My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 56.2

The grand finals of the AI robots exchange competition approached quickly.

Before the competition, Li Qingzhou examined the information of each contestant carefully.

In the end, he decided not to reveal Combat One and Service One yet, intending to let the two intelligent robots make their debut at the international competition.

After all…. there wasn’t a single strong competitor in the grand finals.

With Rescue One leading the scores and Li Qingzhou making some adjustments to the core programs of the other two robots made by Unique Studio, victory was all but guaranteed.

And as expected, Unique Studio’s team won the finals trophy of the AI robots exchange competition.

Afterward, Li Qingzhou and Rescue One would participate in the lab set up by the military.

At Li Qingzhou’s request before the competition, the military had reserved two labs, with the implementation to be determined after the international competition.

After the grand finals, Li Qingzhou was invited by Liu Bohuai to a separate dinner to celebrate.

There, he learned from Liu Bohuai that Liu Xiahui had recently started helping out in the company.

The Liu Group had an entertainment company called Sheng Qi Entertainment Company, which mainly focused on film and television development, unlike the Ge family’s Xingyue Entertainment Company.

And Liu Xiahui was currently serving as the president of this entertainment company.

Li Qingzhou asked, “I remember that the Liu Group also has Lin Science Tech Ltd. Why didn’t Third Master let Liu Xiahui join that company?”

After all, Lin Science Tech Ltd. was the main business of the Liu Group and in the original novel, the male protagonist joined this company first.

“He still needs training.” Liu Bohuai said lightly.

[Oh, it turns out it’s like this.]

Since it was the Liu family’s private matter, Li Qingzhou didn’t ask any more questions.

So after getting an answer, he began discussing the game production plans.

Li Qingzhou had specifically registered a game company, which was now ready to start formal operations. Afterwards, the game rights for the ‘Sky Juvenile’ comic would be given to him officially.

Liu Bohuai said, “But, according to rumors online, it seems the game rights for this comic will be taken over by World Skill Game Company.”

And the World Skill Game Company’s official Weibo account hadn’t come forward to clarify the situation.

The Lu family’s game company had gradually failed to produce better online games and mobile games, so they had slowly shifted their focus to big IPs like novels and comics.

And because of their large fan bases, adapting them into games would naturally result in a very obvious promotion and download volume.

Therefore the Lu family attached great importance to the big IP comic ‘Sky Juvenile’.

And previously, because of the relationship between Liu Bohuai and He Jianxun, Liu Jizhen had specifically gone to the Liu family’s old mansion to mention this issue.

So he was somewhat aware of the situation.

He opened his mouth, “The Lu family’s company is deteriorating day by day.”

“Liu Jizhen has a big brother called Liu Peng who is ambitious but lacks ability. After taking over the Lu family’s company, he hasn’t achieved much.”

“But Liu Jizhen is different. She’s stronger than Liu Peng. Moreover, she didn’t return empty handed from her time abroad….”

Li Qingzhou showed that he was listening.

[Third Master, tell me more, tell me more, I want to know.]

—The little guy in the bubble was lying on the wall, with one foot swinging back and forth behind the other, a gossipy expression on his face as well as bright eyes.

Taking a sip of tea, Liu Bohuai continued, “After Liu Jizhen returned to the Lu family, her father Liu Bai gradually handed over part of the company’s rights to her.”

“And the decision for World Skill Game Company to seek the game rights for the comic was advocated by Liu Jizhen.”

“She wants to promote cooperation between the Lu Group and a foreign company.”

“If successful, her voice within the company will rise sharply and she may even take Liu Peng’s position.”

Currently, the comic adaptation of ‘Sky Juvenile’ was popular.

And the ranking of this popular comic had been at the top or among the top few in the country perennially.

Which was why Liu Jizhen probably wouldn’t give up the possibility of a game adaptation at any cost.

Li Qingzhou nodded, “It seems Liu Jizhen’s ambition is even greater than Liu Peng’s.”

[But her desire for the game rights is like wishing for the moon. Hmph, she really has big guts. Anyways she won’t be able to steal it from me.]

—The little guy in the bubble put his hands on his hips, looking disdainful as he stuck his tongue out.

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