My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 72.2

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Li Qingzhou went to the public rest area.

And there, he saw Liu Bohuai sitting alone on a sofa, legs stretched out comfortably, engrossed in some work on his laptop.

[Woo, Third Master, sorry for making you wait so long, I’m here now.]

When Liu Bohuai heard this, he looked up.

First, he saw the cute little guy in the bubble bouncing and running towards him, then he saw Zhou Xingwei who appeared behind him.

“Finished with your work?” Getting up, he walked towards Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou nodded, making an ‘En’ sound.

[I’ve finally wrapped up the morning’s work and have come out to have lunch with Third Master.]

–The little guy in the bubble rubbed his little stomach with a beaming smile.

Laughing lightly, Liu Bohuai reached out to pinch his cheek.

This action was so intimate that it caused Zhou Xingwei to freeze.

However immediately, he noticed President Liu’s eyes glance at him casually, causing his heart to tremble.

And all of a sudden, as if his feet had thoughts of their own, they went in a different direction…..

With about ten minutes left before the lunch break was over and finding himself near the pantry of the rest area,

Zhou Xingwei pretended that he was getting himself a drink when in actual fact he was sneakily observing the interaction between President Li and President Liu.

And what he saw was that the two of them were having an intimate conversation, and that President Li’s mood seemed to be brightening…..

Seeing this, he couldn’t help but feel lost.

However he pulled himself together immediately— it’s okay, President Li definitely just sees President Liu as a friend, so I still have a chance!

And with that, he took his time in the pantry before returning to the studio, cup in hand.

Before lunchtime, Zou Ming had already ordered lunch for President Liu and President Li.

And afraid that the personnel of the game studio might feel uncomfortable dining in the rest area with them, Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai went back upstairs to eat in the office, planning to return downstairs after they were done.


As the afternoon work shift approached, Zhou Xingwei intentionally took his time finishing his lunch.

The others had already taken their breaks, but he had only just finished eating.

A good friend of his in the studio, seeing this, asked, “Xingwei, why are you eating so slowly today? Is the food not delicious?”

He looked at the food in front of Zhou Xingwei. Not right. Wasn’t this the food he usually liked to eat? Could it be that he had gotten tired of it?

So, the friend told him, “It’s okay, just try something different tomorrow. The lunch I had today was amazing.”

“Uh-huh.” Zhou Xingwei nodded absentmindedly.

In reality, he wasn’t even listening to what his friend was saying, his gaze remaining fixed on the entrance to the rest area.

For some reason— he felt a sense of crisis in his heart.

Earlier this morning….

Just then his friend stood up, patting him on the shoulder, “Xingwei, I’m going back to work first. My workload is so heavy today, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to finish before it’s evening.”

“You should also hurry up, it’s almost time to get back to work.”

Zhou Xingwei came back to his senses, “En, I know. I’ll be done soon.”

His friend left, and one by one, everyone else in the rest area returned to the studio.

Before long, Zhou Xingwei was the only one left.

Packing up his things, he moved to head back to the studio. However just then, Li Qingzhou appeared at the door.

His eyes lighting up, he opened his mouth, “Pre…”

However in the next second, Liu Bohuai’s figure appeared behind Li Qingzhou.

Then Zhou Xingwei saw President Liu reach out, hold on to President Li’s wheelchair and whisper something in President Li’s ear, causing the expression on President Li’s face to change slightly.

Shortly after, the wheelchair that was originally about to enter the rest area took a turn and left.

Pursing his lips, Zhou Xingwei followed.


After Liu Bohuai and Li Qingzhou were done with lunch, Liu Bohuai had to go back to the office.

So they parted ways on the floor of the game studio.

Unexpectedly, only a few steps away, Liu Bohuai turned back and whispered, “Qingzhou, there’s something I forgot to tell you. Come with me.”

Li Qingzhou was confused.

Liu Bohuai pushed Li Qingzhou to the stairway.

[Why did we come here?]

–The little guy in the bubble tilted his head from side to side, looking up at Liu Bohuai with a puzzled expression.

“Third Master, what’s wrong?” Li Qingzhou asked him.

The corners of his lips hooking up, Liu Bohuai leaned down towards him slightly, his hands resting on both sides of the wheelchair as he asked, “Can I request for President Li to take the initiative to kiss me?”

“Consider it….. a reward for my long wait this morning.”


—The little guy in the bubble covered his face shyly, instantly burying his head in his chest.

Liu Bohuai’s gaze was unwavering as he said in a soft voice, “If President Li doesn’t agree to this request, then will President Li allow me to kiss you instead?”

[I, I, don’t agree….. but….. this request, has been specially approved.]

The little guy in the bubble finally raised his head bravely, rubbing his little red cheeks with both hands as he pouted his lips and leaned towards Liu Bohuai.

Li Qingzhou slowly leaned in….

Then, their lips met.

Mimicking the limited experience he had gained from Liu Bohuai, he deepened the kiss slowly….

However that was the only thing he could do, because he paused after that, unsure of what to do next.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes darkened.

Then taking the lead, one hand cradling the back of Li Qingzhou’s neck, he taught him carefully…..

In a daze, Zhou Xingwei, made his way back to the public rest area, where he bumped into a friend who had just come out from the restroom.

The friend asked with confusion, “Xingwei, why haven’t you gone back to work…”

However before he could finish, he saw tears streaming down Zhou Xingwei’s face, scaring him so much that his p** even went back.

Walking over hurriedly, he asked, “Xingwei, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhou Xingwei: “Woo woo, my heart is broken…..”

He wiped his tears, however just thinking about what he had just seen….. he became even more sad.

Then thinking of the rival he might never surpass, was even more heartbroken.

His friend, not knowing what to do, patted his pockets, but didn’t find any tissue.

So he pulled him to the restroom to grab some, saying as he walked, “Sigh, who hasn’t had a broken heart before? I’ve been in love five times, and every single time, I’m the one who was dumped.”

“It’s okay, just listen to big brother’s story and you’ll be happy…..”


On the stairwell.

The moment their kiss ended, Li Qingzhou could feel, without touching them, just how hot his cheeks were.

He had told Third Master before that he should give him some time to think things over, but in reality, he had already accepted his feelings in his heart a long time ago.

—And he believed that Third Master must have sensed it, however he was still waiting patiently for an answer…..

[After the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals…..]

—The little guy in the bubble fidgeted with his fingers shyly.

Liu Bohuai stroked Li Qingzhou’s hair gently, only feeling his heart softening— as long as it was Qingzhou, he was willing to wait no matter how long it took.

After the two of them parted ways, Li Qingzhou headed towards the game studio.

Then he couldn’t help but recall, just as he had been about to enter the rest area earlier….. it seems as if, someone had been calling him?

It must have been his imagination.

Shaking his head, Li Qingzhou pushed the thought to the back of his mind.

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