My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 12.2

“But what?”

Jiang Biling said anxiously, “If we really let that little b*stard climb onto the Liu family’s tree, we’ll be ostracized from The Li Group even more. Aren’t you anxious?!”

“I’m not anxious.”

Li Chengkang said slowly, “He has to be able to climb that tree to make me anxious.”

“Li Qingzhou has offended Liu Xiahui, the prince of the Liu family.”

“This person was raised by the Liu family’s third master, so their relationship is bound to be extraordinary…. so with this, do you think he still has a chance to work with the Liu family?”

When Jiang Biling heard this, she was taken aback. “How did he offend him?”

Li Chengkang handed her the information Jiang Daikun had found out and said, “Li Qingzhou actually got in touch with the Liu family after he returned to Yanjing from Xicheng.”

“The first time, he met with Liu Xiahui in the Jin Xuan Court Hotel, but there was a confrontation over a waitress.”

“A disagreement ensued.”

Jiang Biling was confused: “A waitress?”

Li Chengkang: “Do you remember how Li Qingzhou became disabled?”

“Of course I remember. Wasn’t it because of a girl?”

“I heard that they grew up together in the same orphanage and were in the same class in high school….”

Jiang Biling recalled, “After he was taken back to Xicheng by your big brother and Zhuang Wenying, he tried to go back to Licheng to find her….. you mean that waitress…..”

Li Chengkang nodded, “Yes, that’s the girl. She’s called Xu Mengning.”

“Daikun found out that at that time at Jin Xuan Court Hotel, it was Xu Mengning who first bumped into the prince of the Liu family and then Li Qingzhou stood up for her…..”

“After that happened, Li Qingzhou presumably went to apologize in person and met with the Liu family again at the Lan Yuan Clubhouse ……”

“However, my guess is that it didn’t go well.”

“Otherwise there wouldn’t have been no news of a collaboration up until now…..”

“The Liu family would probably just repay Li Qingzhou for saving the life of the Liu family’s Third Master with a few small favors.”

Li Chengkang said with certainty, “I think the reason he stopped the project for the land in the northern suburbs is probably because he offended the Liu family and was warned.”

Jiang Biling was naturally happy that Li Qingzhou had been taught a lesson, that he now faced more obstacles and what not, but the matter of the land in the northern suburbs had also come crashing down with him…..

And this made her a little uncomfortable.

After all, if the Li family’s career was jeopardized, Li Chengkang’s future would be jeopardized as well.

She couldn’t help but grumble a little.

When Li Chengkang heard her, he narrowed his eyes and said, “Although Li Qingzhou has suspended the project for the land in the northern suburbs, this…. is probably a good thing for us.”

“What do you mean?”

Li Chengkang said, “Wu Shiguang.”

“His Huihong Automobile Company has always been on par with our Li family in Xicheng and even vaguely ahead of the Li family at times.”

“This time, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had been trying to find a way to get involved in the new energy car project before the auction for the land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing began, which resulted in the release of funds and a lack of turnover.”

“I’m afraid he would have also been thinking about this land…..”

Jiang Biling asked, “You want to work with Wu Shiguang?”

Li Chengkang: “That’s right.”

“I believe that with enough financial backing, Wu Shiguang will be very willing to take the land in the northern suburbs.”

That was to say– they would privately pay for the equity and when Wu Shiguang succeeded in bidding for the land, they would also receive a huge benefit.

And even be able to oust Li Qingzhou as a result….

But Jiang Biling was a little worried: “Wu Shiguang is very crafty, aren’t you afraid that he will bite us back in the end?”

“Besides, he might also not be willing to meet with us…”

“That’s why we need your dad’s help in this matter.”

Jiang Biling’s father, Jiang Jihong, was the secretary of Xicheng.

Seeing that Li Chengkang had already made his decision, Jiang Biling agreed to his plan.


Grandpa Zhuang and Grandma Zhuang were kind and Zhang Wenwei’s family were also very affectionate. After dinner, Zhang Wenwei, Li Qingzhou’s uncle sent him back.

Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng, the two siblings, planned to stay at the Zhuang’s house and then return to Xicheng tomorrow.

Zhang Wenwei extended an invitation, “Qingzhou, you can also stay here toda…..”

Li Qingzhou refused, “Uncle, there’s no need.”


Zhang Wenwei sighed, “Hold on, I’ll go get the car.”

Li Qingzhou nodded.

He turned his wheelchair by himself to the gate of the courtyard which was lined with concrete steps and gently sloping sides.

Just as he was about to go down the gentle slope, his wheelchair was suddenly held by someone behind him, and when he turned around to see who it was, he found that it was his little sister, Li Hanyu.

Li Hanyu was followed by Li Xusheng.

Seeing Li Qingzhou turn around, Li Hanyu’s eyes darted away and she muttered in a low voice, “I’ll push you down…..”

Saying this, she pushed the wheelchair carefully.

The bottom of the steps:

His face red, Li Xusheng put his little hand on Li Qingzhou’s leg and asked in a glutinous voice, “Big brother, when are you coming home?”

This going home naturally meant going back to Xicheng, back to the Old Li family house.

Unable to resist, Li Qingzhou rubbed his brother’s cute little head and said, “I’ll go back when I’m free….. I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately.”

His eyes squinting at the rubbing of his head, Li Xusheng’s face couldn’t help but turn even redder.

Li Hanyu couldn’t help but pout unnoticed.

Just then, her hand was suddenly taken up gently.

As she looked down, a small but beautifully wrapped dark green box was placed in her palm.

Li Qingzhou said, “I heard from grandpa that you came first in your class in the mock exams. This is your reward.”

“Hanyu, good luck with your university entrance exam.”

Her eyes welling up with tears, Li Hanyu lowered her head as she clutched the box.

Li Qingzhou patted Li Xusheng’s little head again, “You will also be rewarded if you come first in your exams, so learn from your sister, okay?”

Li Xusheng nodded vigorously, “En!”

When Zhang Wenwei drove up, he saw the two siblings standing beside Li Qingzhou, the warm yellow light illuminating their surroundings in a harmonious manner….

Zhang Wenwei didn’t think much of it. He just assumed that the siblings had come out to see their brother off.

A little later, he sent Li Qingzhou back home.

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