My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 3.2

Xu Mengning’s face still bore a look of unresolved anger.

Carrying the water bottle in one hand, she came to the door of the ward with a heavier step than before.

Just as she was about to push the door open, Xu Mengning seemed to remember something, dropped her hand, took two deep breaths – and waited until her face had become calm and peaceful again before pushing the door open.

She had only gone a short distance when she gradually came to a halt.

The young man in the bed was sleeping soundly, a thin flush finally appearing on his pale cheeks, his breathing shallow, his face half buried under the covers, and he looked exceptionally well behaved ……

Outside the hospital.

The driver hurriedly caught up with Liu Xiahui, who was walking without hesitation, not even looking back, and asked carefully, “Young master, aren’t we are going to see the Li family’s young master? Third Master ……”

“I will talk to third uncle. It’s just a Li family.”

Liu Xiahui’s uncaring tone was wrapped in indifference.

He stood by the car and waited for the driver to open the door before sitting in it, squinting through the window at the hospital. It was wonder what he was thinking.

As Liu Xiahui didn’t say anything, the driver didn’t dare drive away.

After a long time, Liu Xiahui leaned back in his back chair and closed his eyes.

The driver then drove away from the hospital.

Midway, he looked in the rear-view mirror twice and thought, “The young master has been brought up by Third Master, his posture is just like his ……

Li Qingzhou stayed in the hospital for three days with no major brain damage before allowing Fang Xiyan to go through his discharge process to leave the hospital and then returned to Xicheng.

The new driver had driven directly to the hospital’s underground car park.

Fang Xiyan pushed Li Qingzhou over and opened the car door.

Li Qingzhou propped himself up on his arms and slowly moved himself to the back seat.

When he was seated, he closed his eyes, let out a breath, and said in a faint voice, “That’s enough, let’s go.”

Fang Xiyan then folded the wheelchair and put it in the trunk, before getting into the passenger seat. The driver started the car.

The journey from Yanjing to Xicheng took about two hours or so.

They were going to the Li family’s old house, not the place where Li Qingzhou lived alone.

Although Li Qingzhou said there was no need to inform the Li family of his car accident and hospitalization, it was not a trivial matter after all.

Moreover, Fang Xiyan was not the only one who had followed Li Qingzhou to Yanjing to survey the land in the northern suburbs.

The Li family was not yet completely controlled by Li Qingzhou, so it wasn’t surprising that there were a number of other ‘spies’.

This time, for example, Li Qingzhou’s second uncle Li Chengkang had been informed of the accident, and after that, almost the entire Li family knew about it.

Now, Old Master Li ordered Li Qingzhou to come to the mansion to see him directly upon his return to Xicheng.

The car gradually pulled up outside the mansion, and Li Qingzhou once again struggled to prop himself up in his wheelchair.

Fang Xiyan asked, “Do you want me to go in with you?”

Li Qingzhou waved his hand, “No need, go back.”

Fang Xiyan didn’t reply, standing still and watching him push his wheelchair slowly into the old mansion, where he was then picked up by the arriving butler, his figure fading away.

“Mr. Fang ……”

The new driver faltered as he spoke, “Does Mr. Li not like to be touched?”

He had seen that both times he got in and out of the car it was Mr. Li himself …… When he had tried to go over to help, he had been stopped by Mr. Fang with a look.

Fang Xiyan said in a deep voice, “In future, if he doesn’t ask for help, you shouldn’t go up and give a hand, just help open the door, close the door and put the wheelchair down.”

The driver nodded nervously at his words and said nothing more.

“Let’s go.” Fang Xiyan turned around and got into the car.


It was the weekend.

Everyone but Li Qingzhou had already gathered at the Li family home.

Although it wasn’t a small crowd, the atmosphere was rather dull.

When Li Qingzhou was wheeled in by the butler, his biological little brother Li Xusheng was lounging on the coffee table doing his homework and next to him sat his biological little sister Li Hangyu, who looked like she was tutoring the small child.

The two were talking in whispers with their heads lowered.

In the centre of the sofa sat Li Qingzhou’s grandfather, Li Huai Min.

A little further to the right, the family of second uncle Li Chengkang.

The first person to speak was Jiang Biling, the wife of his second Uncle Li Chengkang.

The well-maintained woman was in a casual posture, dressed in custom-made designer clothes, her hair soft and dark, her hands covered in red nail polish as she reached for a glass.

“Yo, Young Master Li is finally back. We’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

She ignored the gauze on Li Qingzhou’s head, without a token of concern and her tone was slightly harsh.

It was only when Old Master Li gave her a cold glance that she pursed her lips and handed the glass of water to her son Li Hongjie, who was sitting beside her.

Li Qingzhou also ignored this second aunt completely as he pushed his wheelchair up and stopped not far from the coffee table.

Li Hanyu lifted her head and lowered it again, looking a little awkward.

After a short while, she raised her eyes again slightly to look at the gauze on Li Qingzhou’s head, but she didn’t speak.

Li Xusheng’s chubby little hand clutched his pen as he called out ‘big brother’ softly.

Li Qingzhou nodded coldly.

When Li Hangyu saw him like this, her expression instantly turned angry.

She was just about to say something when she saw Li Huai Min raise his hand, gesturing for the two siblings to go upstairs first.

Li Hanyu looked like she was holding her anger in as she led Li Xusheng away.

On the corner of the first floor.

Li Hanyu pulled her brother to a surreptitious stop and put up her finger to her mouth to shush him, “Shengsheng go to your room first, sister will come to you later, keep the questions you don’t know first ……”

Li Xusheng said, clutching his pen in one hand and an exercise book in the other, “But you don’t know how to do primary school olympiads, I was obviously teaching you just now.”

Li Hanyu stiffened, flushing with embarrassment.

She opened her mouth, “That’s because I haven’t done the calculations yet …… Give me a piece of draft paper and I can solve the whole exercise book for you.”

Li Xusheng: “But sis, I don’t even use draft paper ……”

Li Hanyu became angry due to embarrassment.

She tugged at her little brother’s fleshy cheeks and admonished him in a low voice, “Cut the crap and go inside or I’ll beat you up.”

Li Xusheng pouted and then left slowly.

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