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Chapter 25.2

Yanjing No. 1 Central Primary School.

Today, the affiliated Kindergarten class of No. 1 Central Primary School were coming to visit the school, as they would soon be promoted directly from the Kindergarten to the Central Primary School.

Right now, their teacher was going to show them their new environment in advance.

Xia Yijun was in the first position in the group of children from the older classes.

He didn’t want to be held by the teacher, so he placed his paws behind his back and looked around very restlessly.

The teacher could only give him her full attention.

When she saw that he was about to run away, she said hurriedly, “Xia Yijun! It’s your uncle who is coming to pick you up today. Be careful, otherwise I will tell on you!”

Xia Yijun’s short legs immediately stopped their prancing outwards and then he looked at his teacher with an incessantly sour look in his eyes: “We’ve known each other for so long.”

“We’ve known each other since we were in our little class, so why cause harm to each other?”

After saying that, the little guy even sighed quite sadly.

The teacher, who was used to his little tricks, was unperturbed and even wanted to laugh, “You’re the one who’s been harming me. Thank goodness, you this little devil is finally leaving.”

“When I go back, I’ll celebrate the fact that I’m about to be put out of my misery, Amitabha.”

Xia Yijun: “…… How can you hurt the extremely fragile mind of a little child! You bad teacher.”

The ‘bad’ teacher straight up laughed out loud twice.

Given that his uncle would come to pick him up later, Xia Yijun finally followed the group honestly.

–They were led to a classroom.

The teacher said kindly to the children from the older class, “Children, this is the classroom of the first graders, filled with big brothers and big sisters.”

“We’re going to go in and have a lesson with them in a while, so be good, okay?”

“Okay–” the children said in long, drawn-out voices.

Seeing the flowers of her country behaving so well, the teacher was finally cured of the mental exhaustion that Xia Yijun had caused her.

Opening the door, she let the children in one by one, then sat them down next to each of the first graders.

Xia Yijun was first in the queue and so naturally sat in the first row.

“Hello, my name is Li Xusheng.”

A small voice came from beside him.

Xia Yijun turned his head to look –wow, a little rabbit.

He couldn’t help but lean over a little and say, “My name is Xia Yijun, I’m five years old, how old are you?”

Li Xusheng: “I’m six, I’m a big brother.”

Xia Yijun’s eyes widened: “Six?! How can you go to primary school at six?”

“I went to school early, and my big brother said that if I have no problems in second grade, he would consider letting me skip a grade.”

When Li Xusheng mentioned his big brother, his eyes lit up: “My big brother is very smart.”

Xia Yijun pouted, “I don’t have a brother, but my uncle is very powerful. He is coming to pick me up today.”

Li Xusheng: “My big brother comes to pick me up every day.”

Xia Yijun: “……”

He kept on feeling as if he would lose if he didn’t say something……

Both his parents were too busy, so it was usually the chauffeur, nanny or butler who dropped him off and picked him up.

His uncle would occasionally be in the good mood to pick him up then go back to the Xia family to visit his grandfather.

He thought for a moment then said, “My uncle always brings me a little dessert when he comes to pick me up, they are very delicious!”

Li Xusheng let out a wow and said, “Your uncle is so nice to you.”

It was only then that Xia Yijun raised his little eyebrows happily.

The parents of the children from the older class were coming to the Primary Section today to pick them up– they had been informed in advance in the parents’ group, so that they could familiarize themselves with the location of the school.

This was the last class.

After the class, the Primary 1 children and the children from the older class walked out of the classroom together.

The entrance of the school.

Li Qingzhou didn’t expect to see Liu Bohuai here.

He couldn’t help but ask in surprise: “President Liu, what are you doing here?”

Liu Bohuai: “I came to pick up my nephew.”

Li Qingzhou suddenly remembered the cute little boy he had met at the flower and bird market last time. Oh, it turns out it was him.

[President Liu is so loving, coming to pick up the child himself. Heh heh, he’s like me, eh…… what is he holding in his hand?]

—The little guy in the bubble lay on the wall of the bubble and turned his head around, looking at it curiously.

Liu Bohuai moved closer, seemingly without thinking and asked, “Does President Li like desserts?”


Li Qingzhou nodded with a bland expression, “A little, I don’t mind them.”

Liu Bohuai held the delicately wrapped dessert in front of Li Qingzhou and said slowly, “President Li, if you don’t mind them, then would you like to try some?”

“The chef at home made them, they are very good.”

[How could I do that, but I can’t refuse President Liu’s offer either! Thank you so much, mua mua-da!]

–The little guy in the bubble first stretched out a hand, pouted and gave a kiss, then stretched both arms out in anticipation to receive the dessert……

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth, “That would be great, thanks President Liu.”

“…… You’re welcome.”

Liu Bohuai’s mind was still stuck on the ‘mua mua-da’ and ‘flying kiss’, hence his reaction was slow before he placed the dessert in Li Qingzhou’s hand.

Then he took a step back, his eyes darkening slightly under his rimless glasses.

Li Qingzhou’s heart was filled with joy as he opened the package to start eating it –they were small desserts made in squares, with a fork placed in the package, so it was very easy to eat.

He ate two pieces, then left the rest for Shengsheng.

So, after Li Xusheng and Xia Yijun had walked out of the school, they each pounced, then came to a slow walk as they moved towards Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai respectively.

It was only then that the two of them realized that their elders knew each other.

Especially Xia Yijun, who remembered this uncle, oh no, this big brother.

Xia Yijun tugged at Liu Bohuai’s coat and said, “Uncle, where’s my dessert? Get it out quickly, I want to share it with Li Xusheng.”

Lowering his eyes, Liu Bohuai said in a light tone, “No need to take it, your new friend has already eaten it.”

He gestured for Xia Yijun to see for himself.

Dumbfounded, Xia Yijun turned his head –only to see his favorite little dessert being fed into Li Xusheng’s mouth, one bite at a time.

And Li Xusheng was squinting, his expression blissful.

And as if sensing Xia Yijun’s gaze,

Li Xusheng looked over then beckoned, “Little brother, this little dessert is very very delicious, do you want to try it?”

Oooh…… that’s what I wanted to show off to you……

Xia Yijun finally couldn’t hold back the tears from forming in his eyes.

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