My outside expression is different from my inner expression

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Chapter 51.1

After the AI robots exchange competition finals came to an end, under Li Qingzhou’s guidance, Yu Zhe and Dong Lin carried Rescue One away and carefully lifted it onto the back of a truck.

With its power still turned on, the camera on top of Rescue One swivelled and its emotionless electronic voice asked, “Are you trying to kidnap and sell Rescue One? Where’s captain?”

Dong Lin froze, then his eyes lit up.

—President Li’s core program was incredibly intelligent!

Yu Zhe quickly regained his composure: “We are your captain’s teammates, uh….. your teammates as well, not kidnappers.”

“Of course, Rescue One knows that. Rescue One was just joking.”


Yu Zhe and Dong Lin exchanged— ‘We don’t quite understand the jokes you robots make’ ‘Your robot jokes sound just like the real thing’ glances.

Immediately after, Yu Zhe and Dong Lin became extremely excited.

Dong Lin rubbed his hands together: “Yu Ge, Rescue One is really smart, isn’t it?”

Which other robot could make jokes?

Other than Rescue One, Dong Lin had never encountered such a robot. What kind of divine robot was this? President Li was really too awesome!

Yu Zhe nodded: “Indeed, Rescue One’s level of intelligence has surpassed all domestic and even international robots.”

“Its value is now incalculable.”

“I think that after this, President Li will likely be approached by relevant personnel for discussions…”

Rescue One’s existence would inevitably be applied to rescue organizations…

Thinking about national agencies and relevant departments taking Rescue One to disaster sites to save lives, Yu Zhe couldn’t help but feel a surge of fiery hot excitement.

—Wasn’t that the very purpose of his research on rescue robots?

Although Rescue One wasn’t powered by an intelligent program that he had created himself,

His Unique Studio had been sold to President Li, so as a result, he naturally felt a sense of pride.

Dong Lin asked curiously, “But why didn’t President Li develop Rescue One’s intelligent program before the finals?”

If it hadn’t been for the accident during the competition, they would have never known that President Li was so incredibly talented and had such in-depth research on AI robots.

No, it was probably more than just in-depth.

It was that President Li had actually already achieved a certain level of accomplishment in the field of AI robots.

Yu Zhe thought about it then said, “Perhaps it’s because the previous rescue robot was the result of our hard work as a trio. How could President Li tell us otherwise?”

“He couldn’t possibly say that the robot we made together couldn’t compare to the intelligent program he created alone, much less suggest replacing it….”

If he had really said that, they would have probably not believed that President Li’s intelligent program was better than theirs. They might have even thought that President Li was deliberately causing trouble….

At that time, they might have even harbored resentment towards him.

What’s more it was best to be cautious in crucial moments before the finals.

After all, President Li had said that their level of robot production was sufficient to advance to the finals, hence there shouldn’t be any problems.

“Besides, an existence like Rescue One should have been saved for the grand finale.”

“For example, bringing it out during the finals or international competitions would definitely shock everyone and crush all competitors.”

“If our robot hadn’t suddenly… This matter needs to be thoroughly investigated. Who is targeting us from behind?”

Yu Zhe frowned, having some vague suspicions in his mind.

Hearing this, Dong Lin said in relief, “Yes, Yu Ge, luckily Rescue One wasn’t revealed before the finals. Otherwise, it would have been the one suffering now.”

“Rescue One is so amazing…..”

It would have been a pity if its core program had been destroyed by the virus invasion.

The quiet robot in the back of the truck turned its camera and said, “Rescue One is indeed amazing. Thank you for the compliment.”

Yu Zhe and Dong Lin who had been lost in thought were suddenly taken aback.

Then, the two of them laughed simultaneously, with Dong Lin saying, “Yes, yes, you’re the best.”

After that, Yu Zhe said, “Rescue One, we’re going to turn off your power now.”

Rescue One: “After the power is turned off, Rescue One will enter sleep mode.”

“Unless captain re-enters the command code, Rescue One will not be awakened even if the power is turned back on.”

“If forcibly awakened, Rescue One’s intelligent system will immediately self-destruct. Please confirm, do you want to turn the power off?”

Hearing this, Yu Zhe nodded with relief: “Confirm to turn off.”

It seems President Li had thought of everything.

This was really very safe. Later on, President Li could simply input the command code and awaken Rescue One.

“Understood. Sleep mode activated. Rescue One is going to sleep. Looking forward to seeing you again.”

After the emotionless electronic voice bid farewell, the angle of Rescue One’s camera on top lowered slowly.

At the same time, the blinking blue signal light below dimmed gradually until it went out.

Yu Zhe sighed inwardly once more then turned the power button off.

The two of them got into the truck then drove away from the venue of the competition.

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  1. The smart self destruct feature was a smart add, I feel like several groups are going to want to steal the build.

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