My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 104.1

Editor: Jodi

Li Qingzhou met with Mr. Reese, firstly regarding the issue of the Casper family’s compensation and shares after winning the bet.

Secondly, it was probably because Mr. Reese had most likely already found out which force abroad was trying to suppress his industries.

Of course, he and Ah Huai weren’t there to apologize.

—Only the Casper family was allowed to bully them, they weren’t they allowed to bully back?

Instead of waiting for Mr. Reese Casper to come to them, it was better to be upfront about it.

Li Qingzhou thought he would have to argue back with words, but didn’t expect Mr. Reese to be someone who could take a loss without feeling ashamed or angry.

He even thanked Li Qingzhou for helping An Qi Casper.

Mr. Reese said, “I’ve always believed that there are no permanent enemies in the business world.”

“This time, I underestimated the enemy and lost. As you say in your country, if you agree to bet you also must accept to lose.”

“Since I want to quickly enter the smart car market in your country through this bet, I naturally have to be prepared to lose.”

“Li, you’re impressive.”

Mr. Reese raised his glass to Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou replied, “Thank you, Mr. Reese. Your mindset is also admirable.”

“Haha, indeed. I’ve always considered it to be one of my few good qualities.” Mr. Reese laughed out loud.

Then he turned to Liu Bohuai and said, “President Liu, I’d like to toast you as well.”

“The Liu Group’s development under your leadership is truly impressive. In the future, I hope there will be opportunities for collaboration with the Liu Group.”

After all, aside from within C Country, the Liu Group also held considerable influence overseas.

Lifting his glass, Liu Bohuai told him, “You’re too kind.”


Yu Xudong had been so busy borrowing money lately that he could even be said to be somewhat embarrassing.

He tried every connection, however only a few were willing to lend.

Some even told him directly that the amount he owed was too large, and we’re afraid he wouldn’t be able to repay it even if they lent it to him.

No matter how angry Yu Xudong was, he couldn’t do anything about it.

There was a deadline for him to pay the money back, and if he wasn’t able to raise enough funds by then, the company and assets under the Yu family would almost all be seized to settle the debt.

And all this, could only be blamed on his greed of wanting to make a big profit, only for it to….

He even went to Lu Jizhen and Liu Jingyuan.

After all, if it wasn’t for their daughter seducing Yu Kun, Yu Kun wouldn’t have been unable to control himself and cheat, leading to An Qi breaking up with him decisively— causing Mr. Reese to not mince words as he refused to lend them money.

So he asked Lu Jizhen and Liu Jingyuan to lend him money as well as bear some of the consequences.

However after Yu Xudong explained the situation to them, Lu Jizhen, contrary to his previous friendly demeanor, had him escorted out ‘politely’, refusing to help.

And through this incident, the Yu family fell out with Lu Jizhen and Liu Jingyuan completely.

Lu Jizhen even forbade Liu Yunfei sternly from having any further contact with Yu Kun.

But then later out of nowhere, rumors started circulating at the school Liu Yunfei attended, alleging that she had meddled in someone’s relationship and was a third party.

Some people spoke behind her back and there were those who even showed their disdain to her face.

If it weren’t for Liu Yunfei’s wealthy background, she would have probably been marginalized and bullied long ago.

What’s more despite Liu Yunfei’s somewhat mature mindset, she was still affected by this a little.

And then today, she sent a message to Yu Kun asking to meet up to discuss their relationship.

Liu Yunfei liked and fell in love with Yu Kun at first sight, otherwise she wouldn’t have gone so far as to seduce him even though she knew interfering in his relationship with An Qi Casper would offend her.

Liu Yunfei arranged to meet Yu Kun without letting her family know.

However unfortunately, she was discovered and seen by Liu Yuecheng.

Liu Yuecheng who followed them secretly.

And when he heard Yu Kun sweet-talking and deceiving Liu Yunfei into trying to get money from her family, he rushed out from where he was hiding and punched him in the face.

Then chaos ensued.

And because Liu Yuecheng had already messaged his parents earlier, Lu Jizhen and Liu Jingyuan arrived and reprimanded Yu Kun severely.

However to their surprise, Liu Yunfei actually defended him.

Lu Jizhen asked angrily, “Yunfei, have you forgotten all that mum has been teaching you all this while?!”

“Do you think those rumors at school just came out of nowhere? It’s definitely the Yu family intentionally causing trouble!”

Lu Jizhen scolded as she pointed to Yu Kun.

Yu Kun had been punched twice by Liu Yuecheng, causing bruises to appear on his lips.

However to be fair, he had a good-looking face, so even the bruises didn’t diminish his handsome appearance; it even caused one to feel distressed for him a little.

Liu Yunfei frowned, “Mom, Yu Kun told me himself that this is something his grandmother did without his knowing.”

“He didn’t have any idea of this before, otherwise he would have definitely stopped it.”

Lu Jizhen became even more angry when she heard this and was just about to speak when a voice in English came from nearby.

“Isn’t this President Yu’s son?” Mr. Reese raised an eyebrow, recognizing Yu Kun.

Then after saying this, he glanced at Liu Yunfei, also recognizing the person Yu Kun had cheated on An Qi with.

Lu Jizhen, Liu Jingyuan, Yu Kun, and the rest looked in the direction of the voice.

Unexpectedly, the location where Liu Yunfei and Yu Kun had arranged to meet happened to be the same place Li Qingzhou had arranged to meet Mr. Reese.

Hence this was the scene they saw as they came out after discussing matters.

—Li Qingzhou and Mr. Reese being together was probably due to the bet and official business.

However Lu Jizhen was surprised. Why was Liu Bohuai also with Mr. Reese?!

Yu Kun couldn’t help but feel guilty, his eyes shifting downwards.

However Mr. Reese wasn’t one to hold a grudge against a younger person.

Besides, An Qi and Yu Kun were together just for fun in the first place, so it wasn’t that big of a deal that he had cheated.

So after saying this, he looked away casually, having lost interest.

The eyes of Liu Jingyuan however flashed, then he stepped forward, asking with a smile, “Bohuai, why are you out here dining with Mr. Reese?”

Then after saying this, he extended his hand to Mr. Reese to introduce himself.

Mr. Reese shook his hand, then asked, “Is this your daughter?”

Liu Jingyuan’s face stiffened, only then remembering that his daughter had meddled in Yu Kun and the Casper family’s only daughter’s relationship.

Then he blamed himself for acting impulsively. He had assumed that since Liu Bohuai and Mr. Reese were together, he might have some business connection with the Casper family.

And so hurried over to pull some strings.

Seeing this, Lu Jizhen hurried over to smooth things out, “Mr. Reese, it’s all because this child is young and naive….”

The corners of Li Qingzhou’s lips curled slightly at this, his expression mocking, “A child who’s about to turn twenty?”

Mr. Reese let out an ‘oh’, pretending to have suddenly come to a realization, “It turns out that in C Country, one who is almost about to turn twenty is still a child.”

“Sir, please take the time to educate your children, don’t let them act so recklessly.”

Liu Yunfei’s face stiffened immediately, the expression on her face ugly.

Then Mr. Reese, not caring about the expressions on Liu Jingyuan and Lu Jizhen’s faces, said goodbye to Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai and left.

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