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Chapter 17.1

Li Hongjie was waiting with great anticipation in the old family house.

Li Qingzhou, Old Master Li, together with Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling, returned one after the other.

–Old Master Li was smiling and Li Qingzhou looked calm and relaxed, not at all upset about his dismissal from office….

It was his parents whose expressions each looked worse than the other.

He greeted his grandfather and ignoring Li Qingzhou, went up to them and asked in a low voice, “Dad, Mom, what’s wrong?”

Li Chengkang didn’t respond, his expression dark as he walked straight past Li Hongjie into the house while Jiang Biling stopped and took her son’s hand, telling him what had happened at the office.

–Not only did nothing happen to Li Qingzhou, they were the ones who were put on the spot.

Thinking that the Jiang family might be about to lose their partnership with the Li family, Jiang Biling grumbled, “We’ve all been set up by that little b*stard.”

“We still don’t know what’s wrong with that plot of land in the northern suburbs….”

It was probably just Li Qingzhou deliberately trying to scare them.

Jiang Biling’s eyebrows furrowed tightly then she patted Li Hongjie’s shoulder and said, “Go pack your things, we are leaving the old mansion.”

Li Hongjie walked towards the house in a trance, still having trouble recovering from the news he had just heard. When he finished packing and came out, he met Li Qingzhou in the corridor.

His face instantly became ugly as h*ll.

And Li Qingzhou’s attitude of ignoring him, even more so, made his face twist in anger….

However the butler was standing not far away.

Therefore Li Hongjie could only endure it as he walk closer before whispering harshly, “Don’t get cocky, sooner or later you’ll fall on your face somewhere….”

Li Qingzhou shot back, “Before that happens, I’m afraid your family will have bad luck first.”

The butler seemed to sense the unusual atmosphere between the two and hesitated for a moment before walking towards them.

In the end, Li Hongjie could only glare hard at Li Qingzhou before turning to leave.

The old the butler came to Li Qingzhou: “Eldest young master, is there something you want me to do for you?”

Li Qingzhou: “Make me a pot of black tea and some dessert and bring it to my room.”

“Yes, please wait a while.”


The atmosphere was depressing on Li Chengkang’s side back at home.

Jiang Biling asked, “What should we do now?”

“There can’t really be something wrong with that plot of land in the northern suburbs, right?! Should we tell Wu Shiguang….”

Sitting on the sofa, Li Chengkang said with a gloomy expression, “No need, you just believe everything he says? It’s most likely he’s just bluffing, there’s nothing wrong with the land.”

Jiang Biling continued to ask with a worried look on her face, “That little b*stard was able to research an intelligent AI for cars, do you think this kind of advanced technology can really be realized?!”

“Recently, there is no car intelligence technology even in M Country, so how could he have researched it?!”

However no matter how unbelievable it was, the facts were in front of them.

It was precisely because of this that Jiang Biling became more and more angry and discontented.

–If that little b*stard succeeded in developing it, how would the Jiang family ever work with the Li Group again? If that happened, then there would be no room for maneuver.

But there was nothing they could do to stop it and there was nothing they could do now either.

Looking at his parents troubled and unhappy expressions, Li Hongjie couldn’t help but clench his fists.


Li Chengkang was now hoping that nothing unexpected would happen to the land in the northern suburbs, but it wasn’t to be.

Because two days later, a notice was suddenly issued by the Yanjing municipality.

–In response to and in support of the country’s original goal of vigorously promoting green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly development, the government had temporarily decided to change the location of the construction of the thermal power station.

–The address was changed from the original inner district in Yanjing to be built in the land in the northern suburbs.

The project in Yanjing New Town had been relocated.

At this news, Wu Shiguang almost stopped breathing. He immediately took out some quick-acting heart pills, swallowed them and was helped into a chair by his secretary.

His hand covering his heart, Wu Shiguang closed his eyes and then double-checked whether the news was correct.

The secretary replied in the affirmative.

Gritting his teeth, Wu Shiguang’s hands shook as he searched through the notice document, almost reading everything verbatim, before finally having to admit that it was true.

His vision couldn’t help but darken.

–The land in the northern suburbs was a wasteland to be developed and one of the plots was to be auctioned off.

And the government was going to build a new age city within a city, aka the Yanjing New Town project with restaurants, entertainment venues etc. next to this site.

And the Yanjing New Town was bound to receive a lot of support from the government, which would shift some of the economic focus.

Which meant that this piece of land to be auctioned off would be in high demand.

That was why there had been so much competition before.

Wu Shiguang thought he was getting a piece of fragrant pie, but it turned out to be a stinky egg that couldn’t be thrown away….

He couldn’t accept this news.

–No new town meant no resources, and with no footfall, who would be so free as to go near a thermal power station?

The related project he was going to build was already sort of scrapped….

Wu Shiguang gritted his teeth and said, “Go call Li Chengkang and ask him out.”

“Yes.” The secretary nodded immediately and left the office.

Li Chengkang, Jiang Biling and Wu Shiguang gathered in the hotel, but this time the atmosphere was different and heavy, because after taking their seats, for the moment no one spoke.

After a long period of silence, Wu Shiguang looked at the two people in front of him with a baleful gaze, the slightest hint of a smile having long since disappeared from his face.

He asked, “Mr Li, what are you going to do now?”

“The project on the land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing is completely ruined. I can’t get back the money I invested, I can’t see results, and it will affect my company’s operation even more afterwards….”

“I think, you should know this very well.”

Li Chengkang’s face was also ugly as he said, “Aren’t we in the same boat? With all the money we have put in….”

He had even embezzled some of the company’s public funds in order to get the money together.

–Although it was only a very small part.

If someone found out about it…. or if Li Qingzhou found out, he wouldn’t be able to hold a position in the company.

Which was why Li Chengkang hadn’t been able to sleep all night, because after learning of the conversion of the thermal power station in the land in the northern suburbs in Yanjing, his mouth was covered in blazing blisters which hurt when he touched it.

Seeing the stiffness between the two, Jiang Biling said hurriedly, “Mr. Wu, no one could have predicted this situation.”

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