My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 98.1

Editor: Jodi

After the celebration party, the friends around Li Qingzhou and Liu Bohuai pretty much all knew about their relationship.

However knowing was one thing, as they wouldn’t dare go around spreading rumors.

After all, one of them was the Liu family’s Third Master. Who would dare gossip about him? So just they, alone would have to take several days to process this shocking news……

Who could have imagined that Third Master Liu and Li Qingzhou would end up together? Who could?!

He Jianxun: Really good, really good, finally it’s not just me biting the dust. clapping with glee.jpg.

Qi Hao: ……. F*ck.

His knees had been bruised purple from falling and he trembled as he stood, and not only was it embarrassing, he had also been forced to call someone uncle.

Who could be more miserable than him?!

However he was flexible though, calling Li Qingzhou uncle since it wouldn’t cost him a limb.

What’s more, if Li Qingzhou really became Xiahui’s third aunt in the future, then that would indeed elevate him to ‘elder’ status.

As he was helped out of the Liu family’s Old Mansion by Qu Yufan, he mumbled, “It’s just me who lost out. I should have made you two call out as well, to share the fortune.”

Hearing this, Qu Yufan, with a smile, dropped Qi Hao’s arm from his shoulder, no longer supporting him: “Get lost, who wants to share your kind of fortune.”

“Enjoy that kind of blessing yourself, take the trouble alone.”

Qi Hao snorted, “I can just tell that Xiahui won’t be able to escape the fate of being ‘polished’ in the future. That third aunt of yours is clearly not easy to get along with.”

“Xiahui, remember to tell me after you change the way you call him….. Hey! I’m injured and you’re actually still kicking me.”

He dodged Liu Xiahui’s kick nimbly.

Liu Xiahui’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

Qu Yufan laughed, “What do you think this is, a domestic squabble? ‘Polishing’?”

Then after he finished saying this, he looked at Liu Xiahui, “At that time when you were in the hospital….. you already knew about your Third Uncle and Li Qingzhou?”

Liu Xiahui made an ‘en’ sound.

“No wonder…”

Qu Yufan understood. He’d thought Xiahui had really lost his mind, but it turns out it was because of this.

After a short while, He Jianxun left with his nephew who was still dazed.

Then Qu Yufan and Qi Hao also left first.

While Liu Xiahui waited at the entrance of the Liu family’s Old Mansion for a while before Xu Mengning, done talking to Li Qingzhou, came out.

“I’ll take you home.” Liu Xiahui told her.

Xu Mengning: “…… En, okay, thank you.”

She seemed a bit distracted.

However it was understandable, given that anyone would need time to digest such news—her childhood friend suddenly being with a man— beyond shock and disbelief, she indeed needed some time to adjust.

Fortunately, after talking with Li Qingzhou for a while, her emotions had calmed down somewhat.


After receiving Xu Mengning’s blessings, Li Qingzhou walked into the house and opened his arms at Liu Bohuai who had been waiting for a long time.

[Ah Huai, hug.]

Naturally, Liu Bohuai hugged him, removed his exoskeleton support for him, then they both sat down on the sofa to rest.

Then Li Qingzhou, as if remembering something, asked, “Ah Huai, don’t we need to let your second brother, Liu Jingyuan know about us being together?”

“There’s no need.” Liu Bohuai replied calmly.

Then as he massaged Li Qingzhou’s calves and knees, he said, “Recently, the Yu family, along with Lu Jizhen and the Lu family, have become very close.”

“Lu Jizhen has some connections abroad and has contacted a company that specializes in network technology.”

“And through Lu Jizhen’s introduction, the company agreed to provide their technology in exchange for shares, working together on a large-scale game production.”

The Lu family recently announced, that this game would become a landmark for C Country, and even the world.

Li Qingzhou had also heard something of this.

And leaning against Liu Bohuai, he told him, “The Lu family must have paid a hefty price to be able to get the foreign company to come on board.”

Liu Bohuai: “The cost was significant, but if the production is successful, then the Lu family will gain much more.”

“Especially Lu Jizhen, she’s had her eyes on the Lu family for a long time.”

And perhaps, not just on the Lu family.

“At that time, Lu Jizhen might want to compare the game produced by the Lu family to the game adaptation of  ‘Sky Juvenile’.”

Both games were in their planning stages, what’s more their completion times were expected to be not too far apart.

Hence the Lu family would most likely use the adaptation of ‘Sky Juvenile’ as a stepping stone.

Hearing this, Li Qingzhou pursed his lips, “She wishes.”

[It’s not certain who will be whose stepping stone. No, the outcome is certain—the Lu family will definitely be trampled under my feet, hmph.]

—The little guy in the bubble confidently and arrogantly, placed his hands on his hips.


The next day, Liu Bohuai took Li Qingzhou to visit the Xia family.

Li Qingzhou felt unusually shy.

And the elders of the Xia family felt that it was Liu Bohuai who had led him astray, so before dinner, they took him to the study to advice him.

As for the fact that his partner was a man.

—Xia Xinjian expressed that he had almost thought his nephew was asexual. In short, as long as Liu Bohuai had a lover who could be with him for the rest of his life, it was good.


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