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Chapter 2.1

Yanjing Hospital.

The doctor quickly treated the abrasion on Liu Bohuai’s arm.

After packing up the remaining medication and gauze and leaving a few words of advice, the doctor left the ward in silence with the nurse.

Zou Ming closed the door of the room and stepped closer.

“Third Master, according to my investigation, the person inside the silver car is Li Qingzhou, the youngest master of the Li family in Xicheng.”

“The purpose of his visit to Yanjing is to bid for a piece of land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing to be used as a project to establish an auto city centre.”

“Today was the day Li Qingzhou had an appointment to survey the land in the northern suburbs, and there is no problem with the route and time of travel …… It should be just a coincidence that he turned up at the time of the accident.”

In the time it took to reach the hospital from the scene of the accident, Zou Ming had already investigated the circumstances surrounding Li Qingzhou’s “coincidental” appearance on Ninety-five avenue.

As for the crash, it was clearly deliberate.

From the very beginning, the van was ramming and crushing towards the black Maybach with the clear intention of killing the occupants.

As Zou Ming tried to take control of the steering wheel and dodge, the silver car drove by and instead of avoiding it, lowered its window and shouted at the driver of the van that the police had been called.

The driver of the van probably panicked and then recklessly and aggressively crashed into the black Maybach.

After that it was the silver car that blocked for the Maybach ……

Rather than being suspicious, Li Qingzhou took the damage for Liu Bohuai.

On the surface, the young master of the Li family seems to be a good man with a good heart and a willingness to help others.

But this was not the case in Zou Ming’s investigation.

The Li family of Xicheng, which had gradually taken off under Li Qingzhou’s succession, was now setting its sights on Yanjing in a bid to put down roots there.

The land in the northern suburbs was the Li family’s first step into Yanjing.

And the Liu family’s power and influence in Yanjing was huge.

Compared to the Li family in Xicheng, it was a world away, not even touching the edge of the ground.

Rumours of Li Qingzhou himself were described as being a man with a secret mind and unscrupulous in his ways.

But Zou Ming didn’t believe that such a person would come to their aid without any purpose despite the danger. ……

But whether it was for Third Master that Li Qingzhou was in a coma, Zou Ming wouldn’t speculate.

Liu Bohuai sat sideways on the hospital bed, one long leg crossed, one stretched out, slowly straightening the sleeves that had been rolled up from the medication, a careless elegance in every movement.

His appearance was impeccably handsome.

His dark hair was slicked back, with only a few strands falling over his forehead, and a pair of rimless glasses without prescriptions rested on the bridge of his nose, slightly obscuring his sharp, indifferent brows.

This gave him an illusion of reserve and elegance.

But everyone knew that the Third Master of the Liu family was most the ruthless.

Liu Bohuai was reckless and wild when he was young, not taking anyone seriously.

Later, as he grew older, he became more restrained and cultivated.

Nearly thirty, he seemed to have been favoured by the gods, and his unmistakable face showed no signs of age, but only the endless charm of a man.

His blazer had already been removed for the sake of treatment.

Liu Bohuai’s body was covered only in a black shirt with the collar unbuttoned, his collarbone slightly exposed, and a darker coloured string of Bodhi Buddha beads on his left wrist.

After lowering the sleeve, he untied the string and held them in his hand, the beads clashing together with a dull sound.

“How are his injuries?”

Liu Bohuai stood up, picked up the high-fashion blazer draped over the bed with one hand, then placed it in the crook of his arm and walked out.

Zou Ming followed, saying, “The doctor said it’s nothing serious.”

“But Mr Li has suffered a slight concussion from the blow to his head and needs to be hospitalised for a few days for observation.”

“Mr Li has not woken up yet and the driver who followed the ambulance into the hospital was the first to inform Mr Li’s assistant ……”

This assistant was quite efficient.

When Zou Ming went over, he had already completed the hospital procedures for the young master of the Li family and made proper arrangements for other things.

So the two exchanged contact details before Zou Ming returned.


Liu Bohuai stopped outside Li Qingzhou’s ward with Zou Ming in tow.

Looking in through the window on the door of the room, one could only see a bit of the end of the bed, not the whole picture.

Zou Ming opened the door to look in and then withdrew. The ward was empty except for Li Qingzhou.

Liu Bohuai had no intention of going in.

He said, “That plot of land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing is not suitable for the Li family. As a thank you, the Liu family can give the Li family a chance to settle in Yanjing.”

This opportunity was Li Qingzhou’s compensation for blocking a bit for Liu Bohuai.

It was a godsend no matter who it was given to.

After all, it was a promise that came from the mouth of the Third Master of the Liu family.

It was a sure thing that the Young Master of the Li family could trade it for a request that was within reasonable limits.

With the Liu family escorting them once, it would not be difficult for the Li family to develop in Yanjing.

Zou Ming responded respectfully when he heard these words.


Liu Bohuai and the others left the hospital before Li Qingzhou woke up in the late afternoon.

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