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Chapter 15.1

Li Qingzhou returned to Xicheng from Yanjing with Fang Xiyan.

They first had to return to the Old Li family house in Xicheng.

Afterwards, they had to go to The Li Group Corporation to deal with the board of directors’ decision to ‘remove him from office’.

As soon as they entered the old house–

Except for Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng, the two youngsters who were at school, everyone else was in the living room.

As a matter of fact Li Hongjie, who was close to Li Hanyu in age and was currently in the same high school should have been in school at this time.

But Li Hongjie was still at the Old Li family house.

In response to this, Li Qingzhou only glanced at him lightly, not paying him much attention.

Li Hongjie stood behind the sofa, trying to contain the look of excitement and malicious mockery that almost appeared on his face.

He had taken time off from school to return to the old house just for this moment.

–He wanted to see Li Qingzhou ousted from his position as CEO by the board of directors.

–So what if Grandpa tried to protect him?

Li Qingzhou had let The Li Group Corporation miss a very important opportunity this time and yet hadn’t reported any information to the company.

He was in deep sh*t, Li Hongjie thought gloatingly.

Li Qingzhou’s concealment and bad decisions had made Old Master Li very angry.

Therefore when he saw Li Qingzhou enter, the expression on his face immediately sank, really angry this time: “What the h*ll were you thinking? Why did you miss this opportunity for nothing!”

“The Li Group’s previous efforts for the land in the northern suburbs have now gone down the drain!”

The old man sighed in agony, “Qingzhou, grandpa trusted you to handle this matter well, which is why I allowed you go to Yanjing alone without any interference…..”

“But what about you, what news have you brought back to me now….”

How could he have imagined.

–That not only did Li Qingzhou not participate in the whole auction, the land in the northern suburbs of Yanjing was even taken by their long-time rival, the Wu family.

This was unacceptable to Old Master Li.

Li Qingzhou had to give him a reasonable explanation.

Li Qingzhou’s face remained unchanged, “Grandpa, if I had told you in advance that I wanted to stop bidding for the land in the northern suburbs, not only would you not have agreed, you would have sent someone to Yanjing to stop me, right?”

“That’s right.”

Old Master Li said in a deep voice, “Qingzhou, you should know how rare this opportunity is for the Li family.”

“When you stopped this project without my knowledge, did you ever think of the damage it would do to the Li family?”

The Li family’s entire influence was centered in Xicheng, and was naturally out of reach elsewhere.

When Li Qingzhou took his men to Yanjing to prepare for the auction of the land in the northern suburbs, since Old Master Li said he wouldn’t interfere, he didn’t ask any more questions.

And then the car accident happened.

Li Qingzhou took the opportunity to pull the wool over Li Chengkang’s eyes again– and with Fang Xiyan keeping a tight rein on things, the team in Yanjing was completely silent.

Facing the wrath of Old Master Li, Li Qingzhou remained calm and collected.

He said, “I know exactly what stopping the project will do to the Li family.”

“But I have better options than the land in the Northern Suburbs….”

Before Li Qingzhou could finish, Jiang Biling let out a snort of laughter.

She said, “I say, you should stop making excuses. Where are the better options?”

“If there are better options, how come we don’t know about them?”

“And even if there were, are they worth giving up the northern suburbs for? Couldn’t you just wait until the auction ended and then choose both?”

“So, why on earth did you give up the land in the Northern Suburbs? You didn’t… offend anyone in Yanjing, did you?”

Old Master Li frowned, “Qingzhou, is that really the case?”

“No.” Li Qingzhou denied.

Li Chengkang jumped in, “Qingzhou, listen to what Second Uncle has to say. There are things that, even if you talk tough, you still have to prove them with facts.”

“It’s better to explain clearly now so that…. you don’t lose face when the time comes.”

Li Qingzhou looked at Li Chengkang, the corners of his mouth curving up in a light smile as he said with a cold expression, “Second uncle seems to be sure that I have really offended someone.”

“What, did Second Uncle send someone to Yanjing to spy on my every move?”

Li Chengkang’s eyes narrowed.

Li Hongjie said angrily, “Who would spy on you, it’s obviously you who did something wrong! Don’t you slander my dad…..”

“Alright, alright.”

Pretending to act as a peacemaker, Li Chengkang said, “Qingzhou, I’m afraid you have misunderstood second uncle. Second uncle is just trying to solve your problem….”

Li Qingzhou said indifferently, “Is the solution to my problem proposing to the board of directors that I be removed from my position?”

If this was the solution, then Qingzhou really couldn’t compliment it.

Rolling her eyes, Jiang Biling raised her voice, “You have to take the consequences of what you have done wrong. Chengkang is just doing his duty.”

“Look how unrepentant you are now.”

“If Chengkang hadn’t cared about the project of the land in the Northern Suburbs, there’s no telling what The Li Group would have been dragged into in your hands.”

“Not to mention the fact that you even hid it from the old man…”

Jiang Biling added meaningfully.

Old Master Li’s face turned sullen but he didn’t speak.

Sighing, Li Chengkang said, “Qingzhou, you must know that Second Uncle Li is doing this for the sake of the Li family.”

“As long as you admit your mistakes properly at the board meeting, there is still a chance that you will be reinstated as CEO in the future, so why do you have to do more damage just for the sake of the moment….”

“Don’t you think so?”

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