My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 31.2

Shortly after the entrance exams, it was summer vacation.

A few days after Li Hanyu arrived in Yanjing, Li Xusheng was also on holiday.

And Li Qingzhou had a rare moment of free time,

So he planned to take his sister and little brother to the mall to buy them some new clothes, shoes…… preferably everything.

A big brother’s love had to be thick, rich and generous!

In the evening, as Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun were talking, this trip was mentioned, because as the two friends chatted on the phone, Xia Yijun wanted Li Xusheng to go to an amusement park with him.

Li Xusheng was undoubtedly a bit tempted, but between his big brother and his friend, he chose his big brother.

So, Li Xusheng refused and gave his reasons.

However Xia Yijun didn’t want to give up.

He had his own way of dealing with the situation as he said on the phone, “It’s okay, I also want to buy new clothes and shoes too, so we can go to the mall first and then we can go to the amusement park next time.”

“I’ll go with you this time and you’ll go with me next time, isn’t that especially fair?”

Then Xia Yijun added proudly, “I’m so clever.”

“Shengsheng, your big brother also knows my uncle, so when the time comes, I’ll ask my uncle too, what do you think?”

Li Xusheng thought it was okay and so said, “Then I’ll go and talk to my big brother first.”

“Okay, I’ll go and talk to my uncle too. Wait for me.”

Then both of them hung up separately.

Xia Yijun called Liu Bohuai. The phone rung twice and then was answered.

Liu Bohuai had just come out of the shower and was wiping his hair with a towel in one hand.

He was wearing his pajamas, without his glasses and his hair was still dripping with water. As soon as he picked up the phone, a child’s excited voice came through.

“Uncle, uncle! Let’s go to the mall tomorrow so you can buy me new clothes to wear!”

Liu Bohuai said lightly, “You have two large wardrobes.”

Xia Yijun instantly understood the meaning: “It’s okay, I don’t mind having a lot more clothes.”

“I have……” something to do, I’m not going.

“I’ve already made the appointment with Shengsheng.”

“Shengsheng’s big brother will buy him lots and lots of things tomorrow. Uncle, Jun Jun just wants a set of clothes, okay?” Xia Yijun acted cute.

Liu Bohuai’s hand that was wiping his hair paused: “Li Xusheng’s big brother will also be there?”

“Yes, big brother Li is taking his sister and little brother, so take me, otherwise I can go by myself…..”

“Hmm, I’ll take you.”

“Uncle, you’ve agree!”

Xia Yijun shouted happily, “Then you have to agree to take me to the amusement park too.”

“I don’t…..” agree.

Not paying attention to the answer from the other end of the phone, Xia Yijun continued, bouncing in place, “I’ll go to the mall with Shengsheng this time and next time we’ll go to the amusement park together!”

“I’m sure big brother Li will agree too.”

“Uncle, what do you think?”

Liu Bohuai casually threw the towel on the back of the sofa chair as he said, “Jun Jun, next time, if you have something to say, say it all at once.”


“Mhm, I agree.”

“Yay! Uncle, you’re so easy to convince this time…. Are you really my uncle?” Xia Yijun looked at his phone suspiciously after being happy.

He tried to sound him out on the phone, “Uncle, are you still there? Give me a squeak.”

Liu Bohuai hung up.

Then he went into his bedroom, stared at his wardrobe in contemplation then called Zou Ming: “Send some casual clothes over….. En, right now.”

Then he added a few seconds later, “Remember to match the shoes.”

Forty minutes later, Zou Ming came over with three sets of clothes– they included tops, trousers, shoes, cufflinks and jewelry.

“Third Master, as time was limited, I could only bring three sets…..”

Liu Bohuai nodded: “Put them on the sofa. Good job, let the finance department give you a bonus tomorrow.”

Zou Ming: “!”

Although a special assistant usually had to keep his expression intact and to be unruffled no matter what happend, he was still slightly agitated at this moment.

Just because he had brought a shirt?!

It was just getting a shirt……. but he hadn’t received this treatment before.

Zou Ming said hesitantly, “Third Master, do you have anything else you want me to do?”

Liu Bohuai had already picked up the clothes and was looking at them carefully. Zou Ming heard him say, “No, you can leave first.”

“…. Yes.”

Li Xusheng went and spoke to Li Qingzhou about what he had discussed with Xia Yijun and naturally, Li Qingzhou didn’t refuse his little brother’s little request.

In the evening, he received a message from Liu Bohuai.

–I will come with Jun Jun to pick you up tomorrow, rest early.

Li Qingzhou replied with a ‘good night’, a smile on his lips. President Liu was still so considerate.

The next morning, Li Qingzhou waited for Liu Bohuai at the entrance of the villa with his sister and little brother.

When Liu Bohuai got out of the car, he wasn’t dressed in his usual strict suit.

Instead, he was wearing a smart beige casual top, with dark trousers and a pair of light curry shoes underneath.

With his broad shoulders and long legs, he was a walking clothes rack.

Liu Bohuai’s style had changed, yet it was also more eye-catching.

[Wow, President Liu looks so handsome in this. Although the suit looks a bit more ascetic, this gives very gentle vibes].

–The little guy in the bubble was admiring Liu Bohuai with his hands on his cheeks, his eyes full of praise.

Liu Bohuai approached, his lips curved in a smile.

[Eye candy! He really should smile more often!]

That was the best way to find someone, otherwise with his normally detached look that no one dared to mess with……. No one would dare talk to him.

–The little guy in the bubble extended a hand to the outside, grabbed something with it then pulled back a rose.

Liu Bohuai’s footsteps lurched.

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