My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 26.2

[A celebration? Is it company team building?]

–The little guy in the bubble who was dozing and on the verge of creating a snot bubble, sat up with a sudden burst of energy, rubbing his soft cheeks.

Li Qingzhou also turned his head slightly sideways and whispered, “Where are we going?”

[Of course the smart electric wheelchair I’ve developed will sell well, but with the bosses going along to celebrate…… the staff won’t have fun, right?]

–The little guy in the bubble rested his cheek in his hand in contemplation.

Liu Bohuai said, “Is there a place President Li would like to go?”

“For celebrations …… bosses and employees usually play separately after the celebration, without having to appear at the same occasion.”

[I want to go to the hot springs. I’ve never been to one before….. summer hot springs, winter hot springs, I want to experience it all, but I can’t….. getting into the water is so much trouble oh].

–The little guy in the bubble hang his head in defeat, at the same time he pinched his short, round legs.

Li Qingzhou was just about to say that he could go anywhere, when he heard Liu Bohuai speak.

“There’s a hot spring resort outside Yanjing, perfect for a summer holiday, want to go?”

The lights inside the launch venue flickered in and out as the products were displayed on the screen.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t see the look on Liu Bohuai’s face clearly, he could only feel his eyes falling on him…. somewhat intently.

“The hot spring resort in the countryside is membership based and can be booked in advance, so we will have separate baths and accommodation from the staff.”

[Uh …… I’m a little moved, but still ……]

“The company allows one family member to be brought along.”

Liu Bohuai’s low voice entered Li Qingzhou’s ears amidst the noise and confusion on and off stage as he said, “Jun Jun is very fond of your brother.”

[Ah yes, Shengsheng probably hasn’t been to a hot spring yet. He hasn’t been in Yanjing long, and he hasn’t mentioned that he has made any friends…..]

Li Qingzhou said, “Okay, then let’s do it according to President Liu’s idea.”

Liu Bohuai nodded.


The launch was a great success in every respect.

When Yang Manqi went back home, she excitedly posted the video on Weibo with the caption–

[I still haven’t calmed down yet. The emergence of the smart electric wheelchair has definitely greatly facilitated the needs of special people].

[Not only is it easy and smart to use, it’s also not ridiculously expensive, and there are humane subsidies available, so if you need it urgently, you can apply for it first by submitting your details…..]

Yang Manqi’s intention was to show the netizens how exciting the launch was.

Because she was active under Ms. Mars Hill’s account, she had accumulated a lot of fans, what’s more she posted about comic related creations on a daily basis.

But after this post went out, a comment suddenly went viral…. No, it should be said several commented the same way with pretty much the same content.

[@Qiqiguguzi, who is the man in the wheelchair in the video? His side profile is amazing!]

[He’s so good looking! Look at this picture I took, the lighting and the angle are perfect, I love it.]

[He is absolutely stunning, the little handsome brother who happened to appear in the video……]

Yang Manqi couldn’t help but wonder– what little handsome brother in a wheelchair?

There had been three models in the wheelchairs on display at the launch, all of whom were ordinary…… so which one were they referring to?

Yang Manqi opened the picture in one of the comments and her eyes widened involuntarily.

–The lights and shades of the launch mainly alternated between deep blues, with occasional flashes of red, orange and white rendered in deep colors.

In the gap at the front of the launch chairs, at the moment when shadow and light met and weaved–

The side of this man’s face also seemed to be a contrast between light and dark, with the light splitting at the bridge of his nose, his eyebrows hidden in the dark, his angular face and red lips in the light, looking mysterious and high class…..

In short, it was impossible to take your eyes off of him.

Yang Manqi naturally didn’t know who he was.

But to have a front row seat at the launch, his identity was definitely not too low.

She was about to proliferate and ask a question when she noticed that the image she had clicked on had suddenly split open, the commenting section under it had been blocked, and it was the same for the other images as well.

[Is the site having a glitch?!]

[What’s going on? I worked so hard to crop out this picture!]

Before Yang Manqi could figure out the problem, her video went black too….

[Is something wrong? Is my phone stuck? Is it a virus?]

Yang Manqi re-posted without any problems, but the video couldn’t be uploaded.

She was so angry but she could only repost the official launch video.


The official launch video of the smart electric wheelchair continued to gain popularity, and the Qingzhou Smart Technology website and app quickly gained traction.

After one week, the sales of the smart electric wheelchairs exceeded the target.

The Liu Group.

Standing in his office, Zou Ming stood asked in amazement, “Third Master, aren’t the benefits of this celebration a bit too good?”

Not only was one allowed to bring a family member, but two days in a row?

Liu Bohuai raised his eyes, “You don’t want to go?”

Zou Ming said hurriedly, “It’s not that, of course it’s not that, I’ll get on with it.”

With that, he tried to turn away.


Liu Bohuai called out to Zou Ming, saying, “President Li and I will also be there. Remember to book the whole hot springs resort, but leave the east side empty.”

“You guys celebrate on the west side.”

Zou Ming was a little surprised when he heard this.

–Because Third Master never attended any of the company’s celebrations…..

But he didn’t ask too many questions, and at Liu Bohuai’s gesture went out immediately to do his work.

On the same day, Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai left separately for the countryside, while Qiao Huanming and the others from the laboratory arrived on a separate bus.

On the road, Li Qingzhou kept on feeling that something was wrong.

This feeling lasted until he arrived at the spa resort before it dawned on him– he’d collided with the plot of the original book again!

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