My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 52.2

In this moment that Liu Bohuai was being reprimanded and talked about by Zhong Lan in front of Li Qingzhou, he pretended to be wronged as he sighed, sitting quietly on the sofa without uttering a single word of rebuttal.

Not only that, after Zhong Lan finished speaking, he poured her a cup of hot tea.

Zhong Lan couldn’t help but shake her head helplessly, not knowing whether to laugh or be angry. Picking the teacup, she took a sip.

Then she told him, “It’s about time you settled down and started a family.”

Li Qingzhou, who had been listening silently, couldn’t help but agree at this moment.

[En en, indeed, Third Master should start a family…..]

He absolutely couldn’t be alone for the rest of his life; otherwise, his mission would never be completed.

The little guy in the bubble clenched his tiny fists, his face showing determination.

Seeing this, Liu Bohuai raised his eyebrows slightly.

After talking about Liu Bohuai, Zhong Lan suddenly asked Li Qingzhou if he had anyone he liked or a girlfriend.

Liu Bohuai’s hand, which was holding the teacup, paused for a moment. Then he brought it to his lips as if nothing had happened, however his eyes were watching Li Qingzhou closely.

[Someone I like? A girlfriend? No, there’s none at all. I don’t want to think about these things right now.]

The little guy in the bubble waved his hands hurriedly in a shy manner.

And Li Qingzhou replied in the same way.

Hearing this, Zhong Lan sighed, “Ah, sure enough, young people these days only prioritize their careers.”

Then she thought about it. Indeed, the Li Group Corporation was currently in a critical stage of development and so couldn’t afford to be complacent. What’s more Li Qingzhou himself was extraordinarily talented….

After talking for a while, not only did the light rain outside not stop, it seemed to be getting heavier. Lightning had even began to flash in the dark clouds in the sky.

Zhong Lan muttered in surprise, “Yesterday’s weather forecast didn’t mention heavy rain tonight…”

Maneuvering his wheelchair, Li Qingzhou moved to the front of the living room door.

And looking at the weather, wondered if he should leave earlier while the rain was still manageable.

At this moment, Liu Bohuai moved to a position slightly behind him.

“Qingzhou, do you have any….. thoughts about your future partner?”

Is it a woman or a man?

[Eh, is Third Master also worried that I won’t find a partner?]

Turning his small head, the little guy in the bubble looked up at Liu Bohuai.

And lifting his head, Li Qingzhou said, “Appearance, character, style of conversation…. a soul connection. They should understand me and I should understand them. We don’t have to speak, but we would both know what the other is thinking.”

“If I find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, I will never let go.”

[As for whether it’s a woman or a man… well, I think it doesn’t matter when you meet the right person.]

The little guy in the bubble covered his blushing face with both hands, twisting his short body shyly.

The corners of Liu Bohuai’s lips hooked up.

[Instead of worrying about me, Third Master should focus more on his own lifelong event. I’m anxious!]

The little guy in the bubble suddenly put his small hands down, leaning against the wall to look at Liu Bohuai.

[Let me just say it directly; the previous conversation has been leading up to this point….. so there shouldn’t be any problem.]

Puzzled, the corners of Liu Bohuai’s lips flattened involuntarily.

Li Qingzhou asked, “Third Master, what do you think of Lu Mei Shan, Miss Lu?”

“After spending some time together, I think Miss Lu is a very good girl, independent, beautiful, and generous.”

“Most importantly, Third Master, I once asked Miss Lu about her opinion of you. She said she admires you very much….”

Li Qingzhou continued talking.

However at this moment, Liu Bohuai could no longer hear his words. His heart was filled with indiscernible emotions, causing him to laugh out of frustration as he let out a light ‘heh’ sound.

Li Qingzhou stopped talking, his eyes innocent and puzzled.

[What’s going on? Is he happy?]

Even though Liu Bohuai’s heart was filled with anger, his face remained calm, not revealing the slightest hint of anger.

Even the corners of his mouth were raised slightly, as if he were genuinely listening.

No wonder…..

No wonder he had praised Lu Mei Shan in front of him several times before. It turns out he had the idea of playing matchmaker for him.

At this moment, Liu Bohuai really wanted to pry open Li Qingzhou’s little head to see what he was thinking….. that he was even taking on the task of matchmaking?!

There was need to pry it open, he could see it already.

His dark and obscure gaze swept over Li Qingzhou’s head without a trace.

He was standing right next to Li Qingzhou, clearly within three meters, but his inner voice hadn’t sounded again.

—Was he not thinking of anything?

Liu Bohuai spoke in a soft tone, “Qingzhou, do you want to matchmake Lu Mei Shan and I?”

Li Qingzhou: “Of course, but if Third Master isn’t interested in her…”

It didn’t have to be Miss Lu. He could introduce someone else to Third Master later. He would ensure that he was satisfied.

—The little guy in the bubble scratched his head.

‘Boom’ -a bolt of lightning streaked across the dark clouds outside.

In the living room, the two little kids seemed to be startled.

—Li Qingzhou could hear Zhong Lan and Xu Shan comforting them, as well as the noise mixed with the background sound of the television through the rain.

He was about to turn around to check on the situation when a hand suddenly reached out from behind and cupped the back of his neck lightly.

The force used was gentle, but he stopped the motion of turning his head immediately.

He felt a sensation of tiny particles emerging from the cupped skin, warm and itchy, making him feel slightly uncomfortable, however he was unable to pinpoint exactly what the discomfort was.

[Ai, ai-ya]

—The little guy in the bubble, like a chick being grabbed by the neck, not only shrank his neck in, he also held both hands together obediently, his little legs also pressed together, occasionally stepping on each other.

Leaning down, Liu Bohuai said softly as he got close to Li Qingzhou’s ear, “Qingzhou, the rain is so heavy, why don’t you stay here tonight?”

“Be good, call your little sister and let her know you won’t be going home tonight, alright?”

For some reason, Li Qingzhou felt like he couldn’t refuse, otherwise…..

So he nodded, “Alright, I’ll stay here with Shengsheng tonight. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Liu Bohuai gazed at him, smiling softly as he whispered, “Not at all…..”

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  1. Doesn’t anyone else feel like LBH just gave himself clearance to step up his seduction game and prevent more matchmaking attempts? I look forward to him some antics as he gets LQZ’s attention.

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