My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 35.2

Cough ……

Liu Bohuai patted Li Qingzhou’s shoulder soothingly then whispered low in his ear, “Don’t pay any attention to him, just leave it to me.”

It wasn’t clear whether it was Liu Bohuai’s low magnetic voice or his breathing that tickled Li Qingzhou’s ears, but he resisted the urge to reach out and touch or rub them. Nodding his head, he made an ‘en’ sound in response.

[Wu ……President Liu’s voice is so nice.]

–The little guy in the bubble abruptly dropped the large knife and rubbed one side of his already reddened ear violently with his small hand, his expression bashful.

Liu Bohuai paused in his attempt to get up, only feeling that his heart was racing once more.

Just then, Fang Xiyan appeared with the company’s security.

Liu Bohuai unobtrusively hid the smile that had just appeared at the corners of his lips, straightened up and pushed Li Qingzhou into the company.

Xu Qi Jin couldn’t resist the ‘crowd’ Fang Xiyan had brought with him even if he was extra persistent.

When he finally left through the doors of the company, Fang Xiyan returned to the office.

“President Li, that man is gone and I told the security guards to be careful afterwards and that if that man ever shows up again, they are to just kick him out.”

“Mhmm.”Li Qingzhou nodded.

Sitting down on the sofa in his office, Liu Bohuai said, “Does that sister of his, Xu Mengning know that he appeared here?”

[Right, Ah Ning probably doesn’t know ……]

He had to let her know. Xu Qi Jin might have already indulged in gambling and betting and probably had debts. This kind of drama had to be given to Liu Xiahui quickly. He, this big villain, would stay out of it.

So Li Qingzhou sent a message to Xu Mengning— he explained the day’s situation and asked Xu Mengning to pay more attention to Xu Qi Jin.

Soon after, Xu Mengning replied with a message.

She said straight out that she was sorry and promised that Xu Qi Jin wouldn’t bother him again in the future. She totally hadn’t expected that Xu Qi Jin would go to him at all……

–The little guy in the bubble likewise had a cell phone in his hand, typing seriously with his head down.

Watching Li Qingzhou chat with the girl called Xu Mengning, Liu Bohuai put one hand in the pocket of his suit trousers then stood up ……

–‘Crack-crack’, there was a mess.

Buddha beads suddenly rolled off the floor in a flash.

His attention drawn by the sudden sound, Li Qingzhou looked up with a surprised expression on his face, “Third Master, your string ……”

A trace of surprise flashed across Liu Bohuai’s face then he said, “It probably broke because the string has been worn for too long and has aged.”

“I’ll just replace the string with another one afterwards and it would be fine.”

Li Qingzhou put his phone down, controlled his wheelchair and came around from behind his desk and asked Fang Xiyan to help pick them up.

Nodding, Fang Xiyan went over.

Zou Ming had already crouched down to pick up the budhist beads.

After Liu Bohuai had picked up a few and saw the way Li Qingzhou also wanted to help, he went over to him and said, “It looks like there is no more time for French food at this hour.”

“How about, we make a date for the evening?”


–The little guy in the bubble simultaneously made an ok sign with his fingers.

Li Qingzhou said, “Okay.”


On another side, Xu Qi Jin returned gloomily to Xu Mengning’s rented place outside.

When he turned around, he was surprised to see that Xu Mengning was back already.

Surprised, Xu Qi Jin asked, “Why are you back so early today?”

Xu Mengning stood up from the sofa and asked with an ugly expression on her face, “You went to look for Qingzhou?”

Xu Qi Jin froze for a moment, then curled his lips, “What’s wrong with me going to look for him?”

“Was it Li Qingzhou that told you? Tsk, seriously no wonder he’s a president. He’s now sufficiently unreasonable.”

Seeing him acting like this, the expression on Xu Mengning’s face turned even more exasperated and helpless, “And you’re still asking what’s wrong with you going to look for him?!”

“You actually went to Qingzhou to ask for a car and money! Why did you do that?!”

Xu Mengning was almost so angry that she couldn’t bring her words out.

When she’d learned this from Qingzhou just now, shame had instantly rushed to her heart and her face had parched.

Originally Xu Qi Jin had suddenly arrived in Yanjing and was going to live in the house she had rented.

So she had perched a room at school or at her best friend Zhao Jingjing’s place, trying not to be in the same room as Xu Qi Jin, otherwise conflicts would easily flare up.

But she was totally unprepared for Xu Qi Jin to do such a shameless thing ……

Xu Qi Jin said, “He is so rich, so what if I want some? What’s more, he hasn’t given it to me yet, so what are you angry about?”

Xu Mengning was so angry that she simply covered her forehead, crossed her arms then breathed in and out deeply.

–He had been like this since he was a child.

Xu Qi Jin had always been so ‘righteous’ in everything he had done since he was a child and he never thought he was wrong at all.

All she could say was, “Don’t you ever go looking for Qingzhou again! Don’t ever look for him again! Or you’ll leave Yanjing immediately and I’ll call and talk to mom myself ……”

“Okay, okay, okay, I won’t look for him, I won’t look for him.” Xu Qi Jin said impatiently.


“I promise, all right?”

No doubt relieved to hear him say this, Xu Mengning then left the house after a few more words of advice.

Left alone in the living room, Xu Qi Jin thought to himself that this wouldn’t do. Without money, how would he pay his debts?

Right…… what was the name of that brain-dead girl who suddenly stopped him today?

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