My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 57.1

It was the weekend, and Liu Yuecheng and his sister Liu Yunfei were at home, with the nanny in the kitchen preparing lunch.

After a while, Liu Jizhen returned from the Lu Group.

Liu Yunfei asked curiously, “Mom, aren’t you super busy lately? How come you have time to come home?”

Liu Yuecheng, who was lounging on the couch and playing with his phone glanced up at her words.

Liu Jizhen replied, “I came to get a document.”

After fetching the document from the study upstairs, she didn’t rush to leave but sat on a sofa in the living room, planning to have lunch before going back.

Liu Jizhen, dressed in a white business suit and light makeup, looked intelligent, beautiful, and elegantly efficient.

She didn’t look like someone her age, what’s more one with two kids.

Her expression was indifferent as she looked at Liu Yuecheng and asked, “How’s your progress with making connections at school like I asked?”

Liu Yuecheng, eyes still on his phone, grumbled, “It’s whatever.”

Liu Jizhen: “What do you mean ‘it’s whatever’? Sit up straight and give me a proper answer.”

Her voice wasn’t harsh, but it didn’t allow for any backtalk from Liu Yuecheng.

Putting his phone down, he straightened up, his expression impatient, “How else will it be? You transferred me to Yanjing University, but Liu Xiahui is there too.”

“All those people you want me to connect with follow Liu Xiahui around like he’s their master. They don’t even notice me.”

Liu Jizhen, “Liu Xiahui has graduated.”

“He’s now in Sheng Qi Entertainment Company. If he does well, Liu Bohuai might let him join the main company. By then…..”

Liu Yuecheng said angrily, “Why don’t you just say tell Dad to inherit the Liu family? Then I won’t have to waste my time and energy making connections with others.”

People would be following him instead.

Just like those gathered around Liu Xiahui. Weren’t they just trying to curry favor with the Liu family’s Third Master?

Now, everyone knew that Liu Bohuai was in charge of the Liu family and Liu Xiahui, raised by his side since childhood, was the Liu family’s acknowledged crown prince.

Who would even bother with the Liu family’s Second Master, Liu Jingyuan?

Their family was practically invisible.

Liu Yuecheng felt resentment.

If his dad hadn’t been useless, why would his grandpa hand the Liu family to Liu Bohuai?

Skipping over his second son, Liu Jingyuan, and letting the youngest son take charge— this decision had made their family the laughingstock of Yanjing back then.

If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have gone abroad for so many years.

Liu Yunfei, hugging a cushion in her arms, said, “Big brother, Liu Xiahui is only called the crown prince of the Liu family for now.”

“After Liu Bohuai gets married and has a child…… do you think he’ll just hand the Liu family over to Liu Xiahui?”

“Liu Bohuai isn’t doing charity. You know how ruthless he can be behind the scenes.”

Liu Yuecheng clicked his tongue, “But it’s because of Liu Bohuai that Liu Xiahui’s father…..”

“Isn’t it that our third uncle still has no intention of getting married? By the time he has a child, who knows? Maybe by then Liu Xiahui would have already taken control of the Liu family.”

Looking at Liu Jizhen, he asked, “Grandma also has no plans of finding a wife for third uncle. Mom, was our decision to return really the right one?”

Liu Jizhen: “Without returning, we’d gain nothing.”

“Don’t worry about adult matters. Yuecheng, just do as I say, mom won’t harm you. Besides, it’s not time to discuss the Liu family yet…..”

“Your uncle is a useless waste.”

“Your maternal grandfather wants a grandson to inherit the Lu family, but he can’t have any more children now and only has one daughter who’s of no use.”

Liu Jizhen said in a low voice, “Just wait, the Lu family will be yours sooner or later…..”

Liu Yuecheng couldn’t help but become excited.

Liu Yunfei’s grip on the cushion tightened, but she didn’t say anything.

After a while, Liu Yuecheng asked, “Right, Mom, didn’t you want to buy the game rights to that comic? Have you gotten it?”

At the mention of this, Liu Jizhen’s face darkened slightly, “No, I don’t know what kind of relationship the author of the comic has with the Ge family that I can’t find any information.”

“The agency rights are with the Ge family, but even though they clearly want to sell, they just aren’t making a decision.”

Was there a more suitable gaming company than the Lu family?

Liu Jizhen planned to visit the Ge family’s company for another negotiation.

However, at this moment, Liu Yunfei, who was holding her phone, said with a slight change in expression, “Mom, the game rights to that comic has been sold….”

Liu Jizhen stood up abruptly, “Sold to whom?!”

Before Liu Yunfei could speak, she snatched the phone and looked at it, “….. Qingzhou Game Company, Li Qingzhou?!”

“Isn’t the Li Group Corporation focused on selling Smart AI cars? How come….”

The company appeared to have just been registered recently. Had the Ge family’s manager gone mad?!

Meanwhile, discussions about this had started popping up online.

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