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Chapter 85.2

Editor: Jodi

After the two of them finished watching the movie, Liu Bohuai carried Li Qingzhou straight to the third floor of the treehouse.

The room was warm, and the bedding was dry.

Li Qingzhou took off his coat, changed into lounge wear, then adjusted the angle of the bed’s head slightly, raising it a little.

After he lay down, Liu Bohuai turned the lights in the room off, then also got into the bed.

[Hurry up and let me rest on your arm.]

–The little guy in the bubble had a dark look on his face as he rubbed his hands, narrowing his eyes as he bared his tiny white teeth.

Li Qingzhou hugged Liu Bohuai’s arm.

Immediately, Liu Bohuai pulled him over and hugging him, his arm traveled down from his neck, then wrapped around his waist–

And taking advantage of this, Li Qingzhou lay on his chest.

Liu Bohuai kissed him lightly on the forehead.

Li Qingzhou looked out at the stars beyond the glass window on the roof, “It looks like the stars are really twinkling. The night sky here is prettier than the one in Yanjing.”

[Really beautiful.]

–The face of the little guy in the bubble was full of awe.

And Liu Bohuai, holding him with one arm, fumbled for something under the pillow with the other then handed it to him. It was actually a telescope.

Surprised, Li Qingzhou took it, then positioning it, pointed it up at the night sky.

[So beautiful, what other surprises does Ah Huai have for me? He has so many nice things hidden on his body. First hand warmers and then a telescope.]

The little guy in the bubble cupped his chubby cheeks, sitting down cross-legged as he rubbed his toes together cutely, curling up shyly.

Putting the telescope down, Li Qingzhou turned, then felt around Liu Bohuai’s chest, muttering under his breath as he did so, “Ah Huai, are you hiding anything else?”

Liu Bohuai: “…”

–If you continue touching there will be trouble.

Liu Bohuai didn’t know whether to let him continue or stop him immediately….

Then seeing his hand wandering lower and lower more boldly,

He coughed dryly, pressing down through his clothes, his voice low, “Qingzhou, if you continue touching…. I won’t be able to control myself.”

[Won’t be able to control? Control what?]

–The little guy in the bubble froze at first, and then when he realized what he meant, blushed furiously.

The tips of Li Qingzhou’s ears, as well as his cheeks also reddened immediately as he tried to pull his hand away, however it was clenched firmly.

He whispered, “Ah Huai, I want to watch the stars.”

[So keep controlling yourself, keep controlling, we are both little turtles.]

—The little guy in the bubble shrank back into a turtle shell shyly, putting on himself a self-imposed isolation.

Laughing softly, Liu Bohuai released his hand.

Li Qingzhou removed it hurriedly, behaving himself.

However Liu Bohuai only let go of his hand but didn’t plan to let him off–

Because rolling over suddenly, his body covered Li Qingzhou’s.

And then one hand touching his flushed earlobe, he slid it down slowly, caressing his cheek as he whispered into the night, “Qingzhou, do you, want to do something interesting?”

[I don’t.]

–The little guy in the bubble brought his little head out cautiously.

Li Qingzhou wanted to refuse.

But Liu Bohuai, however kissed him on the forehead, the tip of his nose, his cheeks, then finally landed on his lips, his adam’s apple, neck…. biting and licking gently.

His sweet nothings indescribably endless, loving,  tender, with inextricable entanglement.

Li Qingzhou moaned softly, his chest unable to stop undulating as a hot and tingling sensation rushed from his tailbone, to his spine, to his brain and then to his scalp.

He couldn’t help but arch his chest and neck, but then immediately collapsed back helplessly….

Liu Bohuai, however, stopped and reached out to brush the hair from his forehead.

Li Qingzhou panted slightly, feeling sweat on his back, something stirring ceaselessly in his heart, scorchingly hot.

He couldn’t help but lift his eyes to meet Liu Bohuai’s, and then almost drowning in his eyes, his heartbeat went out of balance.

Liu Bohuai caressed the back of his ears, and then his neck slowly…..

A tingling, itching sensation kept coming, stimulating him so much that he wanted to do something.

[Woo…. Is Ah Huai a bad guy, so bad.]

–The little guy in the bubble cried, then hid behind the turtle shell, curling up into a ball.

Li Qingzhou reached out, circled his arms around Liu Bohuai’s neck, then pressed down–

And obeying, Liu Bohuai whispered softly in his ear, “Qingzhou, you are more beautiful than the stars.”

“You watch the stars, and I…. I’ll watch you, okay?”

[Yes, yes, yes, woo….. can’t hold back anymore, Ah Huai, hurry up and kiss me.]

–The little guy in the bubble was now so shy that he could barely handle it and directly hanging a moon up above, pulled all the lights, the bubble turning completely dark.

If he continued to hold back, then it really wouldn’t do.

The corners of Liu Bohuai’s eyes turning red, he bent down…..

The world around them was tranquil and peaceful, and except for the forest, the stars and the moon, there were just the two of them in the treehouse.

Moonlight streamed through the glass skylight, illuminating the room, the floor, the bed….

After a while, a cry sounded.

“No, you can’t…..”

That place…. how could he…..

“Qingzhou, be good.”

And along with soothing words, the moon hid behind the clouds shyly, the night in the forest cold, however at this moment, the room was intensely hot…

The stars in the sky seemed to be spinning, his line of sight gradually becoming blurry.

Li Qingzhou’s neck arched, one hand reaching down, to tug at Liu Bohuai’s hair…..

He pushed back weakly.

However how could this feeble level of strength have any real effect?

So unable to push back, he cried even harder to hold on….

Finally, everything ended.

Li Qingzhou gasped, collapsing onto the bed.

–The corners of his eyes were wet and a scarlet red, looking very much like he had been bullied.

And getting up, Liu Bohuai reached out to wipe the corners of his lips with his thumb.

Then he covered Li Qingzhou with the blanket, hugged him into his arms again, then patted him soothingly, coaxing, “Baby, be good.”

His upper body naked, his strong chest seemed to shimmer, the heat radiating in waves, making Li Qingzhou’s face even hotter.

He poked his chest, mumbling aggrievedly in a small voice, “No, no more.”

“Okay.” Liu Bohuai kissed his forehead in agreement.

[Although it’s a little scary, it felt so good, next time….. can continue.]

–The bubble was still dark, the little guy obviously still unable to handle this level of intimacy yet. He needed more practice.

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was patting his back froze, then felt his below…. still unable to go down.

He couldn’t help but close his eyes, sighing softly in his heart as he swallowed down this sweet torture.

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