My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 34.1

After simultaneous sales started on the official website of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. and Auto City,

Sales of the intelligent AI car developed by Li Qingzhou in collaboration with the Liu Group boomed so much that it led directly to a lagging situation on the website and long queues outside the Auto City…..

And eating melon science fan even posted a video on Weibo.

–In the video, he said he had placed his order online but only got two cars because of the personal limit.

And now he was lining up outside Auto City.

There were lots of people coming here, so by the time he got in line, he didn’t know if he would still be able to buy the cars….

Finally, eating melon science fan said at the end of the video that he was indeed keeping his promise.

Although it was a bit, no, very heartbreaking for his wallet. Who asked him to be a bit presumptuous with his words and actions in the first place…..

Once he had given his word, he had to keep it.

What’s more, this was a major advancement in smart technology in the automotive field, so he had to support it no matter what!

After the video was posted, eating melon science fan sent out a separate post, mainly to Li Qingzhou’s Weibo account– he asked if there was a chance they could meet up so he could apologize in person.

The netizens watched his video happily then commented under his post.

[It’s okay, it’s okay, you just go and buy them. The extra cars that you don’t want can be resold to me. I don’t mind them being second hand ha ha.]

[I’m not from Yanjing and if I want to buy one I can only queue up temporarily online on the official website…… but I still haven’t been able to join the queue, I’m in tears.]

[When is President Li planning to create chain companies around the whole country for the benefit of the people? Big Melon, hurry up and buy them! I don’t mind it being a used car either! Remember to put up the resale link!]

[Buying ten smart cars, you’re really rich…… I’m convinced.]

[Also. Big Melon, if you can’t meet with President Li, you can apologize directly on Weibo. After all, he is a CEO and has to attend to numerous affairs every day, where will he have a lot of time to spare……]

Eating melon science fan, aka Yang Huanlu,

Really wanted to meet with Li Qingzhou, and so for this reason, he not only @ him on Weibo, he also sent him a private message.

He was even planning to go directly to Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd. to see if he could make an appointment to meet up after not getting a response yet.

When his sister Yang Manqi saw this, she scolded, “You look like an obsessed fan……”

However, not long after, Li Qingzhou actually replied to him in the comments –he could meet him.

After that, he sent a private message to ask for a time and place.

Yang Manqi: “!!!”

One had to have a dream, just in case it came true!


In two to three weeks’ time, the new smart car would be in the hands of the ones who ordered it, and for this reason, a number of people had started to test whether the car was really smart.

For example, the easiest way to verify it– was to start the car remotely or by drinking and driving.

As a result, sometimes one would see such a phenomenon when one walked down the road.

–A new smart car parked on the side of the road would suddenly start spontaneously, but nobody would be inside……

Shortly afterwards, a person might come out of nowhere and then circle the car excitedly, looking at it.

As for drinking and driving.

As there were laws in place concerning that, many people sought out deserted paths or wastelands to test the smart car.

Some people even made videos specifically for the purpose of posting them online, resulting in yet another wave of eager discussions.

The new cars were really smart, there was no doubt about that.

Following an interview with a CTV reporter at the launch, the smart AI car went on sale and then made the evening news.

One of the stories was about someone who drunk after dinner and drove on the road.

However, before the traffic cops could check for drunk driving, the smart car was the first to scan the driver’s physical condition–persuasion otherwise was useless– and then the smart AI automatically took over the system and pulled the car over onto the side of the road….

The news ended with the presenter highlighting the dangers of drunk driving.

And lauding the work of renowned entrepreneur Li Qingzhou for the significance of his research and so on.

At this point, the smart AI car was really known nationwide.

It was even featured internationally, so much so that the company received a number of orders from overseas……

The Li family, once famous in Xicheng, now finally had enough status and say in Yanjing too.

This, was all thanks to Li Qingzhou.

The sales of the smart car was so impressive and successful that Li Qingzhou had to hold a celebration party. Invitations were sent and offers of friendship were made….

In short, Li Qingzhou was now a major player in the Yanjing circles.


Li Qingzhou hadn’t wanted to be bothered by eating melon science fan’s desire to meet in person to express his apologies.

As some netizens had said, a direct apology on Weibo would be sufficient, there was no need for them to meet.

However when Fang Xiyan looked up his previous Weibo posts, he found that his family was stationed abroad.

And he had studied at the University of Neustadt– a university very famous for its mechanical and electronic majors.

Most importantly, Professor Buffett, who specialized in artificial intelligence robots, was a lecturer at this university.

Li Qingzhou had previously collected information about Professor Buffett and tried to get in touch with him, and this time there was a bit of a doorway.

Li Qingzhou and eating melon science fan met at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Li Qingzhou learned that eating melon science fan’s real name was Yang Huanlu, a young man of twenty-seven, who was both handsome and cheerful.

After the two of them made initial acquaintance, they had a very pleasant conversation.

Yang Huanlu apologized and Li Qingzhou accepted it.

Immediately afterwards, Li Qingzhou made his request known to him and Yang Huanlu readily agreed to help him get Professor Buffett’s contact details.

The meeting and conversation went smoothly.

It was just that Li Qingzhou felt that Yang Huanlu’s sister, Yang Manqi, was looking at him with a certain…. passion.

Xu Qi Jin had been in Yanjing for some time now.

He was currently living in the house Xu Mengning had rented outside and within this period of time, had secretly inquired about almost all the information he wanted to know.

Xu Mengning had indeed met Li Qingzhou long ago.

They were admitted to Yanjing University together.

They reunited in their freshman year, which Xu Mengning actually never revealed, not even to her own family….

“Sure enough, adopted ones are just not related.” Xu Qi Jin muttered.

He was at Yanjing University at the moment and had made a special trip to the computer department.

Please nobody should drink and drive, it’s dangerous.

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