My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 33.1

At the beginning of July, the research on smart AI cars finally reached its final stage– the new car trials.

Apart from Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai who were present,

Researchers such as Professor Yan, Professor Li, Professor Stanley and Qiao Huanming were also there….

With the success of the final step of the new car trials, there was a lot of applause and cheering, with some people even hugging each other in excitement and crying with joy.

Professor Li couldn’t help but exclaim with emotion, “This is definitely a scene worth remembering forever.”

Professor Stanley couldn’t help but give Li Qingzhou a thumbs up as well.

Speaking in fluent Chinese, he said, “Li, you really have a brilliant mind.”

“I believe this is just the first step of the smart AI cars. I really look forward to the surprises you will bring us in the future.”

Li Qingzhou’s face was slightly tinged with a smile because of the joyous atmosphere after the success of the experiment.

Nodding, he said, “I will.”

“Now that the trials has been successful, it’s time to prepare for the launch.”

Fang Xiyan asked from the sidelines, “President Li, are you going to be on stage yourself?”

Li Qingzhou: “That’s right, the launch of this smart AI cars is very important.”

“In addition to the video promotion, I plan to broadcast it live and it would be best to invite a CTV reporter to be at the scene….”

Liu Bohuai: “I’ll prepare for that.”

“Then I’ll trouble President Liu.”

At the end of the trials, the people involved discussed a few more key arrangements for the launch before they left.

An additional meeting was held the following day to discuss the specifics.


10th of July.

Li Qingzhou was the first to post– ‘announcing that the current stage of smart AI cars development has been completed and that a launch event would be held in two days.

After the launch, the new energy smart AI cars and smart AI cars will be sold online as well as simultaneously in Auto City…..’

Subsequently, the official website of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd., the Liu Group, Professor Li, Professor Yan and Professor Stanley’s accounts reposted the news respectively.

The end of the post also indicated that the entire launch would be live-streamed, with the platform provided by Quancheng Jinxing Live, a subsidiary of the Ge family.

This was currently the largest live streaming platform in C Country.

In addition, a list of attendees were added to the post.

As soon as the announcement was made, it went straight to the top of weibo’s hot search rankings not long after.

[I’m done reading it. What an event, even the reporters from CTV are invited, amazing.]

[I will definitely watch the live broadcast at that time. I hope this smart AI car won’t disappoint me, I want to buy one for my family.]

[It’s time to take the horse out for a walk. It’s time to @Eating melon science fan].

Someone @Eating melon science fan right away.

Immediately afterwards, Eating melon science fan came out and said– he would be attending the launch in person.

If things really did meet his expectations and didn’t look a bit different from what was described in the paper, then he would immediately fulfill his promise to buy ten new cars!

With such a bet in place, the whole internet was now on fire.


Two days later, the launch site.

Eating melon science fan, real name Yang Huanlu, led his sister Yang Manqi to a front row seat under the guidance of a staff.

Both had their filming equipment with them.

A few moments later, the lights dimmed and the most obvious brightness was focused on the stage–

Then Yang Manqi’s eyes gradually widened as the host called on Li Qingzhou, President of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. …..

Yang Huanlu was in a trance after the launch.

Yang Manqi, on the other hand, finally came back to her senses and shook her big brother’s arm in excitement, lowering her voice as she whisper-shouted, “Did you see that, did you see that!”

“How can, how can the president of this company…..”

Yang Manqi was incoherent as she searched for an exact adjective– after all, handsome and good-looking were no longer enough to describe him.

He was gorgeous!

Yang Manqi slapped her big brother’s arm and shouted with restrained exuberance, “He’s like someone out of a comic book!”

“Not only is he rich and intelligent, he’s also stunningly handsome!”

“That’s my idea of a CEO! He’s my idea of the villain, Mu Lin in my heart!”

–Mu Lin was the name of the villainous boss in Ge Yue’s new comic [Into the trap].

He was also the most popular character in Ms. Mars Hill’s new comic, which Yang Manqi was following and really liked.

So how could she not be excited to see the ‘real person’ when it was as if Mu Lin had stepped out of the comic?

Especially her mood, which was simply soaring at the moment.

Yang Huanlu rubbed the arm his sister had slapped, the place a bit sore as he said with a speechless expression on his face, “Do you have to be so happy? Your brother is about to have to keep his promise of buying ten cars.”

“Take a look at the bottom of my wallet, poverty is just around the corner. And by then, even the occasional pocket money for you will be gone….”

“Besides, it’s just a comic book character.”

“No matter how handsome this President Li is, and no matter how much they look alike, you’re just dreaming to the point where you’ve been able to reach this extent.”

Yang Manqi smiled at his words.

She gloated: “I’m not just dreaming, I can also get in touch with it in reality. Big brother, didn’t you say on your weibo page that you would go to his door to apologize in person? I’m going too!”

Yang Huanlu: “…… Are you a devil?!”

This person is definitely not my sister!

Shortly after the launch, Eating melon science fan updated his weibo with just eight words– I am off to go keep my promise.

Also included was a video of the launch, as well as a separate video of the ‘new car trials’.

There were also videos of the launch on the company’s website, the Liu Group and other weibo sites.

In no time at all, the popularity of the smart AI car rocketed to the top of the hot search and exploded straight away, with even three linked terms appearing beside them.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    I tried the driving business once upon a time & I passionately hated it! It is hell for someone with slow reflexes driving a too big car & surrounded by idiots who don’t follow traffic rules. Luckily, I live in Paris since age 18, no car needed, on the contrary, it’s an expensive hindrance here unless you live outside the city.
    I swore I wouldn’t get anywhere near getting a car before they became driverless. Machines have glitches, but not as many as those due to human stupidity and narcissism.

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