My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 30.2

Seeing Li Qingzhou getting closer and closer, Cui Miao spoke up hurriedly, his lips trembling: “You, what do you want, killing is against the law…. “

Li Qingzhou sneered, “You still know the law.”

He turned off the electric shock stick he had created and said softly, “Don’t be afraid, that was the highest charge just now. It just looks a bit scary.”

“However, it won’t be used on you.”

Just as Cui Miao was no doubt relieved, he heard Li Qingzhou continue– “We won’t use the highest power, only the lowest power for you. “

“As for the effect……”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a slight paralysis to the extent that you can’t move for a while.”

“Don’t you dare! the Cui family…… my dad won’t let you go!” Cui Miao shouted angrily.

Li Qingzhou’s eyes were dark and brooding, his voice like a poisonous snake hissing out its letters as he said, “Cui Gengjian will act as if nothing has happened because he can’t afford to lose.”

“You do understand what it means to ‘deal with a man as he deals with you’ right?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, I’ll teach you now.”

When Li Qingzhou finished saying this, he conveniently gave Cui Miao an electric shock ‘treatment’, leaving him lying immobile on the ground only to watch as two men in black came forward–

To untie the ropes and strip him off his clothes……

Li Qingzhou disliked Cui Miao’s spicy image and so turned his head away from them.

Liu Xie and Wang Mao were deserving of being people who had retired from the army. They had good psychological quality.

At this point, they striped Cui Miao naked and took nude pictures…… however their expressions didn’t even change once and neither did their hearts stutter.

When they were done, Liu Xie handed the phone to Li Qingzhou.

Then they put the clothes back on Cui Miao based on humanitarian principles.

Despite the fact that Cui Miao’s eyes looked like they had been hardened with poison.

Controlling the wheelchair, Li Qingzhou came forward and said, lifting his phone, “You are an a*shole and I am not a good person either.”

“If you don’t want these pictures of you to be spread all over the internet and handed out to the students of Yan University, you’d better be honest in the future.”

“Don’t play games or tricks in front of me and don’t touch Xu Mengning, got it?”

“Of course, I’m sure Young Master Cui knows what it means to take action with a clear view of the circumstances….”

The minimum charge of the electric shock stick was capable of paralyzing a person for about eight or nine minutes or so.

Therefore, Cui Miao’s body was able to move just when Li Qingzhou led the two men out of the abandoned warehouse.

–But he could only stand up slowly and watch with resentful eyes as Li Qingzhou and the others left, unable to do anything.


The Liu Group.

Liu Xie and Wang Mao were both in Liu Bohuai’s office.

Liu Bohuai said, “So, President Li went after Cui Miao and made you….”

Liu Xie nodded, “Yes, President Liu.”

“I see, you guys can go out.”

Hearing this, Liu Xie and Wang Mao turned to leave.

A deep look in Liu Bohuai’s eyes, he said to Zou Ming, “Go and warn Cui Gengjian to keep his children under control, especially Cui Miao. “

“Yes, Third Master.”

Zou Ming said before he left, “President Li said he would treat you to dinner but tomorrow’s meeting….”

“Postpone it.”


After Liu Xiahui gave Cui Ting enough lessons and warnings, the schoolmate who had previously been bribed to deliberately take Xu Mengning to the South District also withdrew in disgrace.

Now, that left Cui Miao……

But he didn’t expect that Cui Miao would recently start to keep his tail between his legs and didn’t even come to school anymore.

Qu Yufan said, “…..Could it be that someone taught him a lesson before you did?”

Qi Hao: “Who could it be?”

Qu Yufan: “Who else do you think would stand up for Xu Mengning….. of course it’s..”

He looked at Liu Xiahui and shrugged his shoulders, not saying it all.

But they all knew who it was.

Liu Xiahui’s face sank immediately.

At this moment, Li Qingzhou was treating someone to dinner.

This someone was naturally Liu Bohuai.

–As the two men chatted, Li Qingzhou didn’t hide from him what exactly he had done with the men he had borrowed.

–He was sure that Liu Xie and Wang Mao would have reported back to Liu Bohuai when they got back.

Li Qingzhou sipped his tea and said, “Cui Miao is reckless in his actions and with the Cui family and Cui Gengjian behind him, he is even more reckless.”

“Previously, there was almost an accident in the Auto City. Fortunately, it was discovered in time.”

“So, I taught him a little lesson.”

[Stinky brat, if I don’t teach you a lesson you won’t know who dad is.]

–The little guy in the bubble was wearing a little white vest with his two chubby, floppy arms showing and a little green dragon pillow under his left armpit and a little white tiger pillow under his right armpit. He was sitting proudly on the big golden chair with an arrogant cocky little expression.


Liu Bohuai clenched his fist against his lips then took a sip from his teacup.

Then he said, “President Li taught a good lesson.”

“Cui Gengjian is a man who is extremely good at saving face even if it’s something that is extremely close to home, so he can’t afford to lose face even if it is his son who was ‘beaten’. “

“I’m thinking after this, Cui Miao will probably not dare to look for trouble again.”

[Yes, yes, President Liu is really my friend, he simply understands me! Hug.]

–The little guy in the bubble instantly threw away the pillows and opened his arms in the direction of Liu Bohuai, his eyes shining, an expression of delight on his face.

Liu Bohuai paused, his gaze hidden beneath the lenses deep.

He then, using the reflection of the lenses to collect his expression, put down his teacup, causing the base of the teacup to hit the table, making a crisp sound….

At that moment, Li Qingzhou said, “President Liu, I may be back in Xicheng again soon.”

“My sister’s scores for the college entrance exam are coming out soon……”

“But the research progress in the lab has also reached a critical stage.”

“So, President Liu, I hope you will pay more attention to the lab during my temporary absence from Yanjing.”

Liu Bohuai nodded and then stood up.

Then under a slightly puzzled look from Li Qingzhou,

He came close, leaned down, embraced him together with his wheelchair and whispered, “President Li, then I wish your sister the best of luck in advance…..”

“Tha, thanks.”

[But you can just wish it in advance …. why are you hugging me?]

–A black question mark appeared on the face of the little guy in the bubble as he scratched his little head.


Two days later, Li Qingzhou returned to Xicheng with Li Xusheng who was on holiday.

Soon afterwards, the results of the college entrance examination came in and Li Hanyu was admitted to Yanjing University with excellent marks.

After spending a few more days with Old Master Li,

Li Qingzhou returned to Yanjing with Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng then went to visit Grandpa and Grandma Zhuang.

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