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Chapter 70.1

After the waves stirred up by the Li Group’s second generation smart AI cars subsided gradually, the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals were just around the corner.

—And it was secured to be held right in Yanjing.

Li Qingzhou found out about this later from Liu Bohuai.

The opportunity to confirm the location was something that the Xia family had reported to the higher-ups and fought hard for.

—All to ensure that Li Qingzhou could participate in the competition with his AI robots safely and without any worries.

Liu Bohuai added, “You’ll also have accompanying protection during the finals.”

Li Qingzhou: “En. Third Master, please thank Mr. Xia for me.”


Because of the buzz brought about because of Rescue One from before, many netizens began to continuously pay attention to the AI Robots Exchange Competitions.

And there were even videos of competitions held in other countries online.

And after watching them, they found that there were really quite a few impressive characters.

For example, Albert, the young genius from M Country.

At just nineteen years old, he had created a very formidable combat type robot.

He had advanced all the way from the preliminaries to win the championship in the regional competitions, never losing a match and was waiting to enter the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals directly.

And then there was Sakato Ichiro from R Country.

The robots he had used in the beginner competitions were primarily of the domestic service and rescue types.

However his rescue robot lost in the regional competition’s semifinals and only his domestic service robot advanced successfully.

There was also Po Nan Zhi from H Country, who led an underwater rescue robot all the way to his country’s finals.

Next was Bernie, a twenty-two year old student from a prestigious university in Y Country.

He had created both rescue type and domestic service type robots, all of which advanced to the finals, earning him the chance to participate directly in the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals.

As for Keith, Professor Buffett’s student,

He had come specifically to compete in the C Country region, but unexpectedly only managed to secure the runner-up spot in C Country’s grand finals, missing out on the chance to advance directly.

Hence, Professor Buffett’s plan had been to take him back home to register for their international competition and readjust their AI robot, hoping to advance all the way in their international competition.

Unfortunately, Keith’s performance in this international competition was mediocre, nothing extraordinary.

Because although he did make it to the grand finals, he ranked last.

And now that the time of the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals had been determined, they would be held in Yanjing, C Country.

The contestants who had advanced successfully to the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals had already begun to prepare intensively.

And it wasn’t just the competitors, but the media as well who were gradually getting wind of it.

Recently, a certain foreign media interviewed Albert, the young genius.

In high-definition footage, in his exclusive workshop, Albert was busily fixing a mechanical arm, not even raising his head.

He wasn’t particularly handsome, and with freckles on both cheeks and dressed in overalls covered with oil and dirt and wearing long boots, he looked like an inexperienced teenager.

Holding a mic to his mouth, the reporter interviewing him asked, “Albert, you’re the youngest contestant in the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals.”

“What do you have to say about that?”

Lifting his head, Albert looked at the reporter and said with a face full of disbelief, “What’s there to say about that? It’s just a fact.”

“Those contestants older than me had better show me some real skills in the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals.”

“Otherwise, it’ll just be me advancing all the way to win the championship again, which will be boring. It is only when there’s a challenge that there’s progress.”

As he said this, he patted the mechanical arm beside him, obviously very arrogant and confident.

The reporter continued, “Then what are your thoughts on the contestants from other countries?”

“I’m talking about those like you who won the championship in their regional competitions and got the direct opportunity to advance to the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals.”

“Especially C Country’s Li, his rescue robot has also been praised highly in M Country.”

The Global Daily had even reported on it at the time.

Moreover videos of this C Country contestant’s competition were still circulating on the tube site now.

After all, the development of that competition was really surprising and astonishing.

Which was why, ever since the video was uploaded, its views and downloads had remained high, receiving great praise from netizens.

Hearing this, Albert said, “Li is a very impressive contestant, and I’ve seen his videos.”

“I have to admit, the existence of his Rescue One is indeed perfect, even my rescue type robots might not compare.”

“But my Avery is a combat type robot, and it’s also very perfect.”

“I don’t think Li’s combat robot is up to par with mine; it can’t compete with my Avery.”

“And unless he can make a better one before the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals, he will lose in the combat robot category is he goes up against mine.”

Albert said this with certainty.

There could only be one champion in the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals.

However robots were divided into different categories, and one needed to compete and advance in different projects.

And the scoring criteria would also include the number of votes from netizens, with the final judgement being made in a comprehensive manner.

However generally speaking, because of limited time and energy, contestants usually chose one type of robot to ensure smooth advancement in the competition.

So it was indeed rare to see a contestant like Li Qingzhou who chose to compete with three types of robots at the same time.


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