My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 19.2

“If you make any trouble, then don’t blame me for being rude –I’ll ask Young Master and Miss Cui leave as soon as you have delivered your gifts.”

That was if they really made trouble.

–The Cui family’s two siblings leaving without finishing the party would definitely become a joke in Yanjing’s business circles.

Cui Miao and Cui Ting had stifled looks on their faces, yet they didn’t dare retort.

Just as they didn’t dare to provoke Liu Xiahui easily and feared Liu Bohuai, the He family’s status was much higher than that of the Cui family.

[Sensible! Mr. Liu really knows how to make friends, he has a good eye.]

–The little guy in the bubble smiled and gave a genuine thumbs up by the side of his face.

Liu Bohuai looked at him for a few moments before averting his gaze.

Qu Yufan rubbed his wrists. It had taken him a lot of effort to pull Cui Miao back.

Seeing the atmosphere freeze, He Jianxun looked at Cui Ting and Cui Miao, with a fake look, wanting to say something to lighten the mood….

In any case, these two siblings had grown up with him in the same community….

Cui Ting, in particular, had called him big brother for a few years.

But someone spoke before he could.

He Zhangling hadn’t said a word since he came down the stairs, and his expression had been flat throughout.

Having lived to such an old age, what had he not seen before?

What had happened just now was just a small scene where children were fighting.

Although one party was bad, it was better to leave such things to the younger ones. It wasn’t appropriate for an old man like him to intervene.

Besides, he had come down to look for someone.

–Just now when Liu Bohuai stood next to the young man in the wheelchair, Old Master He sort of understood who he was looking for.

He Zhangling’s voice sounded old but strong as he asked, “Your name is Li Qingzhou?”

Li Qingzhou turned his head in confusion, “Yes.”

Old Master He smiled immediately, pushed He Jianxun away and without his support, stepped forward with his crutches and said, “What a good child, a good child, can you talk to grandpa for a while?”

“How about today? It’s Grandpa’s birthday, so let’s go upstairs and talk.”

The old man lifted his hand like an old child, pointing upstairs.

When he said this, the expression on everyone’s face was that of surprise.

Who was the He family, and who was Li Qingzhou? Why did it look as if the He family treated the Eldest Young Master of the Li family in an unusual manner?

[This old master looks like the wolf grandmother who abducted Little Red Riding Hood. Woo-aw, he’s weirdly cute.]

–The little guy in the bubble pulled up his little red cloak, tugged on the string of his hat and covered his little face tightly, his big round eyes rolling around a few times.

Liu Bohuai told him, “Your paper was published this morning on the International Academic Papers Network.”

“It was then recommended by Professor Calvin Stanley, reposted by Professor Yan and Professor Li, and eventually even authenticated on the official website of Yan University….”

Currently, Li Qingzhou’s paper on the possibility of implementing theoretical and realistic AI for automotive intelligence has been the subject of much debate online.

–In other words, Li Qingzhou and his soon-to-be officially listed business, Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. were now completely famous online.

It had gained enough attention and buzz.

And, of course, there was more than enough skepticism to go around.

Calvin Stanley and Old Master He had been friends for many years and kept in touch on a regular basis.

And the professor was now a scientific adviser to the Liu Group.

Hence, when Professor Stanley recommended the paper to Old Master He, he spoke about the upcoming collaboration between Li Qingzhou and the Liu Group.

–That was why when Liu Bohuai came to the party, Old Master He wanted to get to know him, but no sooner had he asked for his identity upstairs, than he came downstairs to meet such a commotion.

Li Qingzhou was stunned.

He had been busy preparing gifts for the He family’s party today…. and had really forgotten that the paper was to be published.

Old Master He was still waiting for an answer.

So, Li Qingzhou said, “Of course, Old Sir.”

Then he indicated to Xu Mengning that she could leave first without waiting for him.

At his words, Old Master He couldn’t help but smile.

Leaning on his crutches, he pointed to the corner of the banquet hall, “Grandpa’s legs aren’t all that good.”

“There’s a small elevator over there, we’ll take it up, let them take the stairs.”

Ge Yue was about to say that he would push his friend,

When Liu Bohuai put his hand on the handle of the wheelchair first and said in a natural like tone, “Let’s go.”

Ge Yue could only watch as his uncle He Jianxun also stepped forward to help the old man out of the banquet hall.

Once the main figure was gone, there wasn’t anything more to do.

But the people who had gathered around dispersed in twos and threes, and the looks they left behind before they left made Cui Miao’s face turn gloomy, his expression one of anger.

Cui Ting’s face was contorted, as if she had been slapped in the face, feeling a mixture of shame and disgrace…..

Finally, she ran away, hiding her face.

Cui Miao, of course, couldn’t leave his sister to leave alone, so he went after her.

Qi Hao didn’t care that they were gone.

He hit Liu Xiahui on the arm, asking curiously, “Didn’t you say your third uncle was going to take action against the young master of the Li family….”

“Why doesn’t it look like that to me?”

Liu Xiahui said coldly, “Li Qingzhou is quite capable, so Third Uncle has decided to work with him….”

“My third uncle has always been a man who knows what’s important, otherwise he wouldn’t have developed the Liu family into what it is today. Furthermore, he makes the right decisions.”

Although Qi Hao was undoubtedly shocked and confused when he learned that the Liu Group was going to work with Li Qingzhou….

He indicated that he understood.

Although it was unclear what exactly Li Qingzhou had to offer that was worthy of being valued, seeing how Old Master He treated him in an extraordinary manner….

He was probably not to be trifled with.

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