My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 84.1

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In the morning, Li Xusheng had already gone to school, while Li Hanyu hadn’t left yet.

Her morning classes were a bit later, so she wasn’t in a rush.

And seeing as Li Qingzhou was about to be picked up by Liu Bohuai, she hesitated before finally saying, “Big brother, come back early.”

Li Qingzhou responded, “Alright.”

Then she watched as her big brother was carried into the car by Liu Bohuai, and as the car gradually drove away, she sighed before going back inside.

–As long as Mr. Liu was around, her big brother didn’t have to rely on himself to get into the car.

This change, perhaps, was so subtle that even her big brother hadn’t noticed it.

She couldn’t help but feel a bit worried. At first, she had found it hard to believe and accept.

After all, she never imagined that one day her big brother would be with a man, let alone that that man would be Liu Bohuai.

However, after discreetly observing them later on, she seemed to realize that her big brother was genuinely happy and content when he was with Third Master Liu.

Although it wasn’t overtly obvious, the atmosphere and the feeling couldn’t deceive anyone.

–Her big brother’s happiness was what mattered the most.

However what worried her was –whether the people from the Liu family would hinder them…. and whether her grandfather would be able to accept it if it was announced.


Li Qingzhou was unaware of Li Hanyu’s inner turmoil for the time being.

Right now, he was feeling a bit nervous– because he had to give an answer after the ending of the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals.

And even though the answer had long been decided on, he was feeling too shy to say it out loud.

“Third Master, where are we going?” Li Qingzhou asked while in the car.

–The little guy in the bubble was lying on the wall, his little head turning from side to side as he looked out the window.

Liu Bohuai told him, “I’m taking you out to have some fun.”

[En? What kind of fun?]

–The little guy in the bubble lifted his head immediately, his eyes sparkling.

Li Qingzhou asked.

The corners of his lips hooking up, Liu Bohuai told him, “It’s a secret for now.”

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but become even more curious. And with this, the car left the city gradually, reached the outskirts, then headed towards a more distant place.

–The surrounding buildings began to become less and less, the road slowly became rugged, and the trees on both sides became more and more, the scenery pleasantly charming.

Li Qingzhou turned to look out of the car window, appreciating the scenery.

[Ah ah ah, Third Master isn’t trying to sell me, right? Help, someone, help! Who will come and rescue me? Haha.]

–The little guy in the bubble amused himself by changing into a tattered shabby outfit, staging a makeshift escape scene, then in the end, couldn’t help but collapse on the wall, holding his little stomach as he rolled around laughing.

Liu Bohuai had developed good mental resilience, hence he was able to continue driving steadily.

Soon, the car slowed down and stopped at the foot of a mountain.

–Taking his wheelchair out, Liu Bohuai carried Li Qingzhou out of the car, then told him to wait here for a while.

Li Qingzhou nodded.

Liu Bohuai left then returned shortly after, this time driving an open-top off-road vehicle with another person on board.

This person had a very healthy wheatish complexion and was wearing a windbreaker, and after the car stopped, he smiled at Li Qingzhou.

Then jumping down from the off-road vehicle, he turned to Liu Bohuai and said, “Then you guys have fun. There’s a radio communication device in the car. If you need anything, just contact me.”

“I’ll stay at the foot of the mountain, so there’s no problem leaving the car with me.”

Liu Bohuai handed him the keys to the car that he had driven from Yanjing, and the man drove it away, leaving only the open-top off-road vehicle.

Li Qingzhou asked, “Third Master, are we going up the mountain?”

“En, we’re going camping in the mountains. Have you ever done that before?” Liu Bohuai asked.

Li Qingzhou shook his head, “No.”

[Camping, I love it!]

–The little guy in the bubble clapped, pleasantly surprised, a very impatient expression on his face as he lifted his head to look up the mountain.

Liu Bohuai said, “We’ll be staying on the mountain for the night, so Qingzhou, let your family know now.”

Otherwise, once they were on the mountain, there might be no signal.


Li Qingzhou sent a message to Li Hanyu, explaining the situation.

Not a moment later, Li Hanyu called him.

Li Qingzhou answered, “Hanyu.”

Li Hanyu: “Big brother, are you and Mr. Liu going to be the only ones who will be staying on the mountain?”

“En, that’s right.”

“Then, then okay…. I’ll tell Shengsheng tonight. Big brother…… remember to be safe up there.”

Li Qingzhou chuckled, “What danger could there be? Besides, I have Third Master with me.”

–It’s precisely because of him that it’s dangerous.

Li Hanyu thought silently, said a few more words to him, and then hung up.

Li Qingzhou informed some others as well, then looked up.

“Let’s get into the car.”

Liu Bohuai reached out, picked him up, placed him in the passenger seat, then folded the wheelchair and put it directly in the back seat.

Li Qingzhou touched the open-top off-road vehicle and asked, “Third Master, is this car yours?”

Liu Bohuai: “It is. I had it modified here earlier.”

“Then the person who came with you just now is….”

“A friend I used to play extreme sports with in the past. He likes to modify off-road vehicles, has a modification shop nearby, and also manages a campsite in this area.”

Li Qingzhou let out an ‘oh’ when he heard this.

Then seeing Liu Bohuai driving up the mountain skillfully, he couldn’t help but ask, “Third Master, have you been here before?”

“En, I’ve been here before.”

Then while driving, he told Li Qingzhou a little bit about his extreme sports adventures from before.

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