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Chapter 65.2

Although Xu Yudong was already middle-aged, he still looked handsome and charming, his demeanor that of a refined scholar, not quite fitting the stereotype of a company’s president.

Removing his glasses, he answered Pei Jing, “No need to prepare anything. I’m not going out today. I’ll handle company affairs on the laptop.”

Saying this, he picked a fried egg and placed it in her bowl.

Pei Jing smiled happily and was just about to eat when Mother Yu put her chopsticks down, “A few days ago, didn’t you go to see the child you had with the Liu family years ago?”

“Since he refused to help you persuade Liu Bohuai, you might as well think of other ways.”

Pei Jing frowned, “Mother, what other ways can there be…..?”

“I haven’t been back in the country in such a long time that even relationships with my family are estranged, let alone the ones with the Liu family.”

“As for that child….. I haven’t taken care of him much in the past, so it’s normal for him not to help. Moreover, it’s not yet his time to have a say in the Liu family.”

Besides, Liu Xiahui was already an adult. He was no longer at an age where he craved for a mother’s love.

When Mother Yu heard this, she frowned and her face, which was still ageing slowly despite being well maintained, couldn’t help but look more serious.

She pushed the bowl of porridge in front of her away, “You can’t even handle this small issue.”

“Our family is in a critical situation now, so do this. Go and look for that boy again, tell him the Yu family wants to have a private talk with Liu Bohuai and invite him out for a meal.”

Even if he had disagreed last time, it shouldn’t be a problem to come out for a meal this time right?

Pei Jing didn’t dare show anything on her face.

But she wanted to refuse a little— after all, she had already thickened her skin to go look for Liu Xiahui once, so she really didn’t want to go look for him a second time….

She couldn’t help but look at Yu Xudong.

However he was looking down at his laptop, seemingly focused on handling matters, with no plans of getting involved at all.

Helpless, Pei Jing had no choice but to agree with a nod since this was Mother Yu’s request.

“Okay, I will arrange a meeting with Xiahui today.”


Calling Liu Xiahui, Pei Jing asked if he had time to meet and that she had already booked a restaurant in advance.

Not refusing, Liu Xiahui agreed to go.

And after arriving at the restaurant, Pei Jing stated her request. However Liu Xiahui stood up immediately after hearing this, telling her directly, “If the Yu family wants to meet with my third uncle, they should make an appointment at the Liu Group’s front desk and follow the established process.”

“Don’t hold out any hopes with me. It’s impossible. I won’t help the Yu family arrange a dinner with my third uncle.”

After saying this, he moved to leave, not even touching his food.

But Pei Jing reached out and grabbed his arm, “Please consider it as helping your mother.”

“I know I’ve failed you and done you wrong in the past. But Xiahui, I will definitely make up for our mother-son relationship in the future.”

However Liu Xiahui was unmoved.

He even shook her hand from his arm, saying coldly, “There’s no need for compensation because I don’t want your feelings to disturb me. They are uncalled-for.”

“Let’s do it this way. Don’t call me again in the future and don’t come looking for me.”

And he said all this with a slight frown, as if he was really irritated.

This left Pei Jing stunned in place, only coming back to her senses when Liu Xiahui had left the private dining room.

She walked out quickly, but didn’t even see a shadow of his figure.

It seemed that in just a moment, Liu Xiahui hadn’t even hesitated or paused to stay. He really felt no attachment.

—And this realization made Pei Jing’s face darken gradually.

That’s right, when she had abandoned that child and left the Liu family back then then went abroad and rarely came back….. she should have foreseen this outcome.

Just as she was about to turn around and return to the private room, she suddenly heard someone call her name from behind. Turning her head, she met a somewhat familiar face.

Seeing Pei Jing frowning, looking at her with a puzzled expression, Lu Jizhen walked over with a smile, “It’s been so many years. Sister-in-law doesn’t remember me?”

“Oh, not right, I should address you as Miss Pei or….. Mrs. Yu?”

Pei Jing was taken aback, “Lu….. Jizhen, you’re also back in C Country?”

Lu Jizhen nodded, “Yes, I’ve been back for a while.”

“Right, I thought I saw a glimpse of Xiahui just now. Did you two arrange to have dinner together and just finished now?”

There was a hint of probing in her words.

But Pei Jing didn’t catch on as she responded, “Xiahui left without eating…..”

Pei Jing’s expression clearly indicated that something was wrong.

And seeing this, Lu Jizhen asked, “What happened, was there some sort of disagreement? Xiahui has been raised by his third uncle since he was a child, so it’s inevitable that his temper will be a little…..”

Pei Jing shook her head, “I just wanted Xiahui to help invite his third uncle out so we could all have a casual meal together.”

“But he didn’t even agree to this request and left.”

With a hint of sadness on her face, Pei Jing murmured, “He must hate me…..”

Lu Jizhen’s eyes flickered.

Then she moved to Pei Jing’s side immediately, patting her comfortingly on the shoulder, “There’s no such thing as a son hating his mother. He just doesn’t understand you right now.”

“As time goes on, he will gradually come to understand.”

“It’s been a long time since we saw each other, why don’t we have dinner together now that we’ve met? My treat.”

Saying this, Lu Jizhen led her towards the private dining room.

Pei Jing opened her mouth, “How can I let you pay? Let me…..”


Meanwhile on the other side, Liu Xiahui had just walked out of the hotel.

And while waiting for the valet to bring his car, thought for a while then called Liu Bohuai.

“Hello.” The call connected and Liu Bohuai’s indifferent voice came from the other end.

“Third uncle, today…..” Liu Xiahui started.

Then he recounted his meeting with Pei Jing as well as what she had tried to achieve without hiding anything.

Finally, Liu Xiahui added, “Third uncle, I won’t….. meet her anymore.”

“She only came back to the country for the Yu family and Yu Xudong just like before. Nothing has changed.”

Just then, the valet arrived with his car and taking the keys, Liu Xiahui got in.

There was no sign of sadness on his face. After all, he had already buried all his feelings of sadness when he was a child, including his illusion of motherly love from Pei Jing.

He continued in the same tone, “Third uncle, it seems the Yu family hasn’t given up on targeting you. They approached me previously hoping to collaborate with LIN Science Tech Ltd., a subsidiary of the Liu Group…..”

However LIN Science Tech Ltd. was currently in a partnership with the Li Group Corporation, and some aspects of this relationship were difficult to explain.

What’s more there was the issue of the Vice President of the Bolton Company planning to visit C Country.

Liu Xiahui had learned previously from Pei Jing that the Vice President of the Bolton Company was coming to C Country with the purpose of meeting Li Qingzhou.

Something he had already shared with his third uncle .

Liu Bohuai replied, “Hmm, I understand.”

Then, as it wasn’t appropriate to park outside the hotel for too long, he hung up once Liu Bohuai had become aware of the situation and drove away immediately.

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  1. What a scummy mother! You literally ditched your child and didn’t even inquire about his well-being over the years, then expect him to care about you when you need him? She then has the audacity to feel sad and wronged?! I honestly don’t understand how someone could actually think and feel that way without hurting their conscious. She’s in for a rude awakening, lol.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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