My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 32.1

Li Hanyu who was sitting in the car was getting acquainted with her little brother’s friend.

Of course, she also sneaked a peek at her big brother’s friend– the Liu family’s Third Master who had assisted in the discovery of clues to the truth back then.

He had been to the Li family house in Xicheng before and Li Hanyu had met him once.

However Li Hanyu didn’t expect that the person in charge of the Liu family would have a really good relationship with her big brother.

On the way, the atmosphere between the two of them was really harmonious.

After arriving at the mall, they first bought clothes and shoes for Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun, and then went to purchase some for her.

Li Hanyu tried on a lot of clothes and in the end Li Qingzhou paid for all of them, including their little brother’s things, in large and small bags and had them specially delivered to their home

[Spending money like it’s flowing water, could it be that this is the joy of being a big brother? Then I…… am very happy hahaha!]

–The little guy in the bubble had a stack of notes in his left hand and a stack of black cards in his right hand, both of which were so thick that he couldn’t even hold them.

At this moment, the little guy was trying hard to hold all the banknotes and cards in his arms to keep them from slipping away, but finally simply used his shirt as a pocket, revealing his white soft little belly….

The little money-grubbing guy’s face was on full display, and it was so cute.

After shopping, Li Qingzhou asked, “Are you tired?”

Li Xusheng nodded.

Xia Yijun touched his stomach and said, “Big brother Li, I’m hungry, I want to eat a cupcake.”

[Then let’s go to the dessert shop……]

At this moment Liu Bohuai said, “A new batch of cufflinks and ties have arrived at the Yalan counter, want to go and have a look? VIP customers are provided with drinks and desserts and they all taste very good.”

Yalan was a luxury shop that specialized in men’s jewelry and was very well known internationally.

Naturally, the stores that were affiliated with them were also very high-end– there was a sofa for sitting, magazines, and drinks and desserts were a standard in all their stores.

When Li Hanyu heard this, she couldn’t help but say, “Yes, big brother, you haven’t…… you and Mr. Liu haven’t bought anything yet, so why don’t we go and have a look?”

Xia Yijun pulled Li Xusheng aside a little and whispered, “That store has good desserts, I’ve been there before.”

[Cufflinks and ties, I really need to buy new ones.]

So Li Qingzhou nodded his head.

In no time, Li Hanyu was sitting down with the two children on the sofa in the store having some snacks and desserts.

While Liu Bohuai and Li Qingzhou went to look at the ties and cufflinks.

The assistant in the store was enthusiastic and trying hard to make a sale.

“Gentlemen, take a look at this one and this one, they’re all new arrivals…..”

The latest cufflinks and ties from the Yalan counter were placed in front of Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai

–Subdued sapphire aquamarine cufflinks, mother-of-pearl cufflinks in silver with semi-precious stones, emerald, sunburst burgundy….

And there were also unique and stylish men ties available.

[Uhm…… they all look great, I’m having trouble choosing.]

–The little guy in the bubble was standing with one arm crossed over his chest, his little head cocked as he looked around while the thumb and forefinger of his other hand pinched his little chin as he frowned in thought.

“How about this one? Why don’t you try it?” Liu Bohuai said as he picked up the box of emerald jade cufflinks which had been carefully and meticulously shaped into a semi-openwork pattern.

[But the sapphire aquamarine cufflinks with the waves are very nice too.]

Liu Bohuai, seemingly not paying attention, picked up the sapphire aquamarine cufflinks and said: “These are also very nice.”

“You can try them both on and buy them all if you like them.”

[President Liu understands me, heh, and I’m not bad with money.]

Li Qingzhou nodded in an unmistakable way then reached for them, only to see Liu Bohuai put the two boxes of cufflinks down.

Liu Bohuai was sitting on the sofa in the store,

But at this moment, he got up, moved to Li Qingzhou, bent down slightly to take Li Qingzhou’s hand and said in a low voice: “It’s not convenient for you to wear the cufflinks alone, so let me help you….”

The store assistant at the Yalan counter was very qualified, because seeing that she wasn’t needed here, stepped away silently and stood aside.

She would come back when she was needed.

However the store assistant didn’t know why…… but she had the feeling that she was a bit redundant there.

In the end, Liu Bohuai sat on top of the arm of the sofa, long legs stretched out, head bowed, looking serious as he put the cufflinks on for Li Qingzhou.

–He was only a little higher than Li Qingzhou who was sitting in his wheelchair.

Liu Bohuai was wearing a casual beige shirt with a loose, low neckline and as he was bending slightly, the edge of his beautiful collarbone was exposed, which could coincidentally be seen by Li Qingzhou.


–The little guy in the bubble covered his face shyly, however with his little fingers parted as he looked through them quietly.

“What about it, does it look good?” Liu Bohuai suddenly uttered.

His low, magnetic voice sounded as if it were ringing right next to Li Qingzhou’s ears.

Coming back to his senses, Li Qingzhou’s long eyelashes fluttered as he looked down at the cufflinks he was already wearing and responded, “En, it looks good.”

–The little guy in the bubble followed this sentence with a thumbs up, but his face was flushed, so it wasn’t known if it was a compliment on the cufflinks, or if it was just……

A little smile couldn’t help but flash in Liu Bohuai’s eyes, but it was quickly hidden by the lenses.

As it was hard to choose, Li Qingzhou decided to buy both cufflinks.

Then he asked the store assistant to place the order during the packaging and then started looking at the ties, this time picking quickly.

Li Qingzhou chose two understated luxury ties.

Before they left, the shop assistant sent them off with endless enthusiasm and a broad smile.

Later, Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai took the three, Li Hanyu, Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun to dinner, after which Liu Bohuai sent them home.

On the way, Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun dozed as they leaned against each other.

When they arrived at the villa, Li Xusheng barely managed to keep his eyelids open as waved and said goodbye to his friend.

And after Xia Yijun waved back, he fell asleep in the back seat in a second.

Li Qingzhou asked Li Hanyu to carry Li Xusheng inside first as he still had something to say.

After his little sister and little brother had gone inside, Li Qingzhou took out the boxes containing cufflinks and a tie and said, “President Liu, thank you so much for your help today.”

“If you don’t mind, this is a gift……”

In the box were sapphire aquamarine cufflinks.

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help the surprise that crossed his heart, but then it was like a light brush of feathers against his heart….. slightly itchy, but at the same time unbearable. It was unknown who had kicked over the sugar-jar.

Suppressing the curve of his mouth from rising, he said, “I don’t mind, I like it very much.”

Li Qingzhou: “I’m glad President Liu likes it, I thought you wouldn’t accept it.”

[Yay, I’m glad he took it, friends should give each other gifts.]

–The little guy in the bubble nodded solemnly.

Liu Bohuai’s hand froze as he took the box.

The sugar-jar suddenly seemed to be laced with salt.

Immediately afterwards, he took a step forward and leaned down, his empty hand naturally ruffling the strands of hair that slightly blocked Li Qingzhou’s view as he whispered: “President Li, since we are already friends, in private, shouldn’t we change the way we address each other….”

“President Li, what do you think?”

[I, I think……]

At this moment, Liu Bohuai had one hand braced on the back of the wheelchair behind Li Qingzhou.

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