My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 19.1

Where the male protagonist and the female protagonist were present was the center of attention, the focal point of the crowd and so naturally, the most prominent place in the entire banquet hall.

What’s more, as He Jianxun carefully helped Old Master He Zhangling down the stairs, there was still the sound of constant arguing and noise coming from the scene….

Anyone with an eye could clearly see what was going on in the banquet hall.

–Li Qingzhou’s figure was half obscured by the person next to him.

Opposite him stood Cui Miao, the young master of the Cui family who had a grim and furious look on his face.

It looked like Cui Miao had just tried to make a move.

But at the moment Qu Yufan had a firm grip on his arm, preventing him from rushing forward.

However Cui Miao’s other hand was raised, still pointing at Li Qingzhou as he let out harsh words.

“You handicapped bastard, believe it or not I’ll come over there and kick you! What are you raving madly about? I can crush you with one finger! Just wait for me!”

Li Qingzhou looked at him with a flat expression, not even changing his sitting posture.

When he heard Cui Miao’s harsh words, he just lifted his eyelids and said, “Now even telling the truth is called madness?”

“I really wouldn’t dare to go mad, after all on this point, I’m not as good as Young Master Cui.”

Qu Yufan tugged Cui Miao’s arm harder, a bitter smile on his face.

He originally thought that this Eldest young master of the Li family had a lonely and depressed nature and was one who didn’t like to talk.

How was he to know that he had such a poisonous mouth….

–Was he really not afraid of offending the Cui family?

If he didn’t stop talking, Qu Yufan didn’t think he could continue holding Cui Miao, this mad dog.


Liu Bohuai followed Master He Zhangling down from the third floor.

He was originally walking towards the scene with a slight frown, but as the distance between him and Li Qingzhou grew closer, the frown on his face slowly loosened involuntarily.

[…. Big trash, really really trash, he is the trash king. No one likes him and suddenly one day, the big trash changed, the trash king has become garbage. Everyone, beat him~~]

–The little guy in the bubble was dressed as a boxer, wearing a red helmet, wearing gloves of the same color on his hands and had a large sandbag with Cui Miao’s image draped on it in front of him.

The little guy bounced around in a stance and then swung his fist at the Cui Miao sandbag.

–After a few thumps, Cui Miao’s face cracked open and the padding inside the sandbag scattered all over the place.

And then the little guy raised one hand in a victory pose gleefully, spinning from side to side.

At this point, Cui Miao finally shook Qu Yufan’s hold off and shook his clenched fist at Li Qingzhou.

But at this moment, He Jianxun had already helped the old man He Zhangling over, and they were followed not only by the members of the He family, but also Liu Bohuai, the Third Master of the Liu family who was beside them.

–Meeting Third Master Liu’s eyes through him rimless glasses, Cui Miao couldn’t help but stiffen up and stay still.

Cui Ting started complaining, “Uncle He, how could you invite such a person to the party? He’s not worthy.”

After saying this, she looked at Li Qingzhou up and down, her dislike overwhelming.

In particular, her extremely uncomfortable gaze ended up on Li Qingzhou’s legs and she even pursed her lips, a very mocking expression on her face.

Cui Ting’s gaze was so obvious that everyone noticed.

Ge Yue immediately walked over to stand by Li Qingzhou, shouting with a displeased expression on his face, “Watch how you talk!”

Cui Ting rolled her eyes, “Am I not telling the truth, which point of what I’ve said is wrong?”

Liu Bohuai’s hand slowly spun the Buddha beads.

–The beads clinked against each other, making a crisp sound but it was quickly lost in the not-so-silent banquet hall, without anyone noticing.

Xu Mengning clenched her hands tightly, a look of anger on her face.

The faces of the He family were also not very nice.

He Jianxun had been the one to compile the guest list, so of course Li Qingzhou, who was present, was someone he had wanted to invite.

Of course, much of this was for the sake of his nephew Ge Yue.

After all, Ge Yue had mentioned before that Li Qingzhou was the first friend he had made since returning to C Country.

He Jianxun had also invited the Cui family to the dinner party,

But Cui Gengjian, the chairman of the Cui Group, had to fly to M Country to attend to some important business on short notice.

Hence the ones who came were Cui Gengjian’s son and daughter.

He Jianxun had long heard rumors from the social circles in Yanjing that Cui Gengjian’s children were arrogant and domineering –especially Cui Miao, who had actually caused a few incidents.

But who made his father Cui Gengjian?

The Cui family had money and power, so it always worked out for Cui Miao in the end.

But he didn’t expect the two siblings to be so…. brainless on top of being reckless and uncaring.

Ahem, they couldn’t even do the simplest thing such as reading the atmosphere.

If Li Qingzhou knew what He Jianxun was thinking,

He would have said– these two siblings were after all the cannon fodder male and cannon fodder female in the original book and so ranked first in being morons and stupid.

He shouldn’t expect them to have much brains and to act after taking the occasion into consideration.

[Don’t get angry, don’t get angry. Smart people don’t bother with retards.]

[Sigh, they are obviously sick in the head but they won’t stay in the hospital, insisting on coming out to make spectacles of themselves. I seriously have to give them rounds of applause.]

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but look at Li Qingzhou.

—Following Cui Ting’s example, the little man in the bubble also rolled his eyes, pursed his lips and clapped his hands, making a ‘pa-pa’ sound.

Then he even gave a thumbs up and made a vivid taunting expression that they really deserved a beating.

Liu Bohuai couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Then he walked over to Li Qingzhou, raised his hand, rested it on the shoulder of the gloomy looking young man gently, faced Cui Ting and said slowly, “He’s not worthy, are you?”

His voice was low and not very loud.

–But it managed to make Cui Ting look like a chicken in a chokehold, her face even turning blue then white.

He Jianxun also said, “Mr. Li is my invited guest, it’s not Miss Cui’s turn to question or judge, not to mention….”

He swept his eyes over Cui Miao, meaningfully, “Not to mention this is my grandfather’s 80th birthday party, so it should be clear to you what behavior is expected and what behavior isn’t.”

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