My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 58.1

Li Qingzhou had deliberately cleared out a floor to serve as the office for the newly registered Game Company.

Fang Xiyan, ever efficient, had the place completely outfitted in no time at all.

When Liu Bohuai arrived, Li Qingzhou was busy tending to matters related to the upcoming mini game’s development on that floor.

Fang Xiyan went down to meet him.

Then, holding a meal box in his hand, Liu Bohuai led the way.

Fang Xiyan and Zou Ming followed behind, trailing by about five steps.

Fang Xiyan couldn’t help but find it a bit odd.

—Lately, it seemed like President Liu had been visiting their company a tad too often, joining them for meals, picking up the kids, discussing work…..

He now saw him almost every day at the company and every time, he was with President Li.

Unable to resist, he turned to Zou Ming and whispered, “Doesn’t President Liu seem a bit too free lately?”

Otherwise why else would he appear so idle….

At this, Zou Ming’s expression became somewhat strange.

He coughed dryly, “No matter how busy he is, he will always have time to dine with President Li.”

“Our President Liu…. values President Li a lot.”

Having been by Liu Bohuai’s side for so many years, Zou Ming had started to pick up on something these past few days…..

Most importantly, President Liu didn’t seem to have any intention of hiding it.

When he first heard President Liu, his expression indifferent and voice with a slight fluctuation in it ask him how to pursue someone, he nearly did a faceplant on the spot, his jaw almost dislocating from the shock.

—It was simply too unbelievable.

President Liu had someone he liked?!

Fortunately, Zou Ming, having served as a top tier assistant for many years, remained unshaken amidst all the storms he’d witnessed, so at that moment, his solid psychological makeup kept him steady.

He’d had two girlfriends In the past, so he wasn’t completely inexperienced.

Hence after some thought, he responded— “When pursuing someone, there should be, at the very least daily greetings in the morning and evening, you should care about their health, be unwaveringly considerate, spend time to cultivate feelings, have dinner together…..”

But he didn’t dare ask who he liked.

After giving his advice on how to pursue someone, he left the office quietly.

After all, he always followed him, so he would eventually find out who he liked…..

So, when he found out that he had feelings for President Li, his face cracked with disbelief.

This, wasn’t the difficulty level of this pursuit a bit, high….

He could only wish him success silently.

At least he had managed to placate Fang Xiyan, so the two of them stopped whispering.

Meanwhile, Liu Bohuai had opened the door to the game studio, but then paused at the entrance.

—Inside the room, Zhou Xingwei was squatting next to Li Qingzhou, his face filled with admiration.

He was dressed youthfully and stylishly in a hoodie and jeans paired with white sneakers, looking young and handsome.

From Liu Bohuai’s perspective, Zhou Xingwei was intentionally squatting, making himself much shorter than Li Qingzhou and as he looked up, his face was bright with a beaming smile.

Even his eyes sparkled and he was constantly complimenting Li Qingzhou.

He looked just like a little fanboy.

His eyebrows sinking, Liu Bohuai stepped closer with the box he was holding.

[Aiya, how come this little brother knows how to talk like this? He has such a sweet mouth, hehe.]

—The little guy in the bubble covered his cheeks with both hands, laughing shyly yet proudly, his eyes curved into crescents as pink little flowers fell around him continuously.

“Qingzhou.” Liu Bohuai suddenly called out.

Li Qingzhou and Zhou Xingwei both turned their heads at the same time.

Zhou Xingwei, seeing the visitor, sprang up somewhat nervously.

Li Qingzhou greeted, “Third Master, you’re here. Let me introduce you….”

Zhou Xingwei bowed hurriedly, stuttering, “President Liu, h-hello.”

[Third Master is so majestic and awe inspiring. Look how scared the child is. Hug, don’t be afraid.]

—The little guy in the bubble made a hugging motion, and one hand even pretended to rub an imaginary head.

Li Qingzhou, having just been showered with compliments, was in a great mood.

But seeing the meal box in Liu Bohuai’s hand, his eyes lit up inadvertently, “Third Master, come and sit down.”

[What delicious food is it again today?]

—The little guy in the bubble suddenly leaned against the wall, licking his lips, his eyes filled with curiosity.

Walking over, Liu Bohuai placed the box on the table in front of Li Qingzhou, saying lightly, “Dinner from Yi Pin House.”

Zou Ming added in a timely manner from behind, “President Li, this is the special vegetarian meal from Yi Pin House, it’s usually hard to get.”

”President Liu knows you’ve been busy developing the game lately, so he specially ordered these vegetarian meals two days in advance….”

The vegetarian meals at Yi Pin House were even more popular than their meat dishes, so much so that one couldn’t even get a meal without making a reservation in advance.

Zou Ming made it a point to describe all the signature dishes in the meal box from Yi Pin House to Li Qingzhou.

[Stop talking, if you continue my drool will flow down. This child is starving and was just waiting for Third Master to come feed me….. I love Third Master so much, muah muah da!]

The little guy in the bubble pouted his lips then blew kisses in Liu Bohuai’s direction like they didn’t cost a thing.

Liu Bohuai glanced at Zhou Xingwei, then opened the box slowly, saying, “Let’s eat first.”

“Okay.” Nodding, Li Qingzhou helped Liu Bohuai arrange the dishes.

Seeing Zhou Xingwei still standing there stunned, Zou Ming walked over, put his arm around his shoulder and said, “Mr. Zhou, right? You must be hungry after working for so long. Come on, eat with us.”

With that, he led Zhou Xingwei out the door.

“But…..” Zhou Xingwei glanced at Li Qingzhou, hesitating for a moment before following Zou Ming and Fang Xiyan out.

The sound of the door closing sounded.

Liu Bohuai withdrew his gaze without a trace.

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    1. It’s like the title is referring to *both* of them now 😂
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