My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 21.2

At this time, the Old Li family house.

The old butler had just picked Li Xusheng up from school and brought him back home.

Li Xusheng had a small cold, and so had been drowsy in class.

Seeing that he wasn’t feeling well, the teacher gave him leave and asked his family to come pick him up.

Old Master Li had gone to visit an old friend outside the province today and Li Hanyu was naturally still in school.

So when the old butler came back, the house was empty and even the nanny had taken leave to go back to deal with something.

Li Xusheng’s cold wasn’t too bad, because after just a little sleep in the car, he was quite refreshed when he got down from the car.

He just had to take some medicine, there was no need to call the doctor to come over.

“Uncle, when will grandpa be back?” Li Xusheng, clutching the little blanket that had just been used to cover him in the car looked up and asked in a good manner.

The butler replied, “He wouldn’t be back until at least the evening, that is if the plane isn’t late.”

Li Xusheng pouted, his head dropping as he pulled the fur on the little blanket. He asked, “Then what about…. big brother and big sis, I miss them.”

As it was getting closer to the time of the college entrance exams, Li Hanyu also started to live at school and so hadn’t been back for many days.

As for Li Qingzhou,

The two of them spoke just last night, but it wasn’t through a video call.

Because Li Qingzhou was also very busy these days.

The old butler crouched down, stroked Li Xusheng’s little head and said, “Eldest young master and the young miss will be back soon. Little young master, wait a few more days.”

“Or, we can go to Yanjing together to visit Eldest young master when young miss is on holiday.”

Li Xusheng’s eyes lit up as he clutched the blanket hopefully, “Really? Won’t it interfere with big brother’s work….”

“No, I’m sure Eldest young master will be very happy to have you and Miss Hangyu there.”

Li Xusheng was happy.

The old butler found the medicine, made some hot water, put it on the table together with a few pills and waited for it to cool a bit before Li Xusheng could drink it.

Afterwards, he went out to call the nanny so that she would come back early.

Putting the little blanket down, Li Xusheng thought of something then run into his room.

In a short while, he came out with a little yellow duck pot and a small video camera.

Since he started taking care of the little seeds that Li Qingzhou had given him, Li Xusheng had made it a habit to record them every day with his video camera.

And it was also the same thing today.

Carrying the little yellow duck pot to the courtyard, he placed it in a sunny spot.

Then he turned on the camera and muttered to the little green sprout that had emerged, “Big brother, look at it. Look how healthy it is growing.”

“I remembered to water it well and now it is basking in the sun.”

After an all-round display, Li Xusheng touched the green leaves carefully: “Stay here for a while, I’m going to take my medicine.”

Having said that, he ran away with the camera.

Once inside the house, Li Xusheng put the camera on the dining table and was about to get the pills when he suddenly remembered that he had touched the soil for a long time but had not washed his hands.

So he turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

After Li Xusheng’s small figure disappeared, the old butler followed the couple, Li Chengkang and Jiang Biling who had just arrived into the house.

After Li Chengkang was kicked out of the Li Group Corporation, his family hadn’t been to the old house for a long time.

Today was the first time.

“Dad’s not here?” Li Chengkang asked with a frown.

The old butler responded: “Yes, Sir. The old master has left to visit old friends outside the province and will be back in the evening.”

As he said this, he looked into the drawing room but couldn’t find the little young master.

Jiang Biling was thoughtful: “So, no one is home….”

The old butler was about to speak when Li Chengkang interrupted him impatiently, “If Dad is not here, then he is not here. Leave, there’s nothing for you to do here.”

Seeing him hesitate to move, Li Chengkang glared at him.

“…. Okay.” The old butler finally walked out.

After the living room was clear, Li Chengkang said, “Let’s go upstairs, let’s go to Dad’s study.”

Jiang Biling nodded.

And with that, the two left.

It was then Li Xusheng came out of the bathroom with his small, clean hands.

He turned his little head in confusion, thinking to himself that he had just heard the voices of his second uncle and second aunt….

But no one was in the living room.

He went to look in the courtyard, but there was no one there either. The butler was nowhere to be seen.

Li Xusheng mumbled, ‘strange’, then went to the table to take his medicine.

The pills were small and so had been placed on a small plate.

He picked one up but accidentally dropped it on the carpet.

–The pills then rolled under the table and in a panic, his arm hit the video camera that had been placed next to the small plate on the floor, causing it to fall down.

Li Xusheng bent down hurriedly to pick it up, then lifting the tablecloth, crawled under it to look for the pill.

“Phew, I found it.”

Sitting cross-legged under the table, he held the camera in one hand, lifted the other that had the pill in it and blew on it.

He was about to crawl out when he heard voices speaking from up the stairs.

It was Jiang Biling’s resentful voice: “I just knew that old man is biased. He has really drawn up a will to leave the Li Group to that little bastard Li Qingzhou.”

“What, aren’t you his son?!”

Li Xusheng’s little hands shook a little then he retreated back under the table.

The door to Li Huai Min’s study was usually left unlocked.

He always hid important documents in his room in a safe and carried the key with him.

But as soon as the two entered the study, they found the preliminary will in the middle of the safe.

–Although it was unfinished, the contents displayed on it were undoubtedly very upsetting.

Li Chengkang in particular, read it twice to confirm that he was seeing right before putting it down in its place with a grim look on his face.

The two didn’t stay long and walked out of the study.

Standing in the living room, Jiang Biling couldn’t hold back her anger, “I should have done that thing a little better in the first place!”

“It’s because I was soft that’s why I didn’t agree with your decision to sell him to the mountains.”

“Causing him to be sold to Yuancheng in the south.”

“Who knew that that family wouldn’t only get our money, but also get pregnant shortly afterwards and throw Li Qingzhou away to Licheng….”

“Unexpectedly Li Chengliang found him more than ten years later even after he was thrown thousands of miles away.”

‘Li Qingzhou’ had been lost as a child.

But Li Chengkang had traced him in the beginning– however the couple then conspired to sell ‘Li Qingzhou’ in order to discourage Li Chengliang.

After ‘Li Qingzhou’ was found, Li Chengkang didn’t even go to see him and ordered that he be injected with sleeping medicine and sold to a family in Yuancheng.

That family didn’t have any children and were given a large sum of money to keep silent.

But just a few days after ‘Li Qingzhou’ arrived, the mistress of the house unexpectedly became pregnant.

–Who wanted a child that had been given for free when one had his own flesh and blood?

And so within a day,

‘Li Qingzhou’, who was still running a high fever, was taken to Licheng and dumped at the door of the Red Star Orphanage….

Under the table, a small figure trembled uncontrollably, the camera’s lens tilted towards the outside of the tablecloth which had been lifted by a corner….

Li Chengkang said in disapproval, his face sinking, “What’s the use of talking about this now? Women are too soft-hearted.”

Jiang Biling was exasperated, “Isn’t it because I was preparing for pregnancy at the time and trying to accumulate virtue for our Hongjie….”

“Besides, it was my dad who helped me find someone to do this. You didn’t even have the power to hide it from everyone.”

She continued, “You used to be so bold, but now you’re less bold.”

“In the case of Li Chengliang and Zhuang Wenying’s car accident, you said it was only to teach a lesson, to make Li Qingzhou think he was a loser and to make the old man hate him for it…. “

“But the driver ended up getting courage after drinking, lost control and killed the two of them….”

“Why are you talking about this here?” Li Chengkang scolded then frowned, looking around.

Jiang Biling bristled, “Why can’t I say it? It’s not as if anyone is around.”

“It’s a good thing the driver didn’t stop, otherwise the whole Li family would have even less of a place for you. One Li Qingzhou is enough of a pain in the *ss….”

“Come on, let’s get going.” Li Chengkang urged.

Jiang Biling: “The will must be changed!”

“When the old man comes back from outside the province, we’ll come over again…. I’m telling you….”

–The sound faded and the two figures disappeared with it.

There was no more movement in the living room.

When the old butler returned to the house, he saw that the medicine was still intact on the table….. but he couldn’t find the little young master anywhere.

Just then, he heard a faint, suppressed whimper coming from under the table….

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