My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 62.1

When Liu Bohuai returned, the expression on his face still remained unchanged, the look in his eyes deep.

He Jianxun had a bad feeling— did this mean they hadn’t come to an agreement?!

What exactly was the issue between the two? How come they hadn’t resolved it yet….. It couldn’t be that Bohuai had been stern faced the whole time, scaring little President Li, right?

This was seriously too worrying.

He stepped forward, “Bohuai, you and President Li…..”

Liu Bohuai paused, twisting the buddhist beads in his hand idly as he said lightly, “It’s okay, President Li isn’t feeling well and will be leaving first. See him off.”

“Also, take care of the rest of the banquet, I’ll be heading upstairs.”

With that, Liu Bohuai turned and left.

He Jianxun whispered to himself, “It’s over… he’s driving President Li away.”

—Bohuai already didn’t want President Li in the Liu family’s Old Mansion?!

Impossible right…. could it be that their dispute was already this deep?

Ge Yue walked back to He Jianxun’s side again, asking as he did so, “Uncle, what’s wrong?”

He Jianxun opened his mouth, “I…..”

However before he could finish, from not far off, Li Qingzhou, controlling his wheelchair, came over.

And stopping beside He Jianxun and Ge Yue, said, “Mr. He, I’m not feeling very well, could you please tell Third Master for me? I’ll be leaving first.”

Li Qingzhou glanced around without a trace, but didn’t see Liu Bohuai.

He had just been thinking of an excuse to leave earlier, and so took advantage of the opportunity to come over while Third Master wasn’t around.

He Jianxun: “…. President Li, how have you been enjoying the banquet, did you have a good time?”

Li Qingzhou nodded with a light expression, “It was okay.”

—He had stayed in the corner watching a comic dialogue for a while, and no one had bothered him and it had been pretty quiet. What’s more he had eaten his fill too.

“President Li, I saw you talking to Bohuai just now, would you mind sharing what you were talking about? How did it go?” He Jianxun tried to probe subtly.

He wanted to get some information from Li Qingzhou.

Hearing this, Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but remember those whispered words…..

No, he couldn’t think about them anymore.

And realizing that he was about to blush uncontrollably, tensed his expression hurriedly and furrowed his brows slightly, making his face look even more serious.

He replied, “We didn’t talk about much, just some company affairs.”

It seems there was really an issue between the two, and that it hadn’t been resolved yet.

He Jianxun felt helpless, however there was nothing he could do, so he said, “Then I’ll see President Li off.”

“Okay.” Li Qingzhou said in response.

Ge Yue also followed his uncle to see his friend off from the Liu family’s Old Mansion while Fang Xiyan said goodbye to Zou Ming.

The commotion was neither too big nor too small, but it was enough to attract the attention of Liu Xiahui and friends.

Moreover, Li Qingzhou had specifically said goodbye to Xu Mengning before he left.

Qi Hao couldn’t help but purse his lips, “Li Qingzhou didn’t even participate much in the banquet. He was alone most of the time and now he’s leaving early…..”

“Doesn’t he even show your Third Uncle the least bit of respect?!”

After all, this was Third Master’s birthday banquet.

Liu Xiahui didn’t respond.

He had just seen his third uncle go upstairs with a not so good look on his face, and now Li Qingzhou was leaving early….

Had something unpleasant happened when the two were chatting in the corner of the courtyard?

It had to be said, that Liu Xiahui and He Jianxun were really ‘on the same page’.


The day after Liu Bohuai’s birthday banquet.

Li Hanyu and Li Xusheng, the two siblings had a weekend off, hence Li Qingzhou decided to take them back to Xicheng to visit Old Master Li.

Getting up early in the morning, they were driven to the Old Li family mansion by Fang Xiyan, the whole trip taking just over two hours.

And after they arrived, Fang Xiyan didn’t stay long, leaving immediately after.

Li Qingzhou and his siblings were greeted by the old butler who, having been informed, was waiting outside.

“What is grandfather doing?” Li Qingzhou asked.

Li Hanyu, holding Li Xusheng’s hand, walked beside him.

The old butler responded, “Old Master’s friend, Old Zhao came over and they’re playing chess.”

Old Zhao’s family also lived nearby and were neighbors with Old Master Li. They had known each other for many years.

Two years ago, he and his family had gone on a world tour and had only recently returned.

Li Qingzhou knew this Old Zhao, and so nodded his head.

Before they could even walk into the courtyard, Li Qingzhou heard hearty, loud laughter. Mixed with it, though, was the soft voice of a woman.

Li Qingzhou couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Lifting his head, he looked at the old butler, his expression one filled with question.

Seeing this, the old butler seemed to suddenly remember something as he said, “Eldest Young Master, Old Zhao’s granddaughter, Miss Zhao Yueqing also came over today, wanting to pay respects to the Old Master.”

“Miss Zhao just returned to the country not long ago. She majored in law and has a PhD.”

Li Qingzhou raised an eyebrow, the expression on his face remaining impassive as he responded, “En, I understand.”

With that, the old butler said no more.

They entered the courtyard.

Li Xusheng ran happily towards Old Master Li, shouting, “Grandpa, we’re back!”

Old Master Li turned his head immediately, a smile that he couldn’t contain spreading across his face as he responded quickly, standing up to catch his little grandson. “Shengsheng has grown taller. Ai-yo, and heavier too.”

He lifted Li Xusheng up slightly, looked him up and down, then put him down, patting his little grandson’s head. “Did you behave well in Yanjing, did you listen to your big brother and big sister?”

He seemed much more lively this time around, which showed clearly that he had been taken care of quite well.

“I did.” Li Xusheng responded obediently, his big eyes narrowing in a smile.

Li Hanyu also came over to hug Old Master Li.

Li Qingzhou waited quietly on the side.

—And his emotions of having missed him restrained, he hugged Old Master Li only after a while.

Old Master Li was visibly overjoyed, introducing Li Qingzhou to Old Zhao and Zhao Yueqing while patting Li Qingzhou’s shoulders.

Old Zhao, all smiles, said, “Old Li, your grandson is quite accomplished at such a young age. He has been the President of the Li Group for just over a year but has already expanded the company to Yanjing.”

“He has also developed Smart AI for cars, and, that’s right, participated in some kind of robot competition as well. Impressive, really impressive.”

The corners of Old Master Li’s mouth hadn’t dropped since Li Qingzhou arrived.

Laughing happily, he said modestly, “You flatter us. Your granddaughter is also very outstanding.”

“So young and yet already has a PhD. And she’s so beautiful too. I’m sure there are no shortage of people pursuing her.”

At this, Old Zhao waved his hand dismissively, sighing deliberately, “Our Yueqing insists on establishing her career first then finding love. All those who pursued her before have been rejected.”

“She’s too focused on her career. If she doesn’t find someone soon, I’ll be anxious on her behalf.”

The last sentence was clearly directed at Zhao Yueqing, with Old Zhao even feigning an angry expression.

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