My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 20.2

When Eating melon science fan saw this comment, he said, “Actually, emotionally it makes me want to believe, but reason is telling me, is this really possible to achieve?!”

“Concerning the current technology regarding automotive AI, it is clearly M Country that is way ahead, taking the lead.”

“But M Country’s current research only reaches the achievement of full touch screens in cars, access to simple voice control etc…..”

“Not to mention that the development of new energy vehicles is still in preparation, so how can one leap straight to these stages of remote start cars, AI scanning, intelligent voice control?”

“Some may say that ‘if you can’t research it yourself, it doesn’t mean that others can’t.'”

“It’s definitely a good thing for our country to have this technology, as it could make catch up with other countries in a heartbeat, so why bother questioning it?”

“I admit that it is indeed a great thing, but only if we really have what it takes.”

“I downloaded this article just to show you the signature on the back. Isn’t it unfamiliar? Do you recognize it? Is it a big name within the automotive AI field?”

“No, no one has heard of this name before this.”

“Of course, I mean in the field of scientific research. This person hasn’t won a single award, not even the most basic project award.”

“But I made a point of looking up the man’s identity.”

“Just to be clear, this is not making a full disclosure of his identity on my part, because the following information is available online.”

“I won’t go into details, except to tell you that this Mr. Li is a skip-level graduate from Yanjing University– he must be very smart, also studied computer science in University and specialized in automotive AI technology.”

“But instead of choosing to continue his education, he went home to inherit the family business and is now the president of the company…..”

“In short, I can’t figure out how he worked out the leapfrog theory with this experience.”

“Unless he has a very unusual brain and is really smart to the point of being a genius like Einstein or Hawking, but….. you get the idea.”

Eating melon science fan shrugged, apparently taking a stance on this.

[I’m so disappointed, is this technology really not possible yet?]

[But this is a paper published on the international web, can it be faked?]

[And not only was the paper recommended by Prof. Stanley, the sponsor column is signed by a professor from B University…..]

Eating melon science fan added: “I’m not saying that this paper is fake.”

“It’s that the AI technology proposed in it is so far ahead of its time that it’s simply not possible to implement at the moment.”

“Maybe we won’t have the power to develop these technologies until the next five or ten years….., but not immediately, not right away.”

“It’s like a horse.”

“What is most needed at the moment is a saddle, stirrups, reins, but you go and put a pair of heavy and flightless wings on it.”

“Although it may be more shiny and beautiful on the outside, a fake is a fake, the horse can’t take flight yet.”

“As for why Professors from B University and Stanley would recommend it…..”

“I can answer this question for you vaguely. There is nothing wrong with the paper itself, it is just a theory-like exposition, published on the international academic web without the slightest difficulty.”

“But the bad thing is that this Mr. Li seems to be too greedy.”

“He just had to go and add a phrase like ‘the theory can be implemented at this stage’ to his paper, creating such a misconception that we think such a technique can be implemented…..”

“In short, scientific research needs the help of capital. Recommending such a reasonably well written paper is not the wrong thing to do…..”

“So, why not do it?”

“Anyways, if it were me, I’d do the same and there would be no harm done.”

“As for the purpose as to why Mr. Li wrote this paper, I don’t know and it’s not something I’m going to consider.”

At this point, most of the netizens in the live stream were convinced by Eating melon science fan.

–The theory of this paper was well written, but to develop it now would be tantamount to talking big.

In conclusion, it wasn’t to be believed.

However, just when the netizens were gradually dispersing and no longer paying any attention to it.

The next moment, professors from Yan University and B University, the official website of Yan University, etc. reposted the paper one after another and @ a Weibo account that had obviously just been created.

The account name was Li Qingzhou, with the credentials, President of Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd.

[What’s going on? Other people have published articles on IAP before, but I haven’t seen professors or official websites coming out to claim them, so why this time…..]

[Yeah, the credentials on this person’s account are all about being the president of a company and whatnot, not about him being a professor, scholar or something like that….. it’s a bit puzzling.]

[No way, right? No way, right?….. I have an idea, I don’t know if you guys have realized it yet. panda shock.jpg.]

Some people were aware, but couldn’t believe it.

So they went directly to the official website below to @Professor Yan – [May I ask, you guys reposting this paper, does it mean that the research depicted inside the paper is really possible to achieve?]

The netizen didn’t expect Professor Yan to respond to the comment right away.

–[It’s not possible, it’s a certainty. The relevant smart car will be developed soon, to achieve a leap forward in automotive AI]


Another netizen immediately said below this comment: [But Eating melon science fan said it’s impossible @Eating melon science fan, come and see! I’m a bit shaken…..]

Quite a few people @Eating melon science fan, with others sending him private messages specifically to let him know.

In no time, Eating melon science fan himself appeared in the comments section directly under the official website of Yan University –[I’m still skeptical, but if it’s really true…..]

[This Mr. Li, I will kneel down directly and come and apologize in person and when the car is developed, I will give it my unconditional support but buying ten of them!]

[Anyway, I look forward to the day our country’s science and technology can be strong.]

It was unknown how long had passed, when there was a reply to Eating melon science fan’s comment below.

–[Li Qingzhou: As you wish.]

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2 thoughts on “My outside expression is different from my inner expression

  1. “As for the purpose as to why Mr. Li wrote this paper, I don’t know and it’s not something I’m going to consider.”

    I mean it’d be pretty easy to find a reason with a standard academic paper. You have to mention stuff like the source of your funding and any possible conflicts of interest.

    It would be considered pretty unethical if Li Qingzhou didn’t mention that he started a company based on the research in his paper, especially since he’s hiring people from the universities that are promoting the paper.

    That’s a huge conflict of interests for all of them.

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