My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 71.2

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In the corridor outside, Liu Bohuai and Liu Xiahui stopped.

However it wasn’t because of Lu Jizhen and Pei Jing, but because they happened to run into He Jianxun.

He Jianxun asked curiously, “Bohuai, what are you doing here? You brought your nephew out for dinner?”

However the moment he finished saying this, he realized something was wrong, because a few familiar faces appeared behind the two– Liu Jingyuan and Lu Jizhen.

And who was that woman standing next to Lu Jizhen? She looked somewhat familiar….

“They are……?” He Jianxun motioned with his mouth at his friend, his expression one of asking for an explanation.

Seeing this, Liu Xiahui spoke, “Uncle He, you’ve come at the right time/ you came just at the right time. That’s my biological mother and her second husband.”

“My uncle and his family wanted to catch up and chat with them.”

“As a junior, I should show some respect, so I’m taking care of this meal. Now, Third Uncle and I are going home.”

He Jianxun’s eyes widened, saying in his heart– goodness, with Liu Xiahui’s explanation, he finally understood what was going on.

He initially thought Liu Jingyuan had brought some business partners for dinner. He never expected that they were actually…..

No wonder he had felt that one of the women looked familiar.

It turns out it was Xiahui’s biological mother who had been ‘missing’ for many years.

Liu Jingyuan’s family had brought Pei Jing and her second husband to have dinner with Bohuai and Xiahui?!

Ah, this….. was really interesting.

“You have work to do?” Liu Bohuai looked at He Jianxun and asked.

He Jianxun nodded, “Checking accounts and what not, but I’ll be done soon. Oh right…..”

He remembered that he had seen Li Qingzhou and Miss Xu in the hotel lobby earlier, along with a middle-aged woman Li Qingzhou had called teacher.

He Jianxun wanted to mention that Li Qingzhou was also at Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

–I wonder if the conflict between Bohuai and President Li has been resolved. But after so much time had passed, it should have been resolved, right?

Just as he was about to open his mouth, he saw Li Qingzhou and the others appear at the end of the corridor.

What a coincidence.

Li Qingzhou, Xu Mengning, and Teacher Shen were chatting happily.

However Teacher Shen had to catch a flight back to Licheng and so couldn’t stay for long.

Hence after their dinner, they had been on the way to see her off.

Unexpectedly as soon as they left their private room, they ran into Ge Yue and Zhou Xingwei who had also come for dinner.

Ge Yue had wanted to try the food at Jin Xuan Court Hotel as Li Qingzhou had previously praised it, something he had kept in mind.

However he couldn’t dine alone, and knowing that Qingzhou was busy recently, had invited Zhou Xingwei to join him.

Who would’ve thought that he would actually ran into him?

Hence they walked together on the way out.

And Zhou Xingwei was evidently excited and happy to see Li Qingzhou, as he kept on walking to his side to talk to him.

Making it so that when they ran into Liu Bohuai and the others, Zhou Xingwei had a somewhat shy smile on his face because of Li Qingzhou’s polite, or it should be said rather inadvertent compliment.

[Sigh, this little milk puppy gets so happy with just a casual compliment. He’s a little cute.]

–The little guy in the bubble was holding a beautiful bouquet of carnations, with his little head resting above the flowers, a brilliant smile on his face.

Li Qingzhou’s attention was on Zhou Xingwei, listening to him talk, hence he didn’t even notice as Liu Bohuai got closer and closer.

Liu Bohuai’s eyebrows rose slightly as he glanced lightly at Zhou Xingwei, then his eyes landed on Li Qingzhou, conveying an expression that couldn’t be explained.

He Jianxun who saw this– no way right? The conflict still hasn’t been resolved?!

“Mengning, why are you here?” Liu Xiahui spoke up at this time, his eyebrows furrowing as he glanced at Li Qingzhou and the others.

Xu Mengning, “I came with Qingzhou to have dinner with our teacher. This is Teacher Shen, she taught us in high school.”

She introduced briefly as she wasn’t very familiar with Ge Yue and Zhou Xingwei, only mentioning that they had met by chance.

And Li Qingzhou finally saw Liu Bohuai.

[Third Master!]

–Reaching out, the little guy in the bubble made a big heart shape over his head, and the smile on his face brightened even more.

Liu Bohuai met his gaze and a silent understanding that only the two of them could understand passed between them, the air around them seeming to soften.

This left He Jianxun even more confused– had they, or had they not resolved their conflict?

First they bumped into He Jianxun, then Li Qingzhou and the others arrived. This left Lu Jizhen and Liu Jingyuan, who had rushed out speechless for a moment.

However just then, Yu Xudong stepped forward a little and said to Liu Bohuai with an appropriate smile, “Mr. Liu, although we may have intruded today, it’s really too difficult to get a chance to meet you.”

“That’s why we had no choice but to come up with this idea. I hope you won’t take offense.”

Liu Bohuai glanced at him indifferently, “And if I do take offense?”

The smile on Yu Xudong’s face froze.

He hadn’t expected Liu Bohuai to respond in such a manner. Was he not even going to keep up with courtesy in front of others?

Pei Jing, on the other hand, was focused entirely on Liu Xiahui.

–His words ‘I don’t even want to acknowledge this mother’ had really hurt her.

She opened her mouth, “Xiahui, it’s just dinner…..”

Liu Xiahui responded, “Then have it with whoever is free. I don’t have time.”

Then he turned to Liu Bohuai and said, “Third Uncle, I want to see Mengning off.”

Liu Bohuai nodded, “As you wish.”

Xu Mengning wanted to say it wasn’t necessary.

After all, they had agreed previously that Assistant Fang would drive them to the airport, and he was now waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

However…. it seems there were some issues between Xiahui and his mother. If she refused….

Feeling caught in a difficult position, she turned to look at Li Qingzhou.

Li Qingzhou said, “Mr. Liu, your presence isn’t needed. There’s no room for you.”

[Haha, did you think I’d let you go? You’re thinking too much, hehehe.]

–The little guy in the bubble pulled down his lower eyelid and stuck his tongue out at Liu Xiahui.

The expression on Liu Xiahui’s face sunk, unhappy.

[Hmph, if you’re unhappy then I’m happy, haha.]

[But….. he is after all Third Master’s nephew, so should I give him some face? It’s not good to bully him too much.]

–The brows of the little guy in the bubble furrowed in thought as he rested one hand on the other arm and placed his fingers under the chin, his toes tapping down lightly.

Liu Bohuai opened his mouth, “Xiahui, you presence isn’t necessary, so don’t go.”

After he finished saying this, he looked at Li Qingzhou– Be good, I won’t let him disturb you.

Li Qingzhou instantly understood the meaning hidden in his gaze.

[Third Master is siding with me, mwah mwah.]

–The little guy in the bubble blew kisses at Liu Bohuai.

The meaning of Liu Bohuai’s words was entirely just as he had said it.

However in the ears of others, it seemed to have taken on a different flavor– Li Qingzhou actually dared to speak so rudely to Liu Bohuai’s nephew in front of him?!

Third Master Liu was angry right?!

He definitely was!

For a moment, the minds of the people standing around became active.

In the end, Li Qingzhou and others left first, as Teacher Shen’s flight couldn’t be delayed.

And Ge Yue and Zhou Xingwei also left.

After they left, Liu Bohuai ignored Liu Jingyuan, Yu Xudong and the others directly and took Liu Xiahui with him, leaving Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

Of course, this was because He Jianxun had been lingering around and because Liu Jingyuan and Yu Xudong couldn’t put aside their pride in front of others.

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