My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 36.1

Yanjing University Library.

Liu Xiahui, Qu Yufan and Qi Hao were preparing for their graduation thesis and were sitting at a clear and undisturbed place.

However Liu Xiahui was clearly upset and after a while, threw his pen down on the table and leaned back in his chair with a frown.

Qi Hao and Qu Yufan couldn’t help but look at each other, their eyes signaling— what’s wrong with him again? You ask.

Qu Yufan: You ask.

Qi Hao: I don’t dare, you ask, hurry up.

Qu Yufan spoke helplessly: “Xiahui, didn’t you recently ask Xu Mengning to go out to see a movie together, how did it go?”

It can’t be that it didn’t happen right ……

Sure enough, Liu Xiahui said, “She didn’t say yes.”

Qi Hao said in surprise, “No way right? I thought there was already a little bit of something between you two …… Why didn’t she say yes to you? It’s just going to see a movie.”

“Xu Mengning is really difficult to impress ……”

Qu Yufan: “Don’t be ridiculous, maybe it’s just that the medical department is too busy with too many classes and Xu Mengning can’t find the time.”

He was a medical student himself, so naturally he knew exactly how mind-numbing theoretical and practical classes in medical school could be.

Qi Hao shrugged his shoulders at his words and said okay.

Then he said, “Xiahui, you should also stop thinking about these things all the time. Think about something happy…… Or, let’s go buy a car.”

“The other day my dad’s new car arrived. It’s a smart AI car and smells really great! Whether it’s the performance of the car or the……”

“Cough, cough!”

Qu Yufan winked at him— are you foolish, mentioning that which shouldn’t be mentioned. Can’t you see that Xiahui’s face has darkened again?

Qi Hao immediately stopped talking, slapping himself.

—He had almost forgotten, those new smart cars were developed by Li Qingzhou……

What, he just hadn’t thought that much. After all, wasn’t Li Qingzhou working with the Liu Group? And Third Master Liu was Xiahui’s uncle.

Qi Hao said awkwardly, “Xiahui, don’t take it to heart. It doesn’t look like there’s anything between Xu Mengning and Li Qingzhou to me….”

Just then, two boys came over and sat down in the seats next to the three.

They seemed to be discussing something and were oblivious to their surroundings as they sat down and continued to talk about the topic.

“The news I learned today has really shaken me for a hundred years. That girl in the medical department can be considered to be popular on our school’s forum. I really didn’t expect ……”

“Right? Who would have thought that Li Qingzhou’s leg was disabled for and because of her……he could have originally been an able-bodied person.”

“However I heard whispers from the medical department earlier that the two are probably sweethearts now.”

“I think so, otherwise why would a guy save a girl he doesn’t like and be disabled for her? That girl has to know how to be grateful and should go out of her way to take care of President Li.”

“Not to mention that they grew up together in an orphanage, although that girl was later adopted by a family….”

“What are you talking about?” Liu Xiahui asked, frowning as he got up as the more he listened, the more he felt that something was wrong.

The two boys, startled by the sudden noise, looked up.

One of them, who knew Liu Xiahui said in response, “I, we were talking about a post that suddenly blew up on the school forum ……”

“It’s about Li Qingzhou and a girl.”

Recently, Li Qingzhou had become famous in Yanjing University.

After all, he had graduated from the computer department of Yanjing University and was considered a senior and an alumnus.

And now, not only did he have the accomplishment of having developed a smart AI for cars, he had also been praised by the national news media, which was an enormous honor.

And the students of Yanjing University were naturally honored because this.

So when the post about Li Qingzhou on the school’s forum came out, it blew up instantly.

Liu Xiahui asked, “What’s the girl’s name?”

“It seems she’s called, called Xu something …… Oh yeah, she’s called Xu Mengning.”

Qu Yufan and Qi Hao looked at each other.

Li Qingzhou’s leg injury was actually because of Xu Mengning …… no one had known about this before.

But who exposed it in a post?

When the two boys finished, seeing Liu Xiahui’s ugly expression, they couldn’t help but pick up their books and leave quietly.

Stroking his chin, Qi Hao said, “No wonder Xu Mengning always looks so concerned about Li Qingzhou……”

Walking over, Qu Yufan patted Liu Xiahui on the shoulder and said, “If you’re worried, we’ll go to the medical department and take a look.”

“I’m pretty certain someone is deliberately targeting Xu Mengning. Want to go check it out?”

From the way Xiahui had warned Cui Ting the last time …… it probably wasn’t her doing.

Liu Xiahui’s heart rose and fell as he left the library with a cold expression. Qu Yufan and Qi Hao gathered their things hurriedly then followed him.


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