autonomous cars are actually happening?!]

[Ah…. I’m definitely supporting the Li Group Corporation and President Li, but I feel like the Casper family is the formidable one. I just looked into them, scary.]

[I wonder if President Li would be able to replicate his past success in the artificial intelligence robot competitions and surpass the Casper family. You can do it!]

[Don’t get your hopes up too high. Insider news, the Li Group Corporation’s autonomous driving technology isn’t mature yet.]


The internet was full of various comments.

The Li Group Corporation seemed like a small boat swaying in a storm.

There was no way forward and danger on both sides, one from the oppression of the Casper family and the Yu family, and the other from the Lu Group’s gaming company that was spreading negative views about their game.

As a result, more and more people didn’t think the Li Group Corporation would win the bet.

Old Master Li even went to Yanjing himself, entering the Li Group Corporation building in front of everyone, wanting to persuade Li Qingzhou to give up the bet.

As it would be better to pay the penalty for breaching the agreement than to lose in the autonomous car race.

However everyone also saw Old Master Li leaving with a gloomy and disheartened expression.

Clearly, Li Qingzhou didn’t listen to his dissuasion.

Yu Xudong told Mr. Reese about what had happened.

And Mr. Reese laughed when he heard this, “In the end he’s still too young, thinking that he would win this bet. He has the courage to stake everything on one throw, but not the luck given by the heavens.”

“Mr. Reese is right.” Yu Xudong also laughed.

“Let’s get ready, our bet is about to begin.”



Liu Xiahui had also heard about the bet.

Hence he went to the Liu family’s Old Mansion, wanting to ask his Third Uncle about it, but unexpectedly saw him picking pears in the yard with Li Qingzhou on his back.

He froze, unsure whether to go in or not.

However Li Qingzhou saw him and waved, “Nephew, how come you have time to visit today?”

Liu Xiahui’s expression darkened. It seems he had been worried about the bet between the Li Group Corporation and the Casper family for nothing.

He turned to leave, not wanting to be a third wheel, however Li Qingzhou called him over again.

Li Qingzhou called him back with a hooked finger, saying as he did so, “Come here, come here, come here.”

[Tsk tsk tsk, come here, come here, come here.]

Are you calling a dog?!

Liu Xiahui inexplicably felt that Li Qingzhou’s action was deliberate.

However under his Third Uncle’s gaze, he still moved forward reluctantly, his voice stiff as he asked, “What?”

Li Qingzhou pointed to the side and said, “There’s a basket there, carry it, make sure you hold it well.”

Liu Xiahui was puzzled, but did as he was told and picked up the basket.

Then, just as he started to walk over again, before he could even come to a complete stop, a pear was tossed into the basket.

Then Li Qingzhou said, “You came just in time. Hold this, so Ah Huai doesn’t have to.”

Then with that, he started to pick pears with focus.

Liu Xiahui: “……”

He felt a tightness in his chest. He held back again and again, then finally……

When Li Qingzhou finished picking pears, Liu Bohuai set him down on the ground carefully.

Then because he wasn’t wearing an exoskeleton support device, Liu Bohuai turned then carried him to a nearby chair to sit.

Throughout the process, Li Qingzhou was taken care of with great attention, causing Liu Xiahui’s gums to ache.

He couldn’t help but think with sadness and depression— Third Uncle was never this attentive and loving when I was a child….

This was what was called difference, and it hurt.

The corners of his lips going down secretly, Liu Xiahui went over to put the basket down, saying rigidly as he did so, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going.”

Liu Bohuai: “Wait, take some pears with you. Didn’t you used to love eating them?”

The pear tree in his yard would be picked around this time every year, and Liu Xiahui did love eating them.

Liu Xiahui felt a warmth in his heart: Third Uncle still remembers!

However just as he nodded, he saw Li Qingzhou bending over to pick a pear from the basket then hand it to him, saying, “Here, for you, you can go.”

Liu Xiahui: “Just one?!”

His eyes widened in disbelief.

Li Qingzhou: “One is not enough? Then, I’ll give you another one as a reward for carrying the basket, here.”

And saying this, he picked up another pear.


[Hahahahaha, bullying my big nephew is so much fun, eh, look at his face, it’s like the bottom of a pot, haha.]

—The little guy in the bubble was beside himself with delight, holding his stomach as he rolled over on a soft cushion, laughing.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes twinkled with amusement and doting, then he shook his head helplessly.

And seeing that Liu Xiahui was really angry that he was about to have a heart attack, Li Qingzhou finally stopped teasing him and let him leave with a bag full of pears.

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