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Chapter 73.1

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The day before the AI Robots Exchange Competition’s International Grand Finals, the contestants had to go to different areas to draw lots for their matches.

And because the types of robots were different, the setups at the competition venues were also naturally different.

Hence the Yanjing Century Hall was divided into different areas, and the match times were also staggered.

The Unique Team Studio signed up to participate in the three types of AI robot competitions, hence they had to go separately to draw lots.

Li Qingzhou went to the rescue robot competition area.

Yu Zhe went to the domestic service robot competition area, while Lu Mei Shan went to the combat robot competition area.

Liu Bohuai happened to have some business to attend to today, hence Fang Xiyan was the one who accompanied Li Qingzhou.

Even though the matches hadn’t started yet, reporters had already arrived at the venue for interviews.

When Li Qingzhou arrived, a reporter was interviewing the contestant Po Nan Zhi from H country in the rescue competition area.

Then as if signaled by someone next to them, the reporter’s head turned and saw Li Qingzhou walking in their direction.

Suddenly, the cameras that were originally pointed at Po Nan Zhi turned towards Li Qingzhou and the reporter walked over quickly, saying, “President Li, may I interview you?”

“It won’t take up much of your time, just a few minutes.”

Since the drawing of lots for the competition areas hadn’t started yet, it was the right time for an interview.

Fang Xiyan stopped the microphone from getting too close to Li Qingzhou’s face.

And as the reporter approached, Li Qingzhou frowned, not willing to be interviewed.

He was just about to refuse when Po Nan Zhi from H country suddenly appeared beside him and said, “Mr. Li, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.”

This young player from H country had a fairly handsome face.

It could be seen from his hair, clothes and other things that he had paid special care to them.

And on the pinky of the hand he had extended for a shake was a small ring purely for decoration, as if he had no other choice but to radiate a sense of delicate fashion.

Li Qingzhou shook his hand.

Po Nan Zhi laughed, “Mr. Li is young and talented, different from us less influential players.”

“I heard that Mr. Li’s company assets have already reached billions, so making an AI robot research institute is a piece of cake.”

“For ordinary folks like us, creating a robot isn’t that easy….. I really envy Mr. Li.”

Li Qingzhou’s expression was bland as he said politely, “Mr. Po, there’s no need to be envious, it’s all fate.”

“It’s just like how some people will win the championship at the international finals, while others will return in defeat.”

Po Nan Zhi’s face stiffened briefly at his words, but then it quickly returned to normal.

He opened his mouth, “I didn’t expect Mr. Li’s proficiency in H language to be so good, what a surprise.”

That’s right, Po Nan Zhi had used H language the moment he walked over.

However he hadn’t expected that Li Qingzhou would actually be able to respond so fluently.

Li Qingzhou also hadn’t expected that this contestant, Po Nan Zhi, would talk in such a strange and ambiguous manner which made one uncomfortable just listening to it.

–However the same way in which he had spoken, was the same way in which he had answered.

The two of them conversing in H language in front of the camera made the reporter happy, as it opened a venture for questions.

So she simply went straight to the point with her interview questions, “Contestant Po Nan Zhi’s robot is mainly for underwater rescue.”

“As for President Li Qingzhou’s rescue robot, there’s no need for me to say much. I’m sure everyone is quite familiar with it– it’s Rescue One.”

“So, Contestant Po Nan Zhi, are you worried about facing President Li’s Rescue One?”

Po Nan Zhi had brought an interpreter.

Hence after the translator explained, he laughed, “First of all, Mr. Li and I might not necessarily face each other in the competition.”

“Even if it’s a drawing lots style match.”

“Because the AI robots we’ve made have different rescue directions. And according to the system’s allocation, robots with the same rescue direction will compete against each other first.”

“So perhaps Mr. Li might even encounter Bernie from Y country in the competition first.”

“The rescue robot made by Bernie is very great. Of course, I’m not saying Rescue One is bad, haha.”

Shrugging, he joked, “Perhaps Mr. Li and I will even lose our respective matches early, so we won’t be able to meet in the end.”

“Moreover the overall score also depends on how the AI robots perform in the rescue project……”

Po Nan Zhi was comfortable in front of the camera, and throughout, it seemed like he was the only one speaking.

However Li Qingzhou did show a lack of interest despite the camera sweeping over him, as he had no intention of opening his mouth to speak.

Some of the questions were even answered by Fang Xiyan.

Shortly after, more contestants from the rescue area arrived, and the reporter, seeing that the interview was almost over, left to interview others with the camera crew.

Li Qingzhou controlled the wheelchair to turn and leave.

However right at that moment, Po Nan Zhi blocked his path and leaning down slightly next to his ear, smiled as he said in a soft voice in H language, “Mr. Li was right just now, it’s all fate.”

“For example, even if Mr. Li has a lot of assets, he can’t heal his own legs.”

“As a disabled person, Mr. Li doesn’t need to envy me.”

Done saying this, he walked away.

Po Nan Zhi’s action was so sudden that Fang Xiyan hadn’t been able to stop him.

Because by the time he stepped forward to stop him, Po Nan Zhi had already finished saying what he wanted and left.

Fang Xiyan frowned, “President Li, he…”

Because Po Nan Zhi had spoken softly, Fang Xiyan hadn’t been able to hear clearly.

Only a few unclear H language words reached his ears, making him realize that it was probably something unpleasant.

Li Qingzhou told him, “It’s just a dog barking randomly, there’s no need to pay attention to it.”

I’m able to heal my legs without using assets. Haha, surprising right?

I’m richer, much more handsome and more capable than you– piss you off to death!

Fang Xiyan nodded, “Understood, President Li.”

It seems Po Nan Zhi hadn’t said anything good.

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