My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 37.2

[Wow, we’re in the room, I’m going to lie in bed and sleep.]

—The little guy in the bubble rolled over and changed from lying on his stomach to lying on his back with his arms stretched upwards, ready for a hug.

Liu Bohuai half-squatted in front of Li Qingzhou, read his expression carefully then asked softly: “Qingzhou, do you want to go to bed to rest for a while…. you want me to carry you?”

When Li Qingzhou heard his voice, his half closed eyes opened and his slightly confused gaze paused on Liu Bohuai.

After quite a while, he answered with a sluggish yes.

“Then I’ll trouble Third Master.” Li Qingzhou said slowly then held out his arm towards Liu Bohuai, waiting quietly.


Liu Bohuai’s eyes deepened slightly as he stood up, wrapped one arm around Li Qingzhou’s body, placed the other under the crook of his legs then carried him out of the wheelchair and towards the large bed in the room…..

Li Qingzhou wrapped his arms around Liu Bohuai’s neck and rested his head on his shoulder, so close that even the hot air from his breath sprayed on the nape of Liu Bohuai’s neck, causing a crispy, tingly itchy sensation.

Liu Bohuai’s feet couldn’t help but pause, the knot in his throat suddenly sliding up and down uncontrollably ……

Li Qingzhou’s attention was drawn to that spot, his gaze fixed on it.

When Liu Bohuai kneeled on one leg on the bed and placed him down gently, Li Qingzhou reached out unawares and touched the knōt in his throat…..

—It was as if the tip of a feather had brushed against it, if anything.

There was a momentary pause in Liu Bohuai’s breathing.

Then he couldn’t help but lower his head slightly to look at the person in his arms, his voice hoarse: “What are you doing?”

At this moment they were positioned one above the other.

Li Qingzhou’s head was resting in the crook of Liu Bohuai’s arm, his restless fingers having long since been withdrawn and his hands placed obediently on his chest, his expression confused and innocent.

He looked as if he didn’t understand what Liu Bohuai was asking him.

[I just want to touch it, what’s wrong…..]

—The little guy in the bubble had an aggrieved expression on his face, his hands clasped around his knees as he huddled in a soft little quilt, mumbling as if he had been bullied.

Liu Bohuai: “……”

[We all have knōts in our throats, you can touch mine in return too.]

Liu Bohuai laid Li Qingzhou down flat on his back, his hand placed at the back of his head not yet withdrawn while the other hand traced down his forehead.

—Rubbing and parting his hair, he touched his cheek lightly, then finally reached his slender neck. His finger touched the small kn*t of his throat which was so small it was as if it wasn’t there.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but gulp, his eyes widening slightly, the blush on his cheeks becoming more pronounced.

[You, you how could you touch me!]

—The little guy in the bubble burrowed abruptly under the covers, his little head and upper body buried, with only his b*tt and legs showing on the outside, cutely curled up nervously.

It was as if Li Qingzhou had been cast in a fix, as he didn’t move for a long time.

Liu Bohuai: “Qingzhou?”


—The little guy in the bubble, probably feeling stuffy, crawled back out from inside the quilt, his brows knitted into a small frown and an uncomfortable expression on his face as he spread his little short legs and sat in the middle of the quilt, his hands constantly rubbing his hair.

Seeing this, Liu Bohuai drew out the arm that Li Qingzhou’s head was resting on slowly from under his head.

And then took the temperature of his forehead with the back of his hand, and then caressed his flushed cheek.

“Rest for a while.”

Liu Bohuai got up and left the bedside when he finished saying this.

He went to call the hotel’s customer service number for some honey water and hangover medicine.

When he returned again, he saw Li Qingzhou sitting up with the effort of propping up his arms and tugging at his tie with one hand.

Walking over hurriedly, Liu Bohuai asked him, “What’s wrong?”

Probably because of the hard tossing and sitting up, the hair in front of Li Qingzhou’s forehead was slightly wet, with some curling together and the corners of his eyes were red and moist.

He lifted his head at his words and said in a slightly aggrieved voice: “I’m too uncomfortable, it’s so hot.”

[Want to undress, want to take a bath, the wine smells so bad.]

—The little guy in the bubble was wearing the same little suit and at the moment wanted to take his jacket, waistcoat liner, shirt and trousers off one by one….

However his hands tugged and pulled but not even a button was undone.

Moving to the bedside to hold him, Liu Bohuai said: “Take your cløthes off and wipe your body, you can’t take a shower by yourself now ……”

“Or do you want me to wash you?”

Li Qingzhou took three seconds to think.

Then, with only his sanity remaining, he said, “Just wipe me down then.”

Liu Bohuai responded, then pulled his tie off for him, took his suit jacket and vest off then unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt which revealed his flushed collarbone, chest ……

—His hands couldn’t help but stop slowly.

[Hmm? Why aren’t you taking it off?]

—The little guy in the bubble, holding up two small arms, was waiting for the shirt to be taken off his body, so seeing him stop, he cocked his little head in confusion.

Liu Bohuai said, “I’ll go ahead and prepare a hot towel…..”

Having said that, he got up and left.

Li Qingzhou lay back on the bed, yawning dazedly.

When Liu Bohuai returned again with the hot towel, Li Qingzhou had already closed his eyes and was sleeping with shallow breathing.

—The little guy in the bubble was curled up on the quilt, a yellow moon hanging above his head.

After a while, a sudden sigh sounded from the quiet room.

Liu Bohuai approached slowly and when he came to the bedside, he took off the rimless glasses he wore on his face with one hand and placed them casually on the bedside table.

Immediately afterwards, he knelt on one leg at the edge of the bed and leaned over…..

His fingers that weren’t holding the hot towel touched Li Qingzhou’s face gently, in return for a faint, inaudible murmur.

—The little guy in the bubble rolled over and buried his little head in his arm, revealing only half of his fleshy face.

Fingers moved up, slowly tracing the outline of the bubble, as if they could touch it.

But in fact there was nothingness there, all that was touched was air.

Then just then, there was a knock at the door.

Liu Bohuai walked over to open the door and returned with honey water and hangover medicine in his hand, however Li Qingzhou didn’t need it now.

So he placed the two items on the coffee table and went back into the bathroom to re-soak the towel with hot water.

Then taking off his suit jacket, he undid his tie and pulled his sleeves up …… By the time he had wiped Li Qingzhou’s body and covered him with the quilt, it was already late.

—Moonlight shone in through the window beside the bed, intertwining with the hazy warm yellow light of the room in a quiet atmosphere

Liu Bohuai sat beside Li Qingzhou, one hand gently stroking his hair, his eyes seeming to contain deep pools that looked like they could drown one…..

In the end he couldn’t resist kīssing his sleeping little prince under the moonlight.

After the kīss fell on his forehead, he murmured.

“Good dreams.”

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