My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 104.2

Editor: Jodi

Liu Jingyuan pulled the corners of his lips up, then asked Liu Bohuai who hadn’t answered his question yet, “Are you here because the Liu Group wants to collaborate with the Casper family?”

Liu Bohuai: “No.”

“Then why……”

“I asked Ah Huai to come.”

Li Qingzhou’s words not only stunned Liu Jingyuan, it also left Lu Jizhen and the rest dumbfounded.

Ah Huai?!

Why did Li Qingzhou call Liu Bohuai that?

Wasn’t it a little too intimate?!

And seemingly feeling that his words alone weren’t enough, Li Qingzhou, under the gaze of Liu Jingyuan and the rest, took Liu Bohuai’s hand, then leaned back a little, displaying the tiredness that came with wearing an exoskeleton support device.

[Ah Huai, hurry up and hug your little cutie, hehe, let me see whose face change is the best.]

—The little guy in the bubble blew a kiss at Liu Bohuai, then grinning mischievously, rubbed his hands together in front of his chest, looking eager and ready.

Liu Bohuai cooperated quite well as he asked, “Are you tired?”

Third Master Liu, who was usually indifferent and cold to people, actually used gentle words at this moment.

And he not only allowed Li Qingzhou lean on him, he also took the initiative to reach out to wrap his hand around his shoulder, his actions one of doting and protectiveness.

The eyes of Liu Jingyuan and Lu Jizhen immediately widened uncontrollably.

Liu Yunfei and the other two juniors were no exception.

“You, Bohuai, you guys…….” Liu Jingyuan’s expression changed.

“You guys what?” Li Qingzhou said with a bored expression.

With attractive features that were sharp yet beautiful, he said to Liu Jingyuan, “Do you have any objections?”

Liu Jingyuan opened his mouth angrily.

Only for Li Qingzhou to chuckle lightly, saying with a snort before he could speak, “Feel free to say whatever you want, but who do you think will listen to you?”

“Ah Huai, I’m a bit tired, let’s go.”

The latter part of his sentence softened, the difference in treatment particularly obvious.

[Ha ha ha, lue lue1the childish tone one makes as they pull the lids of their eyes down, I’ll annoy you to death.]

—The little guy in the bubble pulled his eyelids and stuck his tongue out at Liu Jingyuan.

“Bohuai, what exactly is the relationship between the two of you?!” Liu Jingyuan asked angrily.

With one hand around Li Qingzhou’s shoulder and the other around his waist, Liu Bohuai said lightly, “It’s literally what you’re seeing. It’s just this kind of relationship.”

“We should go. Second brother, instead of worrying about our relationship, you’d better take care of your family matters first.”

Then he left with Li Qingzhou.

It wasn’t until they got into the car that Li Qingzhou smiled and leaned against Liu Bohuai’s shoulder, saying, “Ah Huai, do you think they’re happy that we’re together or afraid?”

“Probably, both?” Liu Bohuai answered seriously.

Then while fastening Li Qingzhou’s seatbelt and kissing his forehead, he told him, “Be good, sit tight, we’re leaving.”

“Smack, smack.”

Li Qingzhou kissed Liu Bohuai on the lips twice, then sat up straight, waiting for the car to start.

Then seeing Liu Bohuai not moving, he said in confusion, “Ah Huai, let’s go.

A certain someone looked serious on the surface, however in reality, his heart was filled with peals of mischievous laughter.

—The little guy in the bubble spread a sofa cushion beneath him, laid on his side with his chubby little body striking an alluring pose, then extending one hand, his fingers moved in a beckoning gesture towards Liu Bohuai.

Liu Bohuai exhaled, then turned to drive.

I’ll ‘deal’ with you when we get home.


After Liu Bohuai and Li Qingzhou left, the farce couldn’t continue.

Lu Jizhen dragged Liu Yunfei home, while Yu Kun left under the threatening fist of Liu Yuecheng.

Liu Jingyuan, on the other hand, wore a gloomy expression, still recalling what had just happened.

Actually, even Liu Jizhen was somewhat stunned.

—She had thought that Liu Bohuai’s girlfriend didn’t exist at all, but no, it wasn’t that she didn’t exist, but that the other person was actually a man.

And it was Li Qingzhou at that!

Liu Jingyuan suddenly said, “Li Qingzhou even set a trap to make Mr. Reese suffer a big loss, do you think the game…..”

Liu Jizhen’s mind raced, then she denied quickly, “The Li Group’s research on smart cars was already ahead of its time, so them developing autonomous driving technology was just a matter of time.”

“No matter how capable Li Qingzhou is, their game production can’t possibly surpass the Lu Group’s.”

“What’s more, those who switched from the Li Group to our company have already made it clear about their game production situation. There’s nothing to fear.”

Liu Jingyuan remembered the holographic technology they had spent a fortune to acquire from abroad and felt relieved at the thought.

Liu Jizhen remembered something and sneered, “Isn’t it a good thing for us that Liu Bohuai is with a man?”

“Your mother probably doesn’t know yet, right?”

And having bounced back a little, Liu Jingyuan nodded, “That’s right.”

“Does Liu Xiahui know about this?”

Liu Jizhen suddenly remembered the situation when she and Pei Jing went to find Liu Xiahui—while he didn’t deny that Liu Bohuai had a partner, he also didn’t confirm what they’d said at the time.

So, he knew all along?

“He unexpectedly doesn’t mind. That’s also right, a man and a man can’t have children, so there’s no threat to him.”

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