My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 43.1

Liu Bohuai’s grip on Li Qingzhou tightened, his gaze turning increasingly deep.

And as their eyes met, the person in his arms was the first to resist as he lowered his head in a slightly overwhelmed manner, his hair sweeping gently over the side of his ears, revealing their red tips…

[Don’t look, don’t look. If you continue looking I won’t be able to maintain my composed expression.]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his cheeks shyly with both hands, blinked his big eyes then shut them tightly, as if doing so would prevent him from looking at the person in front of him.

Liu Bohuai’s hand behind him couldn’t help but move, pressing him closer to him, his voice slightly hoarse, rich with great restraint as he said: “Qingzhou….”

Li Qingzhou lifted his head in confusion.

Liu Bohuai approached gradually…..

However just then, the doorbell outside the villa suddenly rang, accompanied by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

[Eh, who’s here?]

Li Qingzhou turned his head, a little surprised.

And oblivious to Liu Bohuai’s thoughts, braced himself against the parallel bars on either side to regain his uprightness as he asked, “Who’s here?”

In a flash, the room, which had seemed to be vaguely warmed up, returned to normal again.

Liu Bohuai unclasped his hands slowly as his throat moved, spilling out a quiet, silent sigh before he said, “I’ll go and see.”

“En, then I’ll trouble Third Master.”

The person at the door was Fang Xiyan.

Who couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw that it was Liu Bohuai who had opened the door, “President Liu? Why are you….”


Li Qingzhou’s voice sounded from the room on the first floor.

Liu Bohuai turned his body sideways, allowing Fang Xiyan enter.

Then the two went to the room where they had just practised using the exoskeleton walking aid.

Fang Xiyan told Li Qingzhou that he was looking for him because something had happened and that he had come in person because he hadn’t been able to get through to him by phone.

Li Qingzhou’s cell phone was on the carpet in the practice room. Liu Bohuai bent down to pick it up and only then did they realize that it had run out of battery.

He asked, “What is it?”

Fang Xiyan: “President Li, it’s about the AI Robots Exchange Competition.”

“Yu Zhe and one of the contestants got into a blatant fight while the live competition was in progress, after which the segment made it to the hot search and is now being discussed online….”

As he said this, he found the video and showed it to Li Qingzhou.

Taking the phone, Li Qingzhou asked, “Do you know why they started fighting?”

Fang Xiyan replied, “I got in touch with Yu Zhe later. He said it was because of personal reasons… and that he hopes to speak with you.”

“Do you need me to make an appointment?”

“En.” Li Qingzhou nodded.

Then he looked down.

The video was a clip from the live broadcast of the competition.

—Yu Zhe and another competitor took the stage.

In the video, Yu Zhe initially looked stunned, as if he never expected his opponent to be this person.

But then, probably because of the fact that he was on the competition stage, he barely managed to keep his temper in check and with a grim expression, turned to Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin then placed their robots for the match in the arena.

And then, the competition began.

This was the official competition for AI robots.

—The competition system was relatively complex, with numerous events such as the match between Yu Zhe and this person, which was a household service type of robot.

The final result of the match was that Yu Zhe won.

But this didn’t mean that his opponent had lost the competition outright, as he still had rounds to continue advancing.

As the match had ended, Yu Zhe shook hands with his opponent.

And his opponent, despite having lost the match, still had a smile on his face, giving off an innocent appearance.

He took Yu Zhe’s outstretched hand, stepped forward and put his arm around Yu Zhe’s shoulder, patting him as if friendship was first and the match was second.

But then things changed abruptly.

—Yu Zhe’s expression suddenly changed as his opponent hugged him and he punched him.

The arena was instantly in an uproar.

Lu Mei Shan and Dong Lin quickly stepped forward to hold Yu Zhe back.

The host immediately took control of the situation….

Then the video ended in chaos.

Fang Xiyan said, “Due to this sudden and unexpected situation, the live broadcast of the AI robots exchange competition will be stopped for a period of time.”

“Now, the organizers of the competition are demanding accountability and compensation for the loss of the live broadcast.”

“And it’s obvious the problem started because of Yu Zhe….”

“Who is the person in the video that Yu Zhe hit?” Li Qingzhou asked with a slightly furrowed brow.

“The head of CW studio, Du Chenwei.”

Li Qingzhou raised his head, a somewhat surprised expression on his face. “CW studio? The studio funded by the Cui Group?”

How coincidental….

“Yes.” Fang Xiyan confirmed with a nod.

Seeing this, Liu Bohuai walked over, “Let’s figure out what happened first. I don’t think Yu Zhe would just hit someone for no reason.”

Li Qingzhou: “I’ll give him a call.”

He used Fang Xiyan’s cell phone to dial his number.

After two rings, the call was answered, but instead of Yu Zhe, a woman’s voice was heard on the other end. It was Lu Mei Shan.

“Hello, Mr. Fang.”

Li Qingzhou: “It’s me, Li Qingzhou….”

He said simply that his phone was out of battery then explained why he had called Yu Zhe.

There was a brief pause on the other end then Lu Mei Shan said, “Hello President Li, Ah Zhe, he…. is drunk.”

Which was why she was the one who answered the phone.

Li Qingzhou made an ‘en’ sound to show that he understood.

Then he asked Lu Mei Shan— why did Yu Zhe hit that guy at the AI robots exchange competition and what did he want to talk to him about?

And why not make an appointment to meet?

Lu Mei Shan replied, “Alright, President Li, but regarding the incident of Ah Zhe hitting that guy at the competition….”

She was slightly hesitant at first, then after a pause continued: “It’s his personal matter so I shouldn’t say too much, but this is definitely not Ah Zhe’s fault. That Du Chenwei is evil!”

“The video didn’t show that it was actually Du Chenwei who provoked him first….”

—While hugging and patting his shoulder, Du Chenwei had whispered a few words in Yu Zhe’s ear, which had enraged him.

However the surrounding cameras only captured the scene of Yu Zhe hitting him and then the two of them fighting.

Li Qingzhou suddenly realized then indicated that he understood.

Then the two of them discussed the time and place to meet before hanging up.

Fang Xiyan said, “President Li, then I’ll go back and make the arrangements first.”


Seeing that there was nothing else to do, Fang Xiyan left first.

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