My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 61.1

The Liu family’s Old Mansion.

Li Qingzhou tried his best to avoid having a conversation with Liu Bohuai.

After giving him his birthday present, he found a quiet corner then settled down alone in his wheelchair.

During that time, Fang Xiyan kept him company for a while before being called away by Zou Ming.

Later, Ge Yue also came over to keep him company and ate something, but feeling that he was disturbing, Li Qingzhou shooed him away before too long.

Li Qingzhou had a ‘nobody approach me’ expression on his face.

Sitting in the corner, he had a glass of red wine in his hand and kept his phone by his side, glancing at it from time to time, looking as if he was still dealing with company matters even at such a rare party.

But that would seem a bit disrespectful to Liu Bohuai.

Qi Hao couldn’t help but ask Liu Xiahui, “What exactly is the relationship between your Third Uncle and Li Qingzhou?”

“Is he just going to sit here on your Third Uncle’s rare birthday party?”

That was too…..

Liu Xiahui frowned slightly, “I’m not really sure.”

He had just introduced Xu Mengning to his Third Uncle.

But his Third Uncle simply nodded indifferently. It was unclear whether he was pleased or displeased….

Liu Xiahui didn’t dare speculate on his Third Uncle’s meaning, so he didn’t say anything more.

But in regards to Mengning….. he wouldn’t let go.

He glanced at Li Qingzhou, “Maybe he’s really busy with something.”

“Recently, the Bolton Company overseas has also started selling Smart AI cars, so the car sales of the Li Group Corporation may have been affected…..”

The Bolton Company was a very well established car company in M Country.

—They primarily manufactured and sold luxury brand cars and had repeatedly ranked first in global car brand sales.

After the emergence of Smart AI cars, the Bolton Company’s car sales declined noticeably and for a while were even surpassed by the Smart AI cars produced by the Li Group Corporation.

But the Bolton Company was, after all, a well established and highly recognized car company.

Their company’s technology research team wasn’t just for show— the saying ‘one generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests’ held true.

On the foundation of the Li Group Corporation’s Smart AI cars, the Bolton Company quickly researched and started selling cars with a similar smart system.

So it was unlikely that the car sales of the Li Group Corporation wouldn’t take a bit of a hit.


Liu Xiahui couldn’t help but recall the person who had visited him a few days ago. His brows furrowing tighter, his expression turned cold.

Qi Hao asked him what was wrong.

Liu Xiahui told him: “….. My mother returned from abroad and visited me.”

Qu Yufan, who had been listening quietly now lifted an eyebrow, “Didn’t your mother divorce your father when you were young?”

“Afterwards, she went abroad and rarely came back, not even coming to see you once.”

“What does she want this time?”

Liu Xiahui’s mother, Pei Jing, was a rather wilful and naive woman.

Under the arrangement of her parents, she married Liu Zhouhe.

However after marriage, she found that life wasn’t as romantic as she had imagined, especially since there was no emotional foundation between her and Liu Zhouhe, and their relationship was cold…

So, a few years after giving birth to Liu Xiahui, she started clamouring for a divorce from Liu Zhouhe and as soon as the divorce was finalized, went abroad in search of happiness.

Since then, she had hardly ever checked in on Liu Xiahui.

When Liu Xiahui was young, he’d learned that not long after his mother went abroad, she married Yu Xudong, the eldest son of the Yu family.

This time, Pei Jing came back to find him in hopes of leveraging his connections to establish a cooperation between the Yu and Liu families.

Because the Yu family mainly dealt with the manufacturing of car parts abroad and was also the largest supplier for the Bolton Company’s car company.

But now, the Bolton Company wanted to end its cooperation with the Yu family.

This was undoubtedly a huge loss for the Yu family.

Most importantly, the Li family now also exported car parts.

Because of the Smart AI cars’ signage in place, a number of companies abroad were buying into the idea, which posed a threat to the Yu family.

So when Pei Jing came looking for Liu Xiahui, she mentioned Li Qingzhou.

She knew that Li Qingzhou had a cooperative relationship with the Liu Group. What’s more the Yu family valued the Liu Group’s subsidiary, LIN Science Tech Ltd…

Hence she hoped that Liu Xiahui could persuade Liu Bohuai to consider the Yu family once the contract with the Li Group Corporation was terminated.

However Liu Xiahui didn’t have much of a relationship with his mother, so he refused her requests on the spot and didn’t pay them any mind.

Qu Yufan said, “The Yu family….. I’ve heard of them. They were pretty prominent abroad back in the day, but not as much now.”

“It seems there’s some competition between the Li Group Corporation and the Yu family.”

He thought for a while then said, “Xiahui, although it might not be appropriate to say this, you did the right thing refusing your mother’s requests. It would be best if you let your Third Uncle know about this.”

“After all, it was Third Master who raised you since childhood.”

Liu Xiahui: “I know, I told Third Uncle as soon as she left.”

Hearing this, Qi Hao couldn’t help but laugh: “Haha, you’re really your Third Uncle’s good baby.”

Liu Xiahui glared at him.

Just then, Xu Mengning walked over.

She had just gone to get Ge Yue’s autograph because a friend from the medical department was a fan of the Mars Hill’s comic.

Seeing them horsing around, she asked in confusion, “What happened?”

Liu Xiahui quickly covered Qi Hao’s mouth as he was about to speak, “Nothing…..”

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