My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 27.1

This was the situation– Qiao Huanming and the rest of the staff in the bus had arrived and were checking in under the arrangement of the hot spring resort staff.

And Liu Bohuai, Li Qingzhou and the others were outside, having met up with Liu Xiahui, Xu Mengning and their group by chance……

Both parties were quite surprised.

Xu Mengning was dressed like a hiker, but looked a little worse for wear– her clothes were a little stained with mud and grass and her hair was a bit messy.

In particular, her left foot was probably injured….. as she had just been helped along.

Liu Xiahui’s body was also covered in mud and leaves, but overall he was fine.

“Qingzhou, what are you doing here?”

Xu Mengning was obviously surprised. Her friend Zhao Jingjing helped her take two steps forward and she asked, slightly ill at ease, “Are you done with your work at the company?”

Lately she and Qingzhou had been in significantly less contact with each other……

Or rather, they were gradually becoming estranged.

Xu Mengning was vaguely aware that there had been an accident at Li Qingzhou’s home.

–He had been busy in Xicheng for a long time before returning and then in Yanjing he had to deal with the launch of the smart electric wheelchair…..

Xu Mengning’s unsolicited calls were always met with ‘I have something to do’ and then he would hung up.

Now that she thought about it, it had been a long time since she and Qingzhou had gone out alone to talk or eat together.

Li Qingzhou responded, “The sales of the smart electric wheelchairs were very successful and President Liu and I came here to celebrate. You guys are……Ah Ning, what happened to your foot?”

A puzzled and worried look appeared duly on his face.

But no sound came from the bubble.

–The little guy in the bubble was sitting cross-legged, pounding one hand into the palm of the other with a clenched fist, his little face looking as if he had suddenly remembered something.

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Li Qingzhou remembered that this was a storyline from the original book.

–Because the male protagonist had once again helped the female protagonist out of trouble,

Xu Mengning agreed to Liu Xiahui’s invitation to go hiking along with their respective friends, Zhao Jingjing, Qu Yufan, Qi Hao and the others.

This episode was another sublimation of the male and female protagonist’s relationship in the original book.

Xu Mengning had an argument with Liu Xiahui on the mountain and ran away in anger, only to fall down a slope and injure her ankle on the way.

Fortunately, the slope wasn’t too steep and the injury to her ankle wasn’t too serious……

Then Liu Xiahui found her and carried her up.

And as the mountain they had climbed was quite remote and a certain distance from the road,

Qu Yufan suggested that they should go to the nearest hot spring resort for a short rest and Liu Xiahui agreed.

–This was where the drama came in.

Hot spring resort check-in, foot rubs, a chance encounter in the hot spring, ambiguity, entanglement……

The female protagonist, Xu Mengning’s feelings for Liu Xiahui subtly underwent a transformation.

Thus in this episode, the villain ‘Li Qingzhou’ wasn’t depicted much at all.

But now….. the whole hot spring resort had been reserved by Liu Bohuai.

After answering Li Qingzhou’s question, Xu Mengning’s eyes fell on the young child who had been quietly holding his hand.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Qingzhou, is this your little brother?”

The two looked somewhat alike.

Nodding, Li Qingzhou rubbed Li Xusheng’s little head then introduced him.

On the other side, Liu Xiahui and Liu Bohuai were also talking– Liu Xiahui had explained the reason for their visit here to his third uncle and would naturally be staying at the hot spring resort afterwards.

But since the west side of the resort was almost full, he and his group were going to follow them to the east side.

Hence Zou Ming went in first to make the arrangements.

Liu Xiahui glanced unhappily at Li Qingzhou who was talking to Xu Mengning, but because Liu Bohuai was also around, he didn’t go over.

Looking down, he asked, “Why is Jun Jun here too?”

Xia Yijun stuck his tongue out at him and made a face with his eyelids: “Brother Xiahui is so dirty. Of course I came here to play, I’m going to find Shengsheng.”

With that, he let go of his uncle’s coat and ran away.

In a short time, the two children walked hand in hand to the gate of the resort.

[With Jun Jun around, Shengsheng really looks quite lively].

–The little guy in the bubble waved his little handkerchief with a look of relief then wiped his dry, round face with it.

Li Qingzhou said, outwardly in a normal tone, “Xiyan, help them with their luggage.”

“Ah Ning, go in and have the wound on your foot re-dressed. If it’s serious, I’ll get a car to take you back.”

There was no shortage of basic medical supplies at the hot spring resort.

Xu Mengning nodded her head.

A little later, they made their way to the east side of the hot spring.

It was particularly convenient to have a smart electric wheelchair, as the slightest incline was no problem and it went everywhere very smoothly.

Li Qingzhou maneuvered the wheelchair forward.

The hot spring resort was on the outskirts of the countryside and it went without saying that the environment was beautiful and elegant, with flower beds, grass, stone paved paths and a man-made stream flowing through……

Liu Bohuai’s eyes fell on Li Qingzhou without a trace and there was a bit of a softness between his eyebrows.

[Give me a flat road and I can drive my wheelchair like a breeze, rumble–]

–The little guy in the bubble hummed, wearing cool little sunglasses on his face, sitting on a little motorbike painted black and gold, posing and then stomping cutely before leaning forward……


Liu Bohuai clenched his fist against his lips and coughed in a low voice.

Liu Xiahui turned his head in confusion: “Third Uncle, do you have a cold?”

“No.” Liu Bohuai’s expression was light.

“…… Oh.”

The way the rooms were allocated next was logical– Xu Mengning and her best friend Zhao Jingjing would stay together and Qu Yufan and Qi Hao would share a room.

Liu Xiahui had a separate room.

Carrying Xia Yijun by the straps of his denim overalls, Liu Bohuai told him to go stay with Liu Xiahui.

Xia Yijun struggled vehemently even as he made threatening gestures: “I won’t, I won’t! I don’t want to sleep with Brother Xiahui!”

“Shengsheng, help me, we agreed to spend the night in the hot spring and watch cartoons together.”

Xia Yijun’s little expression was pitiful.

Li Xusheng couldn’t help but take Li Qingzhou’s hand.

Immediately, Li Qingzhou said, “If President Liu doesn’t mind, why don’t you let Jun Jun share a room with us? I’ll take good care of him.”

[I’m not going to the spa either, so it’s better that I watch the two kids]

“Yes, yes.” Xia Yijun nodded his little head repeatedly, his eyes shining brightly.

Liu Bohuai frowned, not looking like he was about to agree.

Tugging on Xia Yijun’s strap to stop him from running over, he said, “It’s not a good idea to bother President Li and besides, it’s not convenient for President Li to look after two small children.”

Xia Yijun pouted disappointedly.

Xu Mengning couldn’t help but frown, feeling that Liu Xiahui’s third uncle’s remark seemed to be referring to Qingzhou’s legs…..

This made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Li Qingzhou was just about to say it was nothing when she heard Liu Bohuai continue to speak.

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